Ovo su. 124 skala. You guys watched me do an overview of this. Possibly in the last video there is mo man say: Pozdrav, moe, da, there's, seafoam, green who's. That gem is in the back and, naravno, me with the red deadbolt i figured for us to put on a show today we would try an impossible vertical climb it may it may be impossible. I i agree, i rekao bih, with a little bit of work, we might be able to do it. My dear, shall you lead the pack Music go ahead. These small trucks are actually less than a hundred and forty dollars uh us. If you can check these out, i'll leave a link in the video description box. Sometimes you can find them for even less look at this. o da, oh yeah, oh yeah. I can't believe that nice job. I thought for sure that was gon na take forever dude winner right away, gave you a little push. These are very capable 4×4 machines. I hear mo doing his best trying to make his way back over here. You go buddy it's, not an easy climb. It is not easy there's the hop try to wiggle your tires as you do, that hold on hold on hold on oh you're, too far over too far over. He got rejected deadbolt on the way these small tires they're very flexible. Hvala ti, son. How am i going to get you, Iako? Oh oh yeah, da, oh yeah, oh moment to the top yeah i made it dude good job.

I like that oh i'm gon na have to hop up over that rock there. It is there. It is look how capable these things are, so small and so much fun there. You go good luck. This is a very narrow ridge. Oh nice, the c10 chevy, oh down, he goes well down. She goes i'm going to come dad to the rescue. I hope this is like that dad moment where you want to be the hero, and then i roll over my truck. I have an extra long toe rope. You always got to be prepared when you're wheeling. U redu, three two one yeah, my man. Evo: u redu, mom! Your truck is hooked up. I'M gon na need you to go in reverse okay in three two one: reverse good job. U redu, that helped you can. I i can drive. I can drive out of that. What year was this chev? Do you remember? Babe yeah beautiful here comes mo man right behind mom's straddling the rock, so she can get up there. A very challenging position right here. This has always been a challenge mo man give her some room buddy. O, you can't push into her you're stuck. Are you stuck wiggle your tires, mom back and forth back and forth back and forth. Keep going keep going, keep going, keep going. You got this okay, give her a tiny bump there buddy! O, she got it on her own there. It is there it is.

You got it. o da, yes mo man back into position. He'S got a straddle over the rock to try to hop up and it's, not easy, yeah that's, u redu, good good there. It is buddy there you go. Da, oh you need to turn a little sooner back up a little bit. Yep keep going wiggle, wiggle wiggle there. It is there, it is there. It is keep wiggling. U redu, now go forward a little bit, that's! U redu, now back up again there, it is there, it is there. It is good job. You got this pal, you got this, you got it Applause! Da, da, da, moć, moć, moć, da, da, Lijepo, job dude. In with the deadbolt. Here i come after all that coaching i'm, probably gon na biff it right away no you're gon na. Do it in the first try. Of course i can let's see. O, oh, Bože moj, you got it, you got it there. Tako je. You can do it. These tires are so nice and soft they conform so well to the rock they're sticky. Look at that. Oh my gosh. First try coaching does help nice morris, making his move and the clouds perfect taking the lead i will follow down. This is gon na be challenging. Oh nice, taking the weight moving it properly. I hope i don't roll here nicely done my lovely lady. It is time for you doing her best to try to get up over those rocks.

That'S seafoam green one of my favorite colors for a chevy and, naravno, the chrome roll bar on there mom great climb. Look at that family, Izbirljiv posao, guys good job mom's, taking over the lead again she's going to drop down. This is a major drop if it was a scale drop. This would be half a truck down nice and slow mom. You got this oh, Vrlo dobro, very good down the rocks to the bottom, so basically for the size of a tent scale, an expensive tent scale. You can get three of these and have an adventures in the house. Oh and down in the garden Laughter i'll tell you out. Don'T worry it's doing so! Pa, all right here we go big dad in the dead bolt coming down i'm going to have a straight drop. Oh very good! Look at this! ne! ne! ne! I don't mind. I can do it. I got lots of practice with this. This is probably where i'm gon na biff it just for saying no that's. Dobro, Iako, come on bring it in there's, a big gap here, big hole, big drop; oh yes, yeah yeah yeah, almost there, yes yeah, but i got an issue where i may fall right here. Da, this is the issue that you had was the side hill right there. O, i still landed on my wheels mow man now behind the controls of his truck gon na show off everything.

He'S learned, big drop right here, makes it look easy, yep well done. Yeah dude you're killing it. Da, of course you can make it down. Da, smart turn sharply. You can do this and don't slow down. o da, winner Applause, nice job buddy, dad so proud of you everybody's, so proud of you, who's good boy, bravo, bravo, bravo, minnie, save your mom yeah. We got ta pull mom out now come on. Mom turn your wheel towards the passenger and i'm gon na pull you forward. Let'S go go forward, go forward there, you go you're up, yeah turn towards me. Come out straight there. You go nice job, Dečki, family outing. Look at that great job! Hopefully everyone enjoyed.