This company is a sister company of B propulsion. If you remember my propulsion motor on my little mini boat, it's kind of the same company and manufacturers as that go ahead and check that out, I'll have it pop up here and it's, pretty cool video on my mini boat. I also have the backpack here. They sent me this little portable backpack, so we'll also unpackage that so this is gon na, be the first video in a series of unboxing on this one now we're going to do a pool test, see how it all looks line of sight and how it operates. In a calm, nice pool, then we're gon na take it out in a real world ocean test. So we can really put it through its paces, either from the shore or possibly from my little boat and we'll, just see how it really performs compared to some of the other subs Music. This case is pretty darn awesome. It'S, like that injection molded, really really durable phone. You may have seen it from some of DJI products like their larger phantoms, but they really did a good job at this. It has these little clips and it's a double clamshell. So we have the drone on the top, and then we have the other peripherals on the bottom. So we'll open this up real quick here and just look at that workmanship. Man it's just well, not really workmanship, but it's injected, molded really really well and there.

It is so there is the Mito really nice looking sub here, kao što možete vidjeti, it's, not too giant it's. Zapravo, a nice mini size so I'm liking that it does come with two batteries. One of the batteries is already in the unit and something you'll notice. Here is check. This out comes with four propellers, so kind of unusual I've never seen unsub before come with four extra propellers. This is a two vertical one, two for that, pitching up and down. If you'd like to you can do that with this one, and then it comes with two horizontal motors for turning the head left and right. Looking at the front here, we have two super bright LEDs and there is our five millimeter 12 megapixel one and one point: seven inch CCTV camera, so we're gon na have to see how that all works in the ocean test. We have our tether connection right here. Typical tether connection, and then we have an anchor point here that looks pretty darn strong for added support, Lijepo, black and whitelook to it kind of like if you remember the power vision, moć, ray kind of the same color scheme. So we have a GoPro mount here on the front which looks like you can remove. I guess you could put some added lighting on there if you wanted to here's the bottom, showing you the motor inlets hereand this is a first I'venever seen this check.

This out so look at that door, two tabs and it's spring loaded, so isn't that kind of cool a spring loaded, little door, let's turn it around here. So we can get a look at the insides. Kao prvo, we have our battery connector here's the battery, and this has kind of a cam power system. So you hear let's go ahead and take this thing out, loosen up the power, cable we'll, pull that off this battery, actually clips. In with these two little clips, so it won't move out it kind of actually goes in sideways and that's. What the battery looks like it's, a lithium polymer rechargeable battery capacity is 550 milliamp power for s battery slot in the sub there. This drops down sideways and listen to the click. These two tabs click in we just put in our power cable, once we're ready to go. We just turn this cam just like that to the on position. It pushes in that little red thing and then what we'll do is we'll, just close it up and we're ready to go. You can see how that's going to slide over the bottom of the ocean surface. A lot of drones have trouble with keeping it pretty minimal, but this one looks like it is nice and minimal there's, not too many appendages, sticking out just basically the attachment for the tether, a little bit of venting here on the top and their logo right there.

The vatic on the front two batteriesI got an extra one right in there for multiple dives on the same session and check this out guys. This is a little bit of a clear I'm, not sure if it's glass, but it is a very hard clear plastic cover which can go right over the camera to guard that camera. If you wanted and also looks like a possibility to add filters to the front of it, there is another slot for another lens cover, but I don't have that one here, possibly that's the one they're working on for maybe like a red filter or something maybe let's Sit the sub on the side close this side up, flip it over and look at the other side here with all the other stuff we get so same kind of really nice fit and finish that just pops right, open and check this out guys. This is there Wi Fi buoy, and what you'll notice right away is look at this black stuff right here. This is solar panel, so this thing is actually going to be waterproof and it can float on the water and it can charge itself. valjda, while it's floating I'm, not sure if that charge will go into the the sub itself, but that's pretty interesting how that works. Let'S just take it out of the package kind of have this foam ring around it fully waterproof, which is pretty darn awesome and the way you turn it on.

Is you just pull this thing up that comes up? We have a power light here on this side and then not sure if you can see that but it's, a blue tinge of a light and that's letting you know that the Wi Fi is ready to connect your iPad and controller. There is a USB connector right here to charge it, which has a waterproof plug so you're going to want to make sure you close that plug really good before you throw this thing in the water but that's it. So this thing's gon na float out there in the water. I believe this is only a 50 meter tether though, but when you have something that can be out there in the water floating and then the sub can be pulling it around. That really amplifies your range and supposedly this thing can get. I think that, like a hundred meters of Wi, Fi range, it's kind of a little bit of a proprietary, Wi, Fi and so we'll also see we'll, do some range tests and see how that works. If you did want to limit to the length of tether, you have out, you just go ahead and lock it with this little carabiner clip put the tether right in here, lock it off, and so it can't unravel any more so that's kind of a cool option. There'S also a couple of holes around the outside looks like there's four holes, so you could put attachments on there if you wanted to and check out that solar panel, that is a real working solar panel guys.

This one is only a three point: seven volt lithium battery looks like about 10000 mAh of a lithium battery in here and let's, not forget the other end of that tether. On that reel there there is the part that's gon na connect into the sub the connector and check this out. So a really well done little connector here. This is going to connect directly to remember that little anchor point on the sub, and you can see that it's just a really well done. They have even have their name the batiks there right on the cable. U svakom slučaju, we do want to see what else we have in here. So there is our manual there, the USB type c cable to regular USB, and then we have another one. So we got two of those we do have a charging plug here, guys so quick charge. 3.0 USB and check this out two ports, one for the controller it looks like and one for the Wi Fi floatable module, so that's, prilično cool, more USP cables in here. This looks like more chargers. Wow check this out, so we have actually for the controller to your device. We have another set of cables and anywhere from micro, USB USB type c to the Apple lightning connector there, with the pretty well done with the Ave Attucks logo on there. This guy here is going to be the power brick for charging everything, so we have the power brick with just a regular figure: 8 connector there on the back, and there is our plug to plug into the wall.

The other side of this charger does have that battery connector, ok, last but not least guys here, it is how you going to control this thing, and this looks very interesting. It kind of reminds me of you remember that gaming service called steam. I think they were making a controller, and this really reminds me of it because look at this there's, no joysticks, where are the joysticks there's, nothing it's like touch pads, so this is gon na be kind of interesting. This might take a little bit to get used to, but that's the controller. If you have an Android device clickety on Android, if you have an iOS device, click it to iOS, it can do both. We have a little thumb. Stick button here, XY a B buttons. There and then on the bottom: we have cooling vents, a power button, a USB type c on the bottom for charging and also a USB connector right there. On top, I think that's we're gon na be linking your phone or tablet more cooling inside here. So it looks like this is going to be a pretty powerful device. We have LTE and nrt trigger on the top, and these just feel like one click on each but that's. Načelno, the controller, pretty slick, looking it looks exactly like something like a playstation controller mixed in like a steam controller, the antennas are pretty cool, very Mavic esque. They do fold down and kind of they don't really click together, but they have a nice fit and finish and they all just go together.

Really well, so really neat controller here's how this works guys. So we have these two connectors that goes right, snaps into the back of the controller and then gosh. It looks like we're not going to really be able to use a tablet with this, but maybe we can put an extender on here and try it out. So then we have this little device and that snaps on just like that, u redu, so I'm. Finding the first negative kind of weakness of this whole product is the phone mount. It looks like it's, not very well done. It'S gon na come out very easily from the controller it just kind of falls out like that so I'm not liking. Da, and also this kind of whole thing just Falls, pulls off super easy and it's, not incredibly sturdy. So definitely gon na want to kind of recoup on that one and make sure that they upgrade this. You see how I'm just kind of opening it up and it's kind of already breaking apart on the front of that clip there so you're, only gon na be able to fit like a larger phone. No tablets on here, I usually add on this little 3d print. That'S extender to extend it kind of hook it in here, and so I can put my iPad on it, but I don't even know if I'm gon na be able to trust this because it's just it seems like it's, just really flimsy it's already making cracking noises.

So maybe something they can work on. I just kind of wanted to open up this backpack, really quick and show you guys what this thing is all about. It'S got these two little bungee pockets on the sides. Both sides have the same thing: denim material it's. Looking good, really nice padded handle here and, naravno, a backpack hook here before we open it up, let's check out the straps here. So two nice durable looking straps, we have the padding here and then we have actually a zipper right here in a little waterproof mini pocket on the bottom bottom of the waist. So you could store like say your wallet or some paperwork in their keys. If you wanted to andor a phone and that should keep it pretty dry – u redu, unzipping this here, the top and actually what I'm finding is. This zipper is also waterproof check this out. Look at this. You have a Velcro on the top, so it looks like this is where we're gon na store our Wi Fi module nice that's gon na slide right in there and then looking inside the backpack. We have these two little cubbies on the back here. One little guy here looks like this might be what we can put the controller in clip here and I'll hold the actual sub in there, and we actually have a nice towel here. We'Ll open that in just a second one, more bag on the very top.

Let me flip this thing around and check this out, so we have one more bag, and this also has a waterproof zipper charging peripheralsor maybe your controller. So pretty nice remember what you get from the Gladius mini you get like that. Little towel, it looks like Nevada X is doing a towel as well. So you get a nice gray towel with their brand Nevada Exxon. It ok, u svakom slučaju, guys let's bring this thing in the house: get the iPad or cell phone up and I'll be showing you the interface, how all the controls work and how all that stuff looks so we're just gon na open this up I'll show you real quick. How I have everything sorted in the backpack snaps right in here, the main subunit quite a bit of room in here since the sub is kind of like open in certain areas. Then I have the controller right in here in this other sealed compartment, so that's great. How they're kind of inter sealing different components, so you don't kind of like if the sub is a little bit wet from saltwater? You can put it in here and you can have your controller in a whole, separate, sealed pocket, so that controller doesn't get inundated with moisture anyway, that's it everything fits in. There really nicely just screw that on nice and tight and then there's our little secure lanyard, and this is going to go right here on the back.

You can see how that hooks on there very very nicely and you're gon na be able to pull that. You know pretty darn hard and not have any breakage lift it up from this anchor point. Ako je potrebno, pull up this antenna when you do that, remember this whole thing turns on now. You can go ahead and work on connecting this controller up and getting everything on we're gon na go to Android. I did find it. It is an early access app apparently so I guess I'm getting this unit kind of early before mass production release so go ahead and I downloaded the Nevada x metal app just gon na click on it here and we have a privacy policy. So this time we'll also go ahead and turn on the controller I'm. Just pressing this power button on the bottom feeling a little bit of a vibration there and let's just try to get this connected. Now I need to go, make an account. I guess kind of like what DJI does. We need to create a whole account. So let me go through that real, brzo. U redu. There we go so that was pretty easy. I just had to basically punch in an email and a password. They sent me an email and I had to enter this activation code within 60 sekundi. This is we're going to grab our corresponding cable. Zapamtite. They gave us three in the pack for all different types of connectivity for phones, so go ahead and plug it in here.

This is where you're gon na plug it in in the back and then just reach around, and we plug it in to the phone itself right here to the bottom, okay cool. So I got a little notification. Allow Nevada X to access v1, u redu, Lijepo. U redu! Now it kind of knows that the controller is connected and everything, so we have two options: scan QR code or input activation code, let's just input an activation code. valjda – and on the very back I have an activation code or a QR code right there. So let me go ahead and put this in. Allow the vadik's access to v1, okay and let's try to connect there. We go okay, we just got a little notification. Buoy connected let's. Try it to start diving. U redu, Wow buoy power is less than 10. I just kind of charged it so that's, weird right off the bat. A little bit concerning is check out the lag. So let me let me let you see my hand on the right here of the phone in real time and look how much lag there is. So it's a little bit choppy and quite a bit of lag so man. I was really hoping that this one would be a little better, but you know sometimes with Wi Fi that's. What happens? Let'S just go over the interface really quick. We have settings. We have camera, we have record taking. Photos, looks like this is gon na switch between video and pictures took a little while for that to switch so maybe a little bit of optimizing, they can do man the buoys already at 2.

It just dropped like drastically. So I don't know: maybe the batteries are kind of weird on this. I did let it charge for an hour anyway. We do have a compass here looks like we have the way the controller's facing, and then we also can see which way the sub is facing. You see how that turns and all of its lagging glory when I pitch up and down on that little guy moves there to show the actual pitch angle, so that's kind of cool. We have our depth here and then oh that's kind of neat. We have a little GPS I'm, not sure how it knows how far away it is. Maybe the floating buoy over there actually has a GPS in it because check it out, it's, saying it's: 0.' Metara. We have our lights here temperature and then it looks like we can play our videos from the the gallery there see if we can go into our settings. U redu, we have yaw speeds parameter settings now this is cool. I haven't ever seen this before you can adjust all these dive speeds and depth so kind of like a little geofence. If you wanted to and then, if we press on there, we have our okay server version failed. It said something about battery, not full. So apparently we can't do that because we have a low battery but that's the update, and then we have gyroscope and the compass to calibrate.

So we can do that there and that's. Really all there is in the settings if we go into camera. We have a few different settings here: FPS 25 ili 30 field of view wide or rectified, and then we have SD, which is our memory card. You zero gigabyte out of 59. Ovo je za 64 gig version in here and there is our resolution. So right now it is in to our 4k resolution and also do 2k and 1080 dolje. Tamo. I'M gon na leave it in 4k and we have an Eevee setting. There should auto Eevee. I only have a P and an M so a while. So you can adjust your ISO and all that stuff manually if you wanted to over there on the right I'm, just gon na leave it at Auto that's kind of about it. Why turns the motors on and off and then B is your kind of lighting adjustment? There we go see that Oh pretty cool this one right here, guys this little thumb pad this should be actually pitching up and down, so it should bring the nose up and down when we're in some water, but obviously we can't do that right now. Now that I have the motors going let's press this little motor guy, oh that's kind of neattells you all the RPMs of the top motors and the horizontal motors. So what do you say? We were in through a little quick pros and cons for what we can kind of see out of the box.

Kao što možete vidjeti, that lag is a little bit disappointing and the only real other thing I have a problem with. Is this phone mount here? It'S gon na work decent for like smaller phones, but it just doesn't feel like this is up to par with everything else on this kit make this rotatable, because it's just fixed position there and also make it able to hold like larger iPad minis. I don't think it'll even hold an iPad Mini or even an iPad. So a couple of issues they're gon na need to address there. Everything else look great. The backpack was amazing the fit and finishand everything else looks very, Jako dobro napravljena. Maybe a little bit of a negative is how you have to remove the battery it's kind of a complicated process, but you know that's doable as long as we have a few hours of operation, what an interesting product so far guys we are gon na. Put this thing through the series of tests don't forget: I do full on test from the unboxings all the way to a pool test see how it handles before we go in the ocean, then I do my ocean test. So we're gon na really put this one through the paces. So one cool thing about this one don't forget is it? Has this floating, so that's gon na be very, very interesting to test we'll be able to go a lot further than we can on, like just a mean tethered from the shore or tethered from the boat type of a sub, but also that also has its precautions.

You don't want to get too far away loose connection, so we're gon na see all that how all that stuff works. How well this thing floats how well it stays waterproof, because that yellow thing is going in the water right in the ocean too. So this will be interesting.