Why would anybody put crossfire on something that only has a 25 milliwatt vtx on there well you're about to find out Music? Hey all right, Dečki! Welcome back from that, quick little break a little flying sort of preview of what we're going to show you the full flight review coming up for the de 65 pro the tbs crossfire version here in this box is around 89 on the banggood website. Sada, which is kind of crazy, this is probably the most fun you can have with something that is under 100. You can fly it indoors and outdoors, but i think the best thing about this is that it has crossfire on here. If you already have a crossfire module, where you don't know what a crossfire module is it's a module that plugs into the back, your radio, which really extends your range, also extends your aircraft's penetration around where you're flying. So if you fly down behind a bunch of trees, it can really really keep you from fail, safing and dropping to the ground. So i have flown this same model before, but this one is the pro version um. Now we have an upgraded camera on here. We also have a charger in this box, which is really nice because look what it comes with. This is my favorite eachine six in one charger, and now it has a new new adapter for that new style, plug that's on there very, very sturdy, one way better than the ph 2.

0 connectors that we've had on woops in the past. This is a great upgrade here and i'll show you those connectors on the battery in a second, you also get four batteries in the box. These are 1s 250 milliamp batteries, and the good news about this is that they do last on 2s, with this little quad. For well over 5 minuta, you can even do freestyle with this on 2s, which is a lot of fun. The power to weight ratio is great. You can boost over trees and back under and do split s's it'll, actually power loop, što je nekako cool, and the greatest thing about this whole kit. Right here, Mislim, is the fact that it does come with a wall adapter, so guys you don't have to use a 4s 1300 with this. You can also do that. It has the xt60 right there. It also has an output for 2 2 amp for your phone or any type of device, you'd like to charge for usb, which is kind of nice, but this just plugs in right here and these batteries charge up in probably about 10 minute po bateriji. And this is that new connector on there it is kind of hard to see, but there it is. It almost looks like a jst type connector, but it's very sturdy and there's even heat shrink on each post, positive and egg in it really nice new batteries. So um i'm also able to fly this on 1s.

So if you want to fly indoors and calm the power down on the motors, you can do that and speaking of motors on this little quad, we have zero eight zero, two motors – a ovi su 14 000 kv little teeny, tiny props and the good news is That i did actually a pretty good durability test with this one as well, so it's been durability tested, and i have two of them here just in case. I got a backup one, so i've got twin de pros here and we have that 65 millimeter frame and even in all my durability, testing guys, the the quad did not break and the last one that i had the original version. Without the crossfire and the new upgraded cadx amp camera on here that one broke all the pieces, it was a very brittle frame and i don't know if they changed the plastic construction, but it has a little more flex now than it used to. So it felt really brittle in the past but i'm sure you probably could break this frame with a lot of abuse, but the frames are probably just about two to three dollars: komad: they're very cheap frames, Tako 65 milimetar, really tiny whoop um let's go ahead Outside now and let's do some flying and i'll give you my final thought and opinion on this little quad and i'm gon na show you why crossfire is so important on something that is so small, but also it's, only rocking a 25 milliwatt vtx and you will See soon, the reason why i think this is so much fun.

This is probably the most fun again that i've had with the woop in all of 2020. crossfire on the whoop it's it's, my new favorite thing here you go all right guys. Let me go ahead and just get into this battery and show you guys what's going on with this quad now my original de 65 i nas 65 review that i did. It was in my front yard around the house and i didn't ever leave the yard. Just flew around the house, it did okay flying around the house and it didn't fail safe behind the house, which is pretty good for a built in receiver. This one comes with a variety of different receivers. This crossfire is allowing me to do what i'm doing right here. I know some xm plus style receivers can get away with things like this, but it it they can also fail safe um. The greatest thing about crossfire in this situation is that i'm confident that it's not going to drop to the ground, and so many times before i've been flying, tiny whoop and they just fail safe all the time and it sucks. Because, zatim, you got ta, go walk and find it pick it up and uh just a bit of a hassle, Ali 25 milivat, even in some of the thickest vegetation is, is still letting me see where to go, and the camera actually looks really good. When, when the 25 is not having a hard time like right here, just almost completely lost it and what you do is you just power out and go straight up? Then your video will come back.

Don'T hit your kill, switch other times, i've done that i've flown into a tree, but you know that's a chance you take sometimes when you lose video you just when in doubt power out and it's so much fun, because i can get away with so much here And this little quad actually has a lot of speed, we're flying on 2s right now, and it is extremely fast in acro mode, if you're a new guy, you can start out in stability mode and just kind of fly around your neighborhood it's. Zapravo, a lot of fun and with crossfire you could really get a lot of altitude with this little quad. If you wanted to, you want to go up there and and check out the satellites. Crossfire goes way out, even in the crossfire nano but you're limited to the distance for your battery. So you don't want to fly two and a half minutes away and just barely squeak back, you kind of want to turn around at the halfway point of your battery, otherwise you're gon na you're definitely gon na lose your your battery, it's gon na, say land now And you're gon na have to come down and land it's, really so much fun. With this little quad people don't really notice it that much unless you come close to them, but this little quad is so small it's not going to hurt anybody it's way under the 250 gram mark as well.

So i believe, we're, probably around the 40 gram mark for this little quad. So it is super tiny, but with the zero eight zero two motors it handles a little bit of wind, because when i went outside to fly this there was more wind than i was hoping for. I thought it was absolutely still outside and it was blowing out there today. So i was competing with a little bit of wind and the ant camera is just great. I can really see in front of me where i'm going to see the tree branches. You can see people walking around you're not going to fly into anybody, fpv cameras of the past. You wouldn't see something like that. Even someone walking down the street sometimes until you came right up on them, especially if you're flying where you really don't have a good field of view. But this is a nice wide, open street and it's just a ton of fun to fly down and it will power lube. We did field test this out at the tree farm. You guys have seen the tree farm on the channel before and it it doesn't do. As well around really thick thick vegetation like the evergreen trees, i had some blackouts and out in the field down low to the ground behind a bunch of those trees out there. The christmas trees kind of knock out this 25 milivat, but there's a lot of fans of 25 out there and they've claimed that they can get miles out on 25.

i've. Yet to try that. But with this you could, znaš, fly half your battery out in the distance and do some range tests and see how far out you get see, how many blocks down the street you can get with your little whoop, but it feels like outdoor playstation it's, a Ton of fun, i think the price is right on these too, so with the nano around 89, Vjerujem da, which is a pretty cool deal, so this one's coming down now and the battery is done all right, Dečki dobrodošli natrag s testa leta. So talking about crossfire on a whoop, my first and you know initial response at looking at this case and this this box full of goodies. Here i i was like: why would they put crossfire on something that has 25 miliwatt vtx? It it's not going to go that far, but i've had lots of experiences running 25 milliwatt out in big fields, and you can literally go several several football fields and some people claim they can go further than a mile out on 25 milliwatt and since you're, actually Able to get over five minutes flight time on this squad. That is a great advantage being able to have the range and the penetration so that you don't fail safe this little guy up behind the trees, if you're flying behind some trees or trying to make some gaps way out there i mean this is a fun little Explorer you can tree canopies surf like five blocks down the street, it's really cool.

So i flew this one up and down my street and above the trees, and there were times where i had a lot of trees in between me and the aircraft, and it would kind of almost completely lose it. And you know when in doubt i always say when in doubt throttle out so that's what i did. I went up high and then my video came back so otherwise you can hit your kill, switch and just let it drop to the ground. But it could end up in a tree somewhere, so don't really do that just kind of throttle out and usually or your video will come back into view. But the best thing about this is that i don't have to worry about this. Fail safing and falling down into the top of the trees when i'm going back behind really thick tree canopies. So that's one thing to think about with, when you add crossfire to something like this really opens up a whole new level of whoop exploration. And even you know going up inside the tree canopies and things like that. You can go way down the street. No one even notices this little guy's going by you do have a tiny, little copper antenna on the side here, and i would just kind of pull that out to the side and you get tpu mount in the box as well, and this converts it from a 1S battery tray to a 2s configuration and then for betaflight.

You have usb port right there on the crazy bf4 flight controller and that's. The newer version of that f4 flag controller by the way. But the most exciting thing is not only crossfire, but also the new camera on your the amp cadets ant is where it's at as far as tiny loop camera goes. This is a tiny little camera and this is way different than those kind of crappy uh low, end um, cmos cameras that we had last year on the de pro or the de models. So on the d and the us, there is also a us version of this, so it has the american flag on it. But this is be the germany version. It has lots of bright colors on it, so it's pretty easy to find. If i do crash in the grass it's a lot better than this thing being black, because i've had black quads before they're really hard to find out in the grass so very bright, easy to see and mostly a lot of fun to fly. Tako da mislim, for you know the 89 točka cijene. The bottom line is this: quad it's, just tons of fun and it's actually fairly durable for what it is, because it's super super lightweight. So you can kind of explore, fly with this, and you can also do some pretty impressive freestyle, so i'm gon na give this little guy, even though it's one of the cheaper ones that's. What i love about this channel, i love to see how much fun i can have for the cheapest amount of money, and this is high on the bar for that.

So one two thumbs up for the de pro or the us65 pro either way you go get the pro version with the ant camera and you'll be happy, so bind it up to your radio and get some crossfire on there and go fly down around your neighborhood With it uh and explore and have fun with it yeah, but great quad, you guys will really enjoy.