DJI ISKRA – Forest FlightTripod & Active Track modes

On this video the DJI Spark follows me by the forest. Lively Observe works so long as you do not go round a nook, as a result of then the Spark makes an attempt to take the shortest route by bushes to comply with you (not good). Tripod mode strikes the Spark alongside at strolling pace which works nicely in a forest. On this video I used to be switching between Lively Observe and Tripod mode. Video has been upscaled to 4K.
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  1. Yes I too am a little confused. Are you in Tripod and Active Track modes at the same time? It looks to me like you are in Tripod mode and using your controller to fly the spark.

  2. can't I use it without using my phone?

  3. How low and how small of an object can it follow in active track mode or follow me mode. Could it pick up an rc boat?

  4. Lijepo, got to try that. I’ve been getting better and better and I finally took it out to the South Florida Jupiter beach inlet where the sand bars and boats hang out and had a phenomenal time. Beautiful videos too
    Keep the blogs coming Captain!!Thanks again🍻

  5. Its fine u guys ure doing a great job to me

  6. What editing software and what Frame rate ( 24p?) you using?

  7. So nice place,,where is there,,,there are no mosquitos???

  8. Beautiful video and scenery. It must have just rained there. I've yet to try this with my Spark as the mosquitoes are terrible right now.

  9. This is off the topic but HEAR ME OUT:

    Dont buy camo stickers for your drone because it will be harder to find it when crashed compared to using unnatural striking patterns!

  10. Hi captain drone, I have a spark but I haven't managed to active follow me when I'm biking (even at slow speeds). It always loses connection despite I have a controller. Any advice?

  11. does anyone know for active track or tripod mode can you set the distance from your the spark to the subject??????

  12. The human had to work hard to stay on the path, avoid obstacles and monitor the drone. Veliki video. 👌

  13. This is some gorgeous scenery.

    Can the Spark shoot a Sorkin-style walk-and-Talk? mislim, if you set active track and walk toward it, will it back up to maintain the shot? I’d really like to find a drone with that capability.

  14. Does this not follow you from front while u walking.

  15. Bok,what's the name of the track?

  16. HI there. I have an issue with my mavic promy slider on the side only goes to a maximum of 15. I can switch to m/s or mph, the limit stays at 15. If I select 15m/s it still does not reach that speed. I've seen some of your videos and other online where the slider can go much much higher. Zašto sam u krivu?

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