I have a new bargain drone to show you today. This was sent to me by the folks at banggood. It is the kai one pro three axis: gimbal brushless motor uh drone uh, some interesting things about this drone, its pretty light, although its not under 250 grama, its like 279 grama, fully loaded with battery and everything so uh. You know youre still going to have to register this put a faa number on it in the united states and i know theres other rules for other countries as well. But i brought my notes here, so i can kind of give you the uh the full low down on this guy. It is a gps glonass connected drone, so it should uh hover and hold its place in space. Uh pretty well and should be pretty easy to fly. It does have. I mentioned brushless motors, those are 1503 brushless motors on there, the camera. Ovo je zanimljivo. If you look at all their advertising on banggood and other places, theyll tell you theyll tell you that this is an 8k drone, its not its uh 2.7 k, video, and i think its. If i remember correctly, 25 frames per second dont quote me on that ill. Have to look that up uh and then picture wise. It shoots in a very uh, its its a four by three format. I believe and uh its kind of an odd uh uh situation, its like 5.4 od strane 3 point something resolution.

I cant remember exactly ill when i take a picture with it. I will put that up on the screen and hopefully well get a chance to take some pictures on this flight, but it does you can see on the bottom there where the sd card goes, takes a max 32 gigabyte, sd card youre going to want to format It to fat32 there also its weird, the advertising is saying a 25 minute flight time. The manual says i think it says 16 da 18 minuta. I believe in reality, if you get 10 ili 12 minutes out of the battery, uh youll probably be doing pretty good and with regard to the battery, let me uh see if i can pull it out here and uh yeah, so its got kind of interesting here. Nadam se da, you can see that it looks like it has lights on the back thats just molded into the plastic thats nothing, but it is a 2200 milliamp hour 7.4 volt lipo battery, so you know pretty decent. They only gave me one battery with it, so were going to be limited on how much were going to be able to get done with it uh today, typically, when they send me a drone theyll give me a couple of batteries that way we can get through. All the automated flight modes and so forth, but in this case, were not going to the other thing i wanted to point out to. You is uh that it looks like it has some kind of sensors or on the front it does not.

Those are just molded into the plastic, Međutim, it does have an optical flow sensor on the bottom right there little optical flow sensor, and i believe you can switch to that sensor as well, while youre flying. Let me look at my notes here to see if im missing anything uh yeah, so uh quadcopter 101 brought this up in his review of this drone theyre saying to use the uav go app, which doesnt work with this drone now the manual that i got had A sticker over the top of where they had the qr codes for the app and it said uav go out, but when i used the qr sticker, it took me to the h. Fun fly app and i already had it on my phone so clearly thats a an app thats been used on some other drones. I dont remember which one i used that on, but the h fun fly app is the one that youre going to want to use for this guy. So let me show you the remote here real, brzo, so heres the remote its kind of interesting. In the way you can see you have to pull up the antenna here and, and speaking of antenna uh, this one has a wire in it, so its a real antenna. This one has nothing in it, so its just there for looks uh and then to hold the phone. You pull these arms down kind of like a dji drone and you fit your phone into the side there.

It does have an internal battery which is good, theres theres, mikro, usb port there to charge the internal battery, and it looks like it has a display here, but its not really a display. Its just got a couple lights on there. I think it tells you when youre in gps mode etc, maybe headless mode im, not sure, but the buttons on off button return to home button take off and lan button. This puts it in either gps mode or, if you switch it over its just altitude, hold optical flow. Očito, youre always going to probably want to leave that in gps mode. This button on the back right here record this button right here take a picture uh and then you have. You can move the gimbal with this little thumb wheel right here, Uh, so you know uh. I im encouraged that it has a uh that that it has a wire in in one of the antenna on there. Tako, while were on that subject, lets talk about range, so it is a wi fi fpv. So your phone is going to be talking to the drone directly for wi fi theyre, saying one kilometer range well, ive, never seen that happen, and in fact i know from watching quadcopter 101s review of this very drone. He could not get out past about 80. 80 meters excuse me 80 metara, which is not terribly far uh before thats about 240 feet before he lost fpv connection.

Sada, honestly, a drone like this youre not going to want to fly it very very far anyway. They are saying that the rc connection is over a kilometer that very well may be with this wire in this antenna, you may still be able to control the drone out that far youre, just not going to be able to see anything uh on fpv, Ali dobro. Try it out here im at heroes, park and meridian. Pa, try it out, well see uh what we can do with it, so uh yeah and then theres some intelligent flight modes uh. znaš, i know it does the usual orbit and uh uh. I think it has gps follow me, which is always a little weird, that the gps follow me to me is tough, because its hard to stay in center of frame and whats the point of having follow me if youre not photographing the object you want to see And then also it i think it has a in fact i know its got a waypoint mode now. Are we going to be able to get to all that stuff? I kind of doubt it but well well, do what we can mainly. We want to see how it flies and lets just get this thing up in the air and see what kind of videos what were looking for is good uh, stable, uh video with no jello in it and not jumpy. You know not moving around and so well just see what we get and then hopefully we can take a couple pictures too, and we can look at those so anyway lets quit messing around uh lets get the chi one pro in the air.

U redu, im all hooked up here and, kao što možete vidjeti, uh its giving me some instructions uh on the on how to use the app uh you know, return to home number of satellites, etc so ill. Let you guys uh, take a look at that and uh were going to click, got it and look at that. Weve got weve got fpv lets uh lets, go into the little gear icon and look at our settings and uh yeah. So beginner mode is off thats. Good uh that bottom one with this in the chinese characters that slider, i suspect that is probably a setting for the orbit mode im going to move that up just slightly well yeah since 23 meters there uh altitude is set to, or maybe that bottom one, maybe Thats return to home well well, go just for the fun of it. Well go a little bit hot! Pa, thats too much! I wanted to go about 30 metara, or so its hard well, theres 28 meters were gon na leave it at that altitude. We want that. Uh at at least below 120 meters were not going to go terribly. Visoke. 105 meters were going to leave it at that. Pa, leave that the the distance uh at max there lets look at the camera. Uh aspectratiooriginali guessis where were going to leave it im going to turn the grid on. I like that uh stabilization on or off who knows.

Uh were gon na turn it on, because we want im assuming that stable uh video uh and what the that other, oh, that is for uh, for i guess, look at you do have camera controls where you can change. The contrast were gon na leave everything uh. Just as it is in normal mode, so app flight lets, look at that left hand throttle. We want to stay that lets, look at other and thats, just giving us uh uh the uh, the uh serial number and uh app version, itd. So looks to me like were good to go there and i notice it even has a find my drone, so it looks like its in camera mode. Let me switch it over. O, Ne, so look at this. You can yeah. We want to be on front camera. Thats, how you can change the camera now im wondering uh how you then decide if you want to take a picture or uh yeah so were not were just going to leave yeah that looks full front lens yeah thats that takes us to the to the uh That takes us to my uh uh to my phone. It looks like so now were gon na were gon na go uh off on that one thats funny. So the drone is the front camera. So you can control the camera on your on your mobile device too. Thats pretty interesting uh, so i guess what im wondering is: how do we switch between video and on the app between video and pictures? Iskreno, i dont know so were gon na were gon na start.

Recording uh well do that on the controller here, so im gon na hold that down and look it did. It turned red and its counting down so its controlling uh, well uh. My understanding is to arm the motors. You just hit the the take off button here. So were gon na. Do that and nothing happened so lets go uh both uh sticks down and in well hold it. I guess you know what now that i think about it. Im sure that it probably wants us to uh to uh do a calibrations first so, and i didnt ask for that. But i know to do the gyro calibration both sticks down and to the right. Maybe i should stop. Recording both sticks down to the right, and i i didnt hear a beep or anything uh. U redu, well lets try a compass calibration, and i know to do that. You take the left, stick down into the left and the right stick up and to the right: u redu. U redu, i got beeps each time, so i think were good to go. There lets uh lets start recording again and it did not begin recording that i can see. Maybe i need to hold it down longer there we go. I just needed to hold it down a little bit longer lets try that uh take off button again now, u redu, so lets go down and out down and in yeah for some reason: uh its not wanting to uh, engage the motors here so uh.

We have plenty of satellites im trying to look to see if were doing something wrong. Dont know lets, try gyro calibration again. Maybe that did it and i see the lights blinking on the back of the drone, so that im hoping calibrated it lets uh try engaging those motors again gosh. I just dont know why we cant get those motors engaged. Uh lets go into the menu here and see if im missing something lets, stop recording, headed in low speed, yeah gosh, i just dont know we were all calibrated. U redu, look in the menu, it says manual. It says to long press the uh this button to to engage the motor so lets. Try that again well long press didnt work so clearly it doesnt like something that were doing dont know what that is well im, going to try calibrating again so lets just see. If that does it, u redu, so uh we calibrated again, and i got the beeps uh lets again lets do the gyro calibration and the uh, the back lights are blinking green, so uh lets lets see. If we can uh engage the motors okay im going to try something here, im going to turn off the transmitter im going to cycle the transmitter and well turn it back on here. U redu, ive got a solid green light, so maybe it could be that we just werent connected, although thats unusual, it was responding to stick commands uh when i was when i was doing the calibration, so i dont know, but we have a solid green on gps.

Now that we didnt have before lets, try engaging the motors there we go, so i just think it was some kind of missed command, so were going to move, were going to start recording and were going to move up on the left stick. So clearly that was just some kind of an anomaly there uh. As soon as i got that solid gps light, we were good so so anyway, the drone uh, i mean im telling you its its pretty darn stable, uh gosh theres been more expensive drones that i wish were that stable, and you can see that gimbal in action. Its kind of dropping a little bit now lets see if we can uh bring it into the camera here. Its kind of moving at a little bit of an angle, Music lets rock it back and forth, and you can see that gimbal working well uh. Let me see if i can drop the camera im telling you. What i see on fpv here looks really good. Uh lets do our usual dronie, reverse it up now reverse and up, and you know, uh what im seeing on fpv here looks pretty good and i believe we have it in low speed mode and we are out about 70 metara, 80 metara, so thats uh thats Farther than uh im picking up that gimbal there and you see a little bit of fisheye effect, but you know what this in this classification of drone.

I dont see that as a big problem, so lets uh lets, move around and lets just go down the field. A little bit and ive got a little bit of lag in in fpv and in the controls like, in other words, when i let go of the controls it yeah and its that now now, im kind of frozen on uh on on fpv and im moving the Drone forward yeahand i can i see ican see the drone ive got it in line of sight, but but were frozen on fpv so lets bring it back to us. So it was exactly uh what uh, what quadcopter 101 said he lost so im bringing the drone back and we are still our fpvis still frozen. Lets uh im going to bring it down right in front of me yeah there we got it back. I i was looking at the drone, so i didnt see exactly when we got it back there, so i think hes spot on youre going to want to keep this within definitely within a 100 meters and uh and probably even less than that. If youre uh, znaš 50 da 75 metara, thats, probably as far as youre going to want to go so so lets move forward with it here and well see how stable this video is and it you know its. It flies pretty good. I mean its uh. You know theres a little bit of lag in the controls, but again you know i kind of expect that in this classification of droneand you see just a little bit of movement there on on or excuse me a little bit of stutter there on fpv.

But there again, like i said thisis a thisis a 150 or less dollar drone so and im, seeing a little bit of jiggliness on the fpv screen uh, znaš, which is a little disappointing. You know you hope, when you get a three axis: gimbal thats, what you thats, what you avoid lets, try return to home and lets see how well this guy does we want to make sure it knows where its home point is. So i did that on the controller and it immediately its coming home, but its coming home backwards. It turned out now its turning around okay im watching the drone. Above me, there yeah, whatever that problem i had uh and lets lets. I wonder how far down i can point the camera here and look at it reorient itself. Look its gon na be pretty darn close uh, so hopefully i can uh lets see. I wonder if i can cancel it here. U redu, thats gon na be pretty close yeah. So it wouldnt, let me cancel, and so we mowed a little grass there. Now i dont know if i i didnt touch the sticks. Maybe if i had to touch the sticks, i could have brought it up a little bit, but i tried to cancel it on the controller and on the app and was unable to do so. U redu, my gps light is blinking again, so i dont know lets see if we can uh yeah for whatever reason.

Sada, with that gps light blinking, i cannot engage the motors that is interesting, so im gon na im gon na stop recording on the controller and im going to do just what i did last time, im going to cycle the controller and see if i can stop That light from blinking, so the controller is off uh. Let me hold it up here, so you can see, and you see that green gps light yeah now its solid, so i dont know i dont know what thats about when thats blinking. You cannot start the motors. You can see, i started them right up there, so you need that solid, green light lets see if itll do an auto takeoff. ne, it wont so you you got ta, take off his manual, but thats okay id rather almost rather be manual, so lets go up and lets uh lets. Take some pictures im going to move it forward a little bit here and you can see that that gimbal doesnt quite do its job completely as it picked up there uh. U redu, i am going to lets see if we can get some more altitude here and im trying to point up at the drone and uh and lets see if we can take a picture shoot out at the costco over there. Yeah picture taken lets uh lets yar around the other way and shoot towards the boise mountains. You can see i kind of tell you. It looks really good on fpv and im going to uh take another picture.

You can see a lot of smoke off in the distance, so i think the next thing we should try here, maybe is some of the follow me modes. So lets bring the drone back down and bring it to us, and i think if we have enough battery well, try yeah were already down to 36 percent battery. So whatever we do, we better do it quick and it it descends very, very slowly. Wow i mean ive got the stick full down and its taking it forever to come down 34 baterija, and i should be coming into view here there we are okay lets uh lets go into im, going to click on those three bars, and that brings me uh. Uh, the the menu here and im gon na click on the follow me thats. The little man running there Music about is about two meters were going to confirm and select a target, so lets see and nope its not doing it. I know uh. I know uh yeah, so i wonder if i need to be closer or farther i dont know lets go back into that. Lets. Try that again, two meters selected, a blue prompt box will appear click. ok, the blue box will turn red red frame is more than eighty percent of the humanoid. Pa, i thought we had that. Okay lets uh lets. Try that again, yeah and youre hearing a helicopter there in the background he is uh way higher than the uh than the uh 3.

6 metara. We are off the ground well for whatever reason: yeah so its going into low battery now so lets uh. znaš, for whatever reason i couldnt get that to work, and how do we get out of that? I do not know anyway, im going to hit return to home on the app and lets see what it does. Yeah that didnt do anything. So it looks to me like, were gon na, have to fly at home, were down to what 14 battery and were very, very close to the ground. Let me get back in the shade here where i can see my fpv screen well, i wish they would have given me another uh another battery here so clearly, my speed is affected here, a little bit when its in low battery uh Music. But you know what its a real stable drone i mean. Ive got uh this thing its its a great little gps. Drone lets move it forward here, see if i can get it on the pad it it, the the the controls kind of crab a little bit. U redu, straight down there we go, we got a landing on the pad. I never started uh the recording there at the end there, but in any case we were unable to. I did i couldnt get that follow me to work uh. I know quadcopter 101 did so. I you know its probably something i was doing uh, unfortunately, with just that one battery were not able to try some of the other stuff out.

Let me get everything shut down and well do a quick conclusion: hey okay, Uh, the chi one pro drone uh. You know i actually was pretty pleased with this little guy. It flew good, i mean it was very stable. There was a little bit of lag in the controls, but not horrible. At all. I mean it worked. You know in this price range of drone. You kind of expect that a little bit now i could tell by looking at the fpv screenand i have like i said, ive already seenquadcopter 101s review of this drone theres going to be a little bit of wobbling around in the video you know, ive Tested drones that are a lot worse if youre looking for perfectly stabilized video, this isnt it, but the price point i think, is pretty good and that 2.7 k videa. I want to look at it off the sd card. We can see how it looks. I can say it looked pretty decent on the fpv screen, so im encouraged by that uh. But i had that one little glitch that i couldnt arm the motors and im not sure what that was about. But all i needed to do was cycle the controller, and that worked and as far as doing the calibrations you know when you do the the gyro calibration and the compass calibration. I didnt do those manually first because i thought the app would walk me through that, because often these apps will walk you through that kind of calibration, and you end up doing it twice.

If you do it manually and then go through the app. So when i saw the app didnt do it, we did that manually very easy to do it. It calibrated very easily and as you saw when the drone took off very stable, i mean im. I can tell you this gps wise. I have flown some way more expensive drones that arent nearly as stable as this guy uh. I guess the other thing. I wanted to point out to you and im going to unzip the the bag here again, so you can see uh, you can look at the top of the props there. These are just the twist on twist off props, which i appreciate uh, usually in this price range. Youve got to use the screwdriver and youre putting each individual prop on these, just like dji style. They just twist on and twist off, thats a nice feature that i appreciate. I wish i had a second battery, so i could have got in and tested some of the other flight modes with it. We did try a little bit of follow me and i couldnt get that to work uh again. Thats, probably my fault. I i saw i i might have been too close. I dont really know i have seen like i said. I saw quadcopter 101. He was able to get that to work okay, but there again gps, Za mnom: im, not sure how useful that is, because it doesnt keep your center of frame its following the gps on the controller, so it can be hit or miss uh, and then we didnt Get a chance to try that orbit mode.

Nor did we try any waypoints, but uh. You know maybe well do that on another video charge up the battery. Like i said i wish id had a second battery in order to try that stuff out, but uh yeah. I mean im gon na you know this guy, this kai won at uh at his price point uh i dont the last time i looked on banggood it was around 150 bucks ill see if i can get them to give me a discount code and and see If we can bring that price down some uh, but if you can pick this drone up at you know somewhere uh north of that hundred dollar mark and youre, just looking to try out a gps drone this one, it does what it says it seems to work. Pretty good uh well, when i say does what it says: svoje, not 8k video but but but but it flies decently and youre not going to have a problem getting into the air and having a good experience with it so anyway, thats about it. This is marcus. Crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out, and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel most of all. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and, naravno, yeah well see on the next one alrighty bye.