LiPo Battery ChargerTenergy T180 100W With Touchscreen

LiPo Battery ChargerTenergy T180 100W With Touchscreen

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5 Rookie Drone Battery Mistakes That Could Cost You Money

Merchandise Talked about within the Clip – The LiPo battery in your quad is definitely the costliest and delicate accent you’ll ever purchase. Most of us flying have 2 or three extra ones that enable us to fly longer. Correct care and feeding of those delicate LiPo cells is necessary to get the longest […]

Trut kampovi RC, Remove a stuck Phantom 2 Baterija

Trut kampovi RC, Quick Pointer Collection. Exactly how to get rid of a stuck battery and also why they get stuck. Drone Camps RC Orders: 844-DRONE-RC Official UNITED STATES, DJI Supplier Drone Camps on Facebook: Authorities Youtube Channel: