Back with day a in our 12 days of drone Valley, Christmas and boy have. I got some cool drone Valley gear for you today, but before I get to this, where do you normally find a Christmas tree right between a Christmas 2 and a Christmas 4 on the eighth day of Christmas? Drone Valley gave to me a brand new drone Valley. Four in one memory card reader, that's right, we're, giving away three of them now, if you don't know what this product does it's really simple to use. It essentially allows you to pop a micro SD card out of one of your devices, your drone, your action, kamera. Your dash cam and slide it into the end of the unit, just above the USB a connection right there and then plug it into your computer, and then you can view those files you can copy them. You can move them whatever you want to do, and you're probably thinking Rick that's, not that big a deal. Why are you getting so excited here's, the cool part on the top of this there's, a USB C and Apple lightning, and a micro USB connection as well. Once that memory cards in there, you can pop this into the end of your phone or your tablet and do exactly the same thing. So it allows you to transfer files to friends. It allows you to view files out in the field and that's. One of the reasons we designed it because so many times were out flying our drones over thinking gee did I really get that shot? I need.

Was the Sun washing across the screen? I wish I could review that. Pa, now you can pop the memory card out slide it in here pop it in your phone and view that footage you just shot in all it's beautiful glory, so it's, an amazingly cool product and again we're giving away three of these. Now the contest couldn't be easier to win. You basically look below you'll, see a link hit that link enter your email address after seven days, we'll pick three winners, we'll put them in a box, we'll ship and T it again. I don't care we're in the world. You are there's no charge for shipping, there's, no strings attached, no shenanigans and I don't care again. Where do you live? You could be on a kayak, valjda, on lake titicaca. If you want it's a real place, look it up I'm gon na get it to you. I don't know how many but we'll get it to you. Some help in any way, we're happy to give this stuff away. We just love the interaction we get on the channel and we're so happy with the way the channels been growing over the last year, it's our chance to give a little bit of it back and trust me when you get this you're gon na love, it now We'Re also going to do another bonus in case you don't win the contest, because we can only give three of these away and there's gon na be a lot of people entering I'm, putting a 2 coupon below.

So if you want to pick these up on a website, well knock two bucks off the price of it. Up until January, 1st use that coupon code below go to our website buy the product, put the 2 coupon in there and you'll lock. 2 bucks off the price we're trying to help everybody out because we can't give a bunch of these away because they're pretty expensive to build, but anyway that's pretty much per day. I really appreciate you guys viewing. We have a couple more days coming and I'm telling you get plenty of sleep, because you're gon na want to those contests as well.