Michael was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that's the ones this shot at. So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new eachine e130 helicopter. Sada, what is the e130 helicopter? Well um? Those of you who've, been uh, seen my reviews recently i've been doing quite a bit of well several helicopters in the in the past months or so. The e130 is a large brushless or i'm. Sorry large brushed motor helicopter uh. In effect, it is a larger version of the review of the e129, which i reviewed recently, but it's quite a bit larger, actually than the e120 it's about the same size and actually almost the same design as the recent e160, which i've reviewed recently, the brushless motor E160 now there are quite a bit of differences between the e160 and the e130 uh first off this one's, 130 ili 100 more than the e130, the e160 and there's. Quite a few reasons. Why there's a lot of quality components on this for one the hub on the e160 is all metal metal components throughout the swashplate in the collective control it has collective control, along with a collective servo, motor bez četkica motora, so there's a lot of things different between this and The e 130. so don't expect you know just because it's a larger size, it's very similar to look to the e160. It is not the e160 okay let's go over that and we'll start from the top down.

First off we've got high efficiency, nylon, uh plastic propellers. Here, uh to provide uh, good efficiency of flight and help to get us. This thing's supposed to supposedly gets 15 minuta leta, and that should help us get it for the hub. The hub is plastic on the e130 it's, almost very well it's, very similar to what's on the e160 except it's plastic. Now now, let's take off the cover here. The canopy of this and take a look inside and i'll show you some of the other differences that we got on this particular helicopter that justifies its price, making this more of a beginner's helicopter than the e160 being a hobby grade. Sada. What we got inside here is now we have a brushed motor, and actually this is a zero five zero brush motor very similar to what was on the wl toys v262. For those of you that can remember, Međutim, this particular motor is now has a heat sink on it. To help improve the longevity of this uh brushed motor additionally notice, we no longer have a collective control. There is no collective servo here to provide up down control via collective okay. We do have still have cyclic full cycling control with two servos to control the cyclic, which is pitch and roll, but no longer have we uh collective control to to adjust um rotor pitch to provide up down movement instead up down, movement is controlled by throttle of This particular motor to speed up the motor uh to give it more lift and reduce the speed of the motor to reduce the lift on the helicopter.

Osim toga, what we got in here is a nice flight control board. Flight control board includes a 6g uh stabilization system, which is three accelerometers and three uh gyro gyros uh electronic gyros to provide uh pitch and roll and yaw stability. We do not have a fly bar on this. No mechanical stability is provided so and that's a big advance of helicopters. These days is we're, seeing the fly bar go away here on the rc helicopters. Now that we got electronic stabilization instead of mechanical stabilization like in the past other things about it, the tail rotor is also a brushed motor. This is an 8520 brushed motor on the tail along with uh. This is actually probably i don't know if this is carbon. Fiber folks cart. We had carbon fiber boom on this one, but this one appears to be plastic or nylon on this particular drone or in the helicopter and again, all in all. The end effect of this is to greatly reduce the cost of this, making it appropriate for a beginner. Vjerujem., it's around 60 70 dollars price range as compared to 170. On this thing so again now it is beginner's range helicopter. Now what i've uncovered so far? Now it does have four channel control, which means we have uh pitch roll control, Uh. We have rudder control and again we have throttle control to control altitude uh. There is no 3d capability, as in the e160, the e160 could actually fly upside down because of that collective control.

Since we no longer have collective control, you can't flip this particular drone upside down. It uh it can't fly upside down in effect, um other things on it. It has altitude hold capability, okay same as the e129, so that makes it very easy again for beginner pilots to fly. It does have one key takeoff and landing capability uh. The weight of this particular helicopter is 131 grams and that's an advantage, because this does not require registration in most countries. Now it is powered by a 7.4 v, 700 milliamp hour, da 700 baterija sa satom milijampa, like i don't know. If you can see that or not try to bring it up here to see if it'll focus or not but uh this, with this 7.4 foot 700 milliamp hour with red jst connector um, you get approximately 15 minuta leta, that's great too. U redu. Now let's talk about the controller. The controller of this. This is the eachine's controller for this uh. It is spectrum dsm, 2 dsmx protocol. Tako, if you're looking to use your own controller, you can possibly use dsm. 2 dsmx spectrum protocol to bind your controller, but if you, this is a reasonable controller for this particular helicopter i've flown with it and it it works reasonably well. Let'S go over the buttons for this um. For this particular controller. The button up here is for uh adjusting rates from low to high rate. If you want to fly higher and more agile, you do a quick press, and you know let's just show that quick press and that'll go from low right now, it's high rate and then low rate you can see which one you're in by looking on your lcd Screen it tells you other buttons on this.

This button here is for hover mode. Sada, what is hover mode? Hover mode is uh. This enables the controller to remember, trim settings i'm going to do a separate video and include it with us to show how to use this particular button and describe in detail what this hover mode button is there's. One thing you need also know this is: can be flown in either mode one or mode two. You can purchase this already with the controller already set up the mode to, but you can also switch this between mode and 1 mode and 2 manually. If, in case, you purchase the wrong mode by simply holding down this left button, while turning on the transmitter and that will switch from right now, i was on the left mode now, i'm on mode two, so the throttle is now on the right now. If i want to switch back to mode two to put the throttle on the left, i have to turn it off now. Now these buttons are switched now, the uh. The rate button is over here along with the mode switch button, and this is now the hover button now to switch back to mode two. I hold the right button down now and turn on the transmitter and now throttle's on the left. This is back to the rate button and mode control button. This is also now your hover button, other buttons on this. It does have automatic takeoff and automatic landing by pressing or pressing that button there.

It does have trim control for a momentary trim. Sada, if you use these trim buttons without the mode button, you can trim the drone in flight, but it won't remember those settings. You need to use this mode button for successive flights. If you want this controller to remember mode settings and again, i will go into that in detail later. U redu, now let's go over what's available in the package itself. You get the user manual. The user manual is available in english. I don't see any other language in here. It is a good user manual covers it in detail, but again it english only. It seems to be you get the helicopter, you get a spare set of blades and you get one two or three batteries, depending on which version that you purchase um, ti, znaš. If you're, considering flying this uh for extended periods uh, i recommend getting multiple battery versions: u redu, um (1998, because um transportation of lipo batteries separately is very difficult and costly, so um they uh banggood will bundle extra batteries with this. If you buy them at the time of purchase of the helicopter, if you want to buy extra batteries later, that can be difficult and costly. So if you're considering extra batteries get them when you purchase the drone again, you get a spare set of propellers. You get a controller or not controller a charger for these batteries um there is a 2s charger automatic charger usb charger, so that is good too.

I actually use my hobby grade with this, but you can use that too. You get the controller you get the helicopter. You get a spare tail, rotor blade and a spare main gear and, along with a micro, screwdriver, phillips, screwdriver and an allen wrench for removing the props or the main rotor blades, so that's what you get in the package, so that is the e130 let's. Take it out in the field first let's, take it down into my basement: i'll, show you how to trim it up and then we'll take it out in the field and see how it flies so hope you enjoy these flights good morning, quadcopter 101 here and before We take this out into the field i want to go over. This hover trim button how to use it folks it's not entirely clear on what this is and what it does now normally to trim pitch and roll and yaw you just simply press these pitch roll and the trip buttons until you get the helicopter to uh enter A stable hover, Međutim, this controller does not remember those settings once you turn off this controller and return it on again. Everything goes back the way it was before. So you know for successive flights. You you'll have to trim it out over and over and over again that's, where this hover button comes in. It helps remember those uh trim settings but there's a specific way on how to do that.

Ljudi, let's go over that uh to let's get the helicopter in here now i am going to fly this indoors to do this trimming and i recommend you do the same. If you have a large indoor room to do such if not you can also do this. Outdoors, but on a windless day, you know trim up your helicopter on a windless day outdoors, but what i've done is plug in the battery put it on the ground again: there's, no wind indoors uh! If you have your hot air system and your room going off, uh do not do that, wait until the uh, the heating system shuts down, because you don't want any air blowing around here same with fans. U redu, now to connect the controller to the helicopter, you turn it on and you notice that rapid blinks on the helicopter, but you go up and down on the throttle one time and that links the controller to the helicopter. Now notice, all your trim settings are centered. U redu, this will happen each and every time you do this now there's one thing uh, if you notice very strong drifting of the helicopter, once you take off there's a chance that your gyros have been offset, you know in shipment or being from being bumped now. This is helicopter i'm, pretty sure it's based on a wl toys manufacturing in that you can recalibrate your gyros on this and watch those red lights. If you can still see see them from my position here, if we move both sticks and hold them down into the left, they rapidly blink and the gyro is recalibrated.

Now that'll take care of extreme drifting if the helicopter's going through extreme drifts that should slow it down, but it won't trim it up entirely to get perfect hover now to get perfect cover. We got to use this trim button in conjunction with the trim. These trim buttons here in conduction in conjunction with this hold button, and to do such we got to put the aircraft into the air first now, what i'm going to do folks is put the aircraft into the air and we're going to notice drifting and then i'm Going to hold this button down for about five seconds until we hear a beep and then i'm going to trim it up using these trim buttons. You know the helicopter's drifting forward i'm, going to trim it back by pressing down on this uh pitch trim button down trip pitch trim button if it's drift to the left i'll just do rapid presses of this right trim button until we get perfect hover and then Once we get perfect cover i'm going to land the helicopter and then press and hold this button one more time until we hear a second beep and then the controller will remember those trim settings. U redu, so let's do such to get the helicopter started. We go. Both sticks down and out and then we'll take to the air and right away. I noticed hard left hard left um drift. So what i want to do is press this hover button.

Stick it up a bit higher too to do this, and until we hear a beep okay now the lights are flashing. On the controller. Now i want to stabilize that by repeat right clicks until that left drift goes away. Okay left drift is is good. Sada, if i landed this restart the helicopter, we go back to the same problem. It would drift. Let me do a little bit more. We you know it wouldn't. Remember this setting okay, but we're not done yet. I still got a little bit of back drift, so i want to go forward on the forward or in the pitch trim button until we get perfect hover, one's back. That looks really good okay, so we got perfect trim now to remember those settings again. Remember we need to land this first wait until the helicopter stops and then notice, it's still flashing, it's waiting for any more inputs. I don't have any more inputs. We should be good, so i'm going to hold this button down again until that beep goes and stops flashing. So now i can turn off the helicopter turn off the transmitter and it should remember that those trim settings so we we should have perfect hover, perfect trim of the helicopter good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the eachine e130 helicopter we're out here at Pleasant ridge park to fly i'm flying right here in this area here, because it's um blocking the wind there's a wind coming from the south, and these trees in my back here is blocking the wind.

So this is a nice stable area to fly the helicopter, but uh to get to start again. All we need to do first is plug in the battery make sure red to red black to black. With this jsd connectors, they can be a little bit funky if you're, not careful, u redu, red gst connector is connected, make sure it's all the way in and putting it on the pad landing pad and turning on the transmitter and binding the transmitter up and down. So we should be good to go, and the wind is starting to pick up just a little bit here so down and out to start the motors, the motor and throttling up there. It goes with the wind a bit okay, this is actually again for beginners and it's. Having a hard time. Fighting the wind let's increase the rates second rate, trying to fight the wind it's having a bit of a problem trying to fight wind, u redu, now we're picking up speed, maybe that rate just kicked in now full forward pitch now. This is not a super fast helicopter. Ljudi, again meant for beginners and one meant for low wind days too. So keep that in mind too better keep this over here to get it away from the wind let's get closer to the trees see here it is coming back. U redu, the wind's stopped now it's hovering right here. It'S nice gentle area, so i don't know about being an outdoor flyer.

Because again i am at high rate. I believe i am at high rate. Da, i am so let's. Try it again going up a little higher pushing forward let's try to pick up some speed with this thing, no hefty size. Pa, this isn't hefty, not a huge helicopter. There are bigger. There are quite a bit bigger than this, but um you know again. I guess this is mainly meant for indoors. I want to try something and there's what could do on funnels. We used to call these with drones. We still do. valjda, but it's, a really docile helicopter, really docile so again meant for beginners, samo malo. Bigger than the a129, if you're looking for something a129 size but again you're going to need low wind day to fly this, this is not for any type of wind because it will have difficulty let's go up a bit higher. It turns well turns rapidly but i'm going to stay close to these trees to keep away from the wind see right there, there's wind there over there, so let's get it back over toward me here in this tree tree area and there it goes picking up speed As it gets into this area here of a little wind, so you know if you're looking for something bigger than the 129, na 129 is a good flyer uh. mislim 129 handles wouldn't better than this. To tell you the truth, but now this uses the same size battery as that 160 and that 160's got tons of power yeah again it's, not a trim issue because look look right there: u redu, the let me go back to low.

This is low rate. Doesn'T seem much different than high rate. Pa, it is a little bit look different, u redu, let's hover. It again then go into high rate, pushing forward yeah. It accelerates slowly, but once it gets good, it gets going and just turn well, try to turn it slowly. znaš, i think it's gyros need a little bit of a tweaking on this thing because it um it does wobble a lot wobble around quite a bit. U redu, let go again showing its stability. It is stable, a stable hover, pa da, maybe maybe this is meant for indoors. You know taking it outdoors, trying to open it up big time it just doesn't. Do it it's really docile, really really docile and when you try to turn like that, see how it wobbles let's show it up close, so don't turn quickly make sure my hat's on properly bring it closer let's, keep it closer now, u redu. With that in mind, we are just going to fly close now. Let'S try a diagonal backward. What did i just do i pushed in on the left? Stick it doesn't say what that does, but it beeped when i pushed it in the left, stick let's! Try it again: Ne, Ne, no did nothing. I don't know why that beep, to tell you the truth: yeah a small park low wind day. This is okay for a beginner to go play so i'm. Just doing gentle slow turns.

So i wonder how much flight time we get out of this? You know i say 15 minuta. You know these scenes. These helicopters have been really uh accurate on predicting how much flight time you get. You know they haven't been exaggerating, so we might be able to get 15 minutes out of this let's bring it down lower, lower, lower lower hover. It let's try the yaw. This is high rate yaw. The other way, high rate yaw and let's. Try funnels again lost a lot of lift there let's, try it again up and diagonal yeah, bringing it down a bit pushing forward let's, try diagonal backward funnels. ne. What was that i don't know why it beeped. O, i know why it beeped, when i, by doing those diagonal funnels it thinks it's uh, calibrating the gyros okay. I went down into the left with with the sticks, that's a gyro calibration but we're in flight, so that should not do anything while we're in flight but diamond diagonal down into the right. U redu, just trying wacky things with it. Tako, u redu, go on overhead. Give me give myself a haircut there and boy do. I need one right now: da, once the wind dies down and you're in a general area, it's flying okay, Pa, a little wobbly, but flying okay! Now let's let's take it out and see what type of range we're gon na go flying toward the um it's about 30 40 metara, away the maintenance shed there or the picnic air area coming back.

Let'S get some speed, punom brzinom, reducing throttle a bit here, full pitch forward, that's its full speed folks. Tako, coming this way, let's see it's full speed, give it some throttle too. At the same time it's not a zippy thing but yeah. This is definitely a beginner's helicopter uh larger than the e129 uh made for low wind days, it's big enough that you can see it up there like the 129, is about two thirds the size of that thing. This one's quite a bit bigger and just let it over on its own there. So yeah beginner. Should you know if you go out in your own local field like this um, you know your local baseball diamond on a low end day yeah, you should be able to easily fly this pushing forward. Let'S just turn it. You can practice flying by pushing forward the altitude hold. Work is working well yeah, it does have altitude hold, so you just let go turn it. The other way push forward altitude hold now, but it's not sporty in any means being a support. Journey it's not meant to be, though the wind's hitting it again let's see how it affects the flight going going forward. Here we had a little bit of gust there it's fighting that wind let's, see it drift drift with the wind turning it back toward me, pushing forward turn it toward me more so, oh, Ne, reasonable, beginner's, drone or beginner's helicopter, but not really sporty, not meant to Be i guess, altitude hold again works.

Pa, if you just want to fly around like this yeah well as a beginner, i guess you are going to be flying around like this just to get the feel of a helicopter, and this is more than sufficient for doing that. Just don't bump into yourself, because those blades will hurt yeah it's, a good side helicopter, not just by dump up into your dog either or furniture, because you're gon na hurt your dog, not you're, not gon na hurt the furniture, but you will probably break those blades Let'S go up here in the shady area, more shady closer to the tree line. I hope my camera is coming out with this. I don't know about dynamic range of my camera, but okay we'll go down to the full sunlight yeah. That worries me. There dynamic range of my camerai might not be shouting this properly, but there we go just in my camera flying around and the price range of this you know. Pa, i guess it's going for 60 Sada, that's, actually not a bad price. For this type of helicopter, you know you got true cyclic control, no collective, but altitude hold and it actually flies nicely. If you keep it docile. U redu, i think my battery might be getting a little low there. I don't know, but we'll find out pushing forward again. That'S fire i'm trying to do uh figure, eights, you're, a little bank and a turn here, yeah a little bank in the turn coming back, wind's buffing it a bit and plopping it.

There come back to me pushing forward. It does not accelerate very fast. Give a little more throttle to get it up. Higher breeze is hitting it a bit: u redu, plop it. There let's see it drift with the breeze there's the breeze going, pushing it yeah. You got any wind at all. With this thing, it bumps around bounces a rod and that's it's flight time, folks full throttle up so total flight time. That is, it ain't. No more so that's the uh ishii e130 beginners uh medium sized helicopter, not micro, but i guess you call it medium or my viewers will correct me what this proper size is on this, but uh again, eachine e130 meant for beginners. So you know on low wind days so hope you enjoyed this flight. This quadcopter 101 helikopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.