Now i just want to say i'm. So sorry recently, i hate doing these time bound videos, because i always pride myself on doing no drama videos always having no drama on the channel. You know but still provide good quality entertainment through the use of radio control. Hobby vehicles. Look at this it's harvest season. Everything'S getting all mowed down so recently, uh in my community section on my youtube channel. This is current as the time of this filming uh you go to my channel you'll, actually see that i've recently made some posts about my health situation and that i had to make a decision on youtube gold and the series loading kings, that i do two different Series uh with respects to the show, not my suit, not my entire series, RC avanture. I had to stop filming youtube. Gold i've got one more episode to do coming up here, Uh, which will round out season three and bring that series to a wrap because of some health issues that i have not really a surprise. Some people that follow the channel know about it. I don't really. You know make too much word of it. A lot of you that do follow me may have heard every single word i've said in the past and think i have talked too much about it, but i've got a lot of people that come and go on this channel. So i think we're pretty good here. So i've got issues in my gut and i also have issues with my muscles and you know we're still going through investigations and all that stuff.

You guys don't need to know about that, but i made a post saying that i had to stop production on those two shows and people were freaked out. They thought i was going to cancel the channel, but that is not the case. My friends, i just can't, do a huge production every saturday like i always do you guys have it on sundays, so i can still do my weekly shows i'm still going through the week and enjoying my rc adventures as always, because i'm a youtube ogand this Is what i do youtube is my home and you are my community and i love sharing parts of my life and my family with you guys and i hate causing any confusion. So i apologize if there's been some confusion. Da, i am in therapy uh for physio, i da, i do i've gone down. The inversion table, i've had traction, i've had a whole bunch of stuff and and really the silly secret is, is i've had to walk with a cane for a very long time on and off it's. Only when i get a flare up in my lower back and it feels like a whole 12 inches all around, where i get a little twinge in the lower back, where i've got some degenerative discs can feel like it's all bruised it. Won'T show like it's a bruise but it's like a severe bruise, and i can get locked up uh like there's no tomorrow and anybody out there knows back pain.

You know exactly what i'm talking about so when it flares you need to take some time and to relax now, fortunately, Za mene, i've got a very relaxed place and a wife that loves me and understands and i've got a system for when things go wrong. What do i do, but i still make my shows like when i'm injured there's? No stopping me when it's showtime it's go time it's. Just when i get to a point when i know i'm overworking my body, especially during a health crisis and a lot of health uncertainty in the world, i don't want to push myself too far. So i know that i have a limit so there i just wanted to clear that up with you and i wanted to say, it's a beautiful day, there's, no wind. Why don't we take the toy boat for a spin. You know why, because i'm not going anywhere. Da, moji prijatelji, the toy boater it wouldn't be a proper year. If we didn't do a pond crossing, would you agree how many people, if you're still watchingand you made it through that first partlet me know, make a comment right now: show some support for rc sparks getting out here, still doing all the rc adventures, because I love doing it. You know what and it's great therapy for me to get out as it may be for you. If you've never done this hobby, you may want to check it out just for some mental therapy because building these trucks being creative.

With your mind and keeping your mind, sharp is something that is all good for everybody yeah. So this is the toy buddha way back in the day, the bbc used to create a little known show called top gear. It was hosted by this older fella if you've never heard of him before named jeremy clarkson, richard hammond and james may three dudes now i know a lot of you guys are like i know exactly what you're talking about, but believe it or not, there's people out There watching the show right now that have never heard of it before, but regardless. This is one of the trucks that i had emulated from that show. Jeremy clarkson actually decided all three of the boys decided to make amphibious vehicles on two separate occasions. Two different shows one was a nissan and one was a toyota that jeremy clarkson was running. Now he put a giant motor on the back, a boat motor and he was able to steer from the back box of the uh toy boat as he dubbed it. At the time see this, even though uh this is a land cruiser it's, still a toyota, the lc70 very popular all around the world, especially in australia, shout out to all the aussie aussie aussies down. There comment your response for me to show some support. Kao i uvijek, i decided to make a replica of the toy boat up make a spot where jeremy clarkson would sit, naravno, the steering wheel, the ability to power this motor by itself and turn it all had to be done from the top portion of this radial Control vehicle look at this: this is how it's connected there's the receiver for the uh.

The signal to be received this whole thing actually weighs 13 pounds now. I know a full size would weigh a heck of a lot more than that, but to get 13 pounds to float on a pond or in a lake is a challenge and to get it to actually maneuver on the land and in the water is crazy. Sada, if you ever youtube the knee sync or the toy boata watch at how jeremy actually floats in the water that's exactly how i wanted this machine to float in the water same angle, same amount of vehicle above the water line. Everything else has to be functioning and i'll. Tell you what i think we're going to take it out for you today. If you want to find out more, i did do a complete, build series on this toy boat and also i did one called to kill a toyota which was a different top gear series. I did you guys can find out go check out the series it's lots of fun to watch lots of styrofoam pool noodles pvc piping pontoons to help it stay afloat. Amazing that i was able to do it even got picked up by top gear's website and uh grand tour nation's website, so that was a big honor for me, guys let's fire it up a few different batteries. We'Ll head her down to the pond. I even got myself a nice new radio for this, the ix 12 from spectrum.

This is an android system. I had to waterproof the receiver. Just by running some conformal coating over the electronic chip on the inside i've tested everything out. We are good to go here once i fire it up. We can take it to the pond and to all the people that have commented. You know rc sparks, take your time, make sure to put your health and wealth welfare first before you make any youtube videos. I want you to know when i pledge this to you. I always put my health and welfare and the health and welfare of my family ahead of making youtube videos. I will only make youtube videos when it's physically possible, like i've, always done and will continue to do now. Da, it's totally bummer that i'm sick and whatever i've been managing a lot of these things for about 20 godine. I'Ve had a back injury and no big deal it's about managing lifestyle, and it gives me a great opportunity to demonstrate to my son how to have limitations but still push to be successful and to always want to learn, evolve and grow as a human being it's. Just some matter of i don't want to be cliche and say mind over matter, because it's not it's, just determination and passion, and if you find something that you love to, do don't stop it because you have limitations, learn how to change it. So it can benefit. You and others around you well here we are at my backyard pond it's about a quarter mile from one side to the other beautiful day.

People are still waiting for me to get my drone, which is out about there with my underwater submarine, but there is so much microbiology in the water right now that you can't see five inches ahead of you, even when you're about 15 da 20 feet deep. I did do an update video to update people a lot of people, didn't watch it you can go and find it in my videos right now near the recording date of this time. Uh that's, you guys fault. I did update everybody, though let's. Do this i'm ready? I'M stoked, i can't believe we're finally going to get out hey. I know you guys want to see if it even it's going to float. Look how heavy it is. It leaves huge paddle tracks in there. I have not done this in a very long time. sretno! Minnie me, oh beautiful! So there we go oh we're floating. I want to show you the back there you'll see the back is very low. That'S on purpose actually and depending on the pitch of your engine, will actually will actually make the pitch of your uh whole vehicle move. So there you go it's going to plow itself through the water. I thought you would love this look at it first. Shall we give her a rip or i wouldn't, really say rip more of a putter? If you go too fast, you actually push the nose down too far. So you really got ta go slow Applause.

The journey has begun Music, tako glazba, Glazba. What a great day to be out our scene, the pond, is a beautiful place. Look how far i've gone already crazy, it's just a slow journey. znaš, u redu, running out of wrist transmission. Look at this i'm all the way across and running out of transmission. From my radio too funny it's all like it's, like two thirds of the way we're still gon na, be able to make it, but my radio didn't make it across the water. Oh shit, i just saw it sink. Oh no emergency! It got a little windy, he's starting to sink that's. U redu, though that's, u redu, uh Applause, u redu, so i was thinking because a wave came up like it started to get a little bit windy and so now i'm out. Even though i had a wave go over the back just going to try to swim it into shore here Laughter too funny, that's life, though hey that's real life, for you, you're going long, you're floating fine, a small wind comes along all of a sudden. You can't walk because your back is out let's bring that bad boy into shore it's coming in raven, it's, u redu, girl, good girl, my colleague who thinks she's a retriever. Are we gon na drive out? Can we there's a lot there's a lot of seaweed there yeah amphibious vehicle stuck in the muck baby, that's, u redu, see once you get a light wind and you get those ripples on there and you just start sitting in one place.

Then you get some water over the back and you find yourself, you know cockeyed, but still so fun. Bez obzira na, Hej tamo, you go guys the toy boat. What do you think leave me some noise in the comments section down below. Thank you all for your concern. Your thoughts uh all the suggestions i have out there. I know out there in the rc sparks nation. There are so many people that care, and i wanted to send this message to you uh today and to do something a little bit special and extra for you, because you all deserve it. Thank you for sticking with me, through all the years i'm going to keep working hard on this channel. I don't give up. I don't quit after 12 godine. I love my hobby more than i ever have, and we will see you in the next episode of rc adventures now get outside and have fun with rc.