Dakle, ako vam se sviđa, trutovi, quads and other rc stuff be sure to hit the subscribe button and check it all out. What i have here is the iflight alpha a85 i've actually already got it all set up, but i thought i'd pull it out of the box. Bez obzira na, it is a little whoop style, um quadcopter, that takes a 4s battery and it has a digital fpv system built into it, the caddix digital transmitter, as well as the nebula camera. Now it is designed for flying in tight spots because it has these ducted propellers or protected propellers, i should say, and you can bump into stuff with it. Tako, if you're just learning how to fly, this is a pretty good option. So when you first get this thing, you're going to need to activate the vista system using dji assistant and a usbc cable that you connect to your computer, open up, dji assistant for fpv be sure to open the one for fpv when you plug it in it. Will acknowledge the plugin and then it will tell you to activate it with your dji account, which you'll need, as well as to update any firmware. So i've already activated and updated the firmware on this guy i've already paired it with my dji transmitter right here and i've already paired it with the goggles, which i have right here. So we're gon na go ahead and take it up and see how it does.

It'Ll be my first time really flying it. Uh outdoors, i did fire it up in my house for a minute or two just to make sure it all worked, but this will be my first outdoor flight now it does not come with a battery, so you're going to need a battery. One thing to note that they recommend these 450s, these 4s 450s, so i have some some of them uh, fortunately already so they should be pretty easy to put on. One other note is that you need kind of a long thinner battery to get in with this. This battery strap now you could change the battery strap if you wanted to put a thicker battery on there, but this seems to be a good form factor. The camera tilt is adjustable. You might want the camera tilted straight ahead. Više, if you are flying indoors, are going to fly a little slower and then, if you want to fly faster or outdoors, you can put a little more upward tilt to the camera so that when the quad tilts forward, the camera is facing forward since i'm. By myself, i'm going to set this bad boy to 50 megabits per second for the transmission and Music there we go not very quiet Music, a little bit loud, but that's, u redu, and it definitely fills the wind with those uh, those prop guards they they they make. It feel the wind a little bit but doing okay right over my head, let's see! If i can flip this bad boy.

Oh yeah well a little bounce there, but did it Music. I don't want to end up in a tree whoa that's, where the ducted props really help is, when you bump into something like that Music. Take it all the way along the fence line here: Glazba, Glazba, me, Glazba, Glazba, Dobro! That was a good flight. U redu, i've got the recommended uh 450 milliamp hour 4s battery here, for it i'm gon na check and see how much juice this guy has 99. I don't know if you can see that, but this one has 99 4.19 volts per cell um that's a total of 16.76 volts total. So this should be a good representation of how much flight time we can get out of it on one battery gon na use. The uh clock on my phone as the timer just reset it showing 16.7 volts on the battery and i'll, go ahead and start the clock and fire it up and take off now, i'm. Just going to cruise a little bit need both hands on the sticks and see how much time i get just cruising around Music down the fence line just gon na kind of stick around here under these trees, where it's a bit less windy, see what i can Do as far as flying through tight spots, not bad Music. U redu, the voltage was fluctuating between 13.7 i 13.9 and i landed at 4 minuta i 52 sekundi. So not bad, so try it with a 3s and see how it does Music yeah.

I can see align this indoors with a 3s currently in acro mode, but switch it over to stabilize mode it's, definitely a little rougher in stabilized mode, not quite as smooth but a little easier to fly. I guess sit up, got ta remind myself to sit up straight when i'm wearing these goggles, oh it's, a big breeze so low to the ground Music, Glazba, oh yeah, it's, getting windy. I think there's a storm front blowing through it's supposed to be colder tomorrow and uh rainy tomorrow, so that's. Why i'm flying today, but definitely does not like the wind. So one of the reasons i really like tiny whoops analog, tiny whoops is the ability to fly around in my backyard. Mostly digital quads have been too big, uh required too much space to fly around but i'm. Thinking with this one. I could actually do it. It'S a pretty calm day back here. It had started getting windy earlier today, but it seems like it's calmed down now and i'm gon na try and keep it kind of low below the fence line and just fly around under some obstacles and stuff. Like that and see how it does in a backyard i'm gon na start in acro and see if i can keep it under control in acro mode back here, u redu, through the trees, not too bad over the dog through here Music around this way, Glazba, it wouldn't Go under the trampoline Music yeah made it that's cool i've only done that with a tiny whoop before see.

If we can flip it, yeah flipped it all right. So in case i didn't mention today is thanksgiving and uh. My wife and daughter are working on a pie in the kitchen, so i'm gon na see, if i can fly through the house and come back out without too much causing too much issue gon na do this in stabilized let's mode Music let's see pretty well yeah. Pa, that went better than expected. Uh again, i was in stabilized mode i'll flip it over to acro all right now, i'm, an acro. You still maintain a pretty good, slow pace with it or even an acro don't want to go over. The fence got a leaf stuck in it see if i can bring it over to me with this leaf on it. You can hear that leaf just really tearing at it Music. U redu, so i have watched a little bit of footage from this thing and the nebula camera is not great footage. It is uh, it is just kind of blown out in the sky and not a lot of detail so i'm going to try putting the insta360 go on it and see how it does with that okay. So this is where i landed um. This is got the camera uh on one side underneath and noting that i'm pushing the battery a little bit to that side. To counterbalance the weight of this, i don't know if that's giving me perfect center of gravity, but it should be closer than if it was actually in the center because of the weight of the camera, and then i'm gon na have to set it on something.

With a hollow thing to take off, so i have just the idea: i'm gon na use this pot with no dirt in it, as my takeoff uh take off platform. U redu, here we go all right. This is me flying with the insta 360 go on attached to the quad. Are we careful not to bump the ground some little crepe myrtle plants there again just trying to go nice and slow Music smooth? Tako, u redu, i guess for landing it go and put it in stabilized mode. Try to land it on the couch i guess or on a chair. U redu. Tako, Ukupni, the iflight, na 85 with the digital uh katic system and the nebula camera is a pretty good little quad and when you consider the price which is pretty inexpensive for this type of thing, with a digital fpv system in it, i think it's a great Deal you're not going to do a lot of freestyle tricks with this. It isn't the most aerobatic, but it can take a pretty good beating, i've bumped it up against a few things: Drveće, ground, Uh, some furniture around here, itd, and it is a great little trainer. Drone for learning how to fly fpv and get through tight spots. Some of the spots i got through today, including the bottom of the trampoline, were kind of new territory for me, and i felt very confident doing it with this it's fun, it's, very noisy it doesn't. Take great footage: the nebula camera is not the best video camera and when you combine that with recording in the goggles instead of locally, you definitely get some pixelation, but you can attach the insta360 go to it and you do get some decent footage that way.

But if you can apply it that way, it's a little bit of a pain to attach it and you need a bucket or something to put it in so that you can take off and you know, have it take off at a fairly level. Clip love to hear your thoughts on the iflight a85, if you're a beginner just starting out in fpv, and you want to get something inexpensive, that's pretty durable. I think this is a great way to go this or the gep rc rocket are both good options. I'Ll have a link for both of those down below if you want to check it out, and if you like this video, i hope you'll give it a thumbs up, and i definitely would love to hear your comments and see more of you in the community here.