Comparison between the Mavic mini the spark, the medicare and so on. Even the xiaomi Femi and my mattock to pro this is going to be a straight to the point. Video was that many people had the concern that the Maverick me me, because it's so light might not be able to fly steady in the wind. In my experience with flying all these drones and the mapping mini, I have actually noticed that I like how the mini handles the wind, more than some of the bigger drones like the Phoenix 8 or the Maverick air, which is quite counterintuitive. I live with. Some short footage from each of these drones and how they behave while hovering in some really strong wind. The GI shall we also have the exact, measured data of how much ring this Jones can handle, and I have everything down in the description in an article that has a table where you can find all the information you need for that. The main star of this video is going to be the newly released the gem having Minnie. Some of you are curious if it sounds better than the DJ spark or if it still has that high pitched tone. That can be quite annoying. katkad, as a personal note, I found a mattock meaning to have a more pleasant sound than the spark and the Medicare, probably because it's lower pitched Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Glazba, Pljesak, Glazba, Glazba, Pljesak, Glazba, Glazba.

You can find the article down in the description with my table, where I compare all the noise levels with the decibels I recorded and more specs information. We compared between these drones. That I'm sure you want to know now. Let me know down in the comments which one you like best, if you're still undecided what to choose or have a specific budget, go the link at the top or the one in the description to check my top drones in each price category from under 50. Up to 1000 i više, Međutim, if you're really specific about the specs, you want on your dome, go and check the drones for sale tool that you can find over here or again. In the description there, you can filter the drones by price battery life range camera.