Summer of DronesMavic Air Giveaway

Today'S clip is the second contest in our summer of drones, giveaways that's, my favorite part of the clip anyway today we're giving away a brand new mavic air, it's, beautiful and it's in a sealed box. Brand new never been used before. If you win this contest, you get the drone a full size, […]

The New DJI Fly Update (1.1.6) – Why This One Really Matters

This latest version is 1.1.6 and it's available now for both ios and android products. Now i've had the code for a little over a week and i've been out flying both the mavic mini and the mavic air 2. On this new version of the code and what's interesting is that the behavior of […]

Mavic mini – Giveaway Winner!

Kotači Mavic klima 2 Lanyard Kit Review

I want to show you a brand new accessory for your mavic air 2 that i think you're going to really like it's a lanyard and clip assembly that allows you to hang your controller around your neck. So you're not laying it down on the ground, Jer, when you're out flying a lot of […]

Kotači Mavic klima 2 – 5 Reasons This Might Be The Perfect Drone

Sada, before i get into all the nerdy details of what makes this drone special and how it compares to other drones in the market, i just wanted to talk about the hobby in general for a second, because i know a lot of folks have tuned into the Channel already own drones, you're avid […]

How to Connect Your Wyze Products To Alexa

Clip i'll show you just how simple it is to add your wise products to your amazon echo, so you can control them with your voice. Now i've reviewed a lot of the wise products on the channel already starting with their original wyzecam, which i think of as really a technical miracle, because they […]

Wyze žarulja pregled – Pametnija žarulja, Niža cijena!

The wise bulb, which is a smart, vodio, bulb for your home that's, not only programmable, but it also works really well with the amazon, alexa and google home smart speakers now, i'm, a sucker for anything smart. You put the word smart in the title of anything and i can program it remotely and […]

1MII Bluetooth Kit Review

The product is called the artisan 3 Plus, and it comes from our friends over at 1me. Now bluetooth is one of those technologies that slowly invaded our lives over the last 10 years and it's used today in all kinds of devices like headsets that are connecting to phones or peripherals like keyboard and […]

Summer of DronesMavic Mini Giveaway

Today'S clip is the first in a series that i'm calling the summer of drones where i'm giving away brand new drones on the channel. Sada, if you're a fan of the channel, you know i've been teasing about this for the last couple of weeks, and you also know that i love flying. Ja […]

Kotači Mavic klima 2 Sun Hood Review

2 Awesome Drone Moves Every Pilot Can Master

But the problem is over time all that drone footage starts looking the same, people fall into a rut and they start doing the exact same shots where they're, panning down and panning up on something or they're crawling up the side of a building and they're exciting. The first time you see them, Ali […]

New Skydio Firmware UpdateOverview and Walkthrough

Do drone it's version 7.0 u 17 and it's. One you'll definitely want to download and apply to your drone. As soon as possible, because it introduces three really cool features, you'll want to take advantage of now. I know a lot of people out there like to wait in firmware updates they're a little […]