I have a treat for you today. This is something new from catalyst. Machine works it's been a while, since we had a catalyst machine work squad on the channel. But if you look back maybe over a year ago now we reviewed catalyst. Machine works, America rig and it was similar to the spring. But this is sort of a 2020 updated version. It is called the mofo. This is the premium bond and fly from Neil at catalyst. Machine works. It is a success. Ripper for multi GP, track domination. This quad will pretty much blow any other quad away out there. There are some serious multigp sponsored pilots, like ryan from our area, who is also racing with this frame. You can get this frame by itself or you can have neil build one up for you and send it to you ready to go with an FR sky receiver on here. It has an XM plus, and this has a serious power system on here. It has bigger motors than I've, been using 2306. Four 6s has been popular for a while. They are rated under 2000 KB, most of them for 6s configurations, but this one's rocking 2406 Motori, so there's just a little bit bigger along with these jim fan, rekvizite. They scream, he also put a props out configuration on here. So if you're setting that up in beta flight don't put your props on wrong and he has this new stick on the back.

It'S called a flip stick so for turtle mode. When you flip over upside down the grass, if you hit a gate, go down on the grass, this keeps your props up higher. Then a fan will so. This is a little bit better than having a thin off the top with a TPU mount. So also has some Lumineers W on the back right sort of horizontal mounted on the back and in that TPU flip stick section back here we have two antenna post for the XM plus right here and on the bottom replaceable arms. It looks like five millimeter replaceable arms front and back optional crossbars, što je cool. This will just help clean up the tune on here with the f7 flight controller. Everything is running really really smooth, and this is about what I expected from catalyst. Machine works, Nema šale.. It is ready for serious multigp competition, but let me show you guys how this flies out. There I'll show you this run, cam racer camera that he has on here. This is an an eraser and ultra light fast, and it looks easy to work on let's go outside. Do some flying after that. We'Ll, come back in and I'll show you a little closer look at this premium buying fly mofo here we go Music, Glazba, Glazba, Glazbeni pljesak, Glazbeni pljesak, Glazba, you that was pretty crazy. There'S some mofo sitting on the bench let's go ahead and get into the specs.

We have a wheelbase of 205 millimeters from motor to motor oil in this frame and it's also rocking some 5 millimeter arms, which are super beasty. They are especially good for racing, na 4 millimeter front, crossbar their and rear crossbar. If you choose to put one on 2 millimeter at top plate and what's nice about that top plate, I mentioned this before and other reviews. It has four bolts on the very top so it's, a quick release top plate very good for getting into a stack of you need to at a race Munir 58 W on the back right. Tamo. I mounted, through into this TPU mounted flip, stick setup right here, which is nice for turtle mode recovery and there's the run an eraser right there it's a low millisecond race cam with a TPU mount in the front. It looks like it has pretty good camera protection. All the way around, from top to bottom nice, Carbon sidewalls right there and my xm, just above the flight controller and speaking of flight controller it's, the CL Racing f7 flight controller. It is the v2 version and on the bottom, those are pyro, 45 amp es es and you have stack access from the bottom as well. He put holes on the very bottom through, so you can get your screwdriver in there and take it out. Također, we have our XD 60, with capacitor built in, što je lijepo, and the 2406 2020 kV motorima, which are super insanely fast above 2000, kv super peppy and look at these coils inside the motors.

These are just really nice and thick and high quality, copper coils inside those motors three bolts on the bottom, holding that motor to the frame kind of an original type of design. They'Re from Neil let's go ahead and put it on the scale and see what it is without the battery 295 grams that's really really light in the racing world. Now I only have a 1050, so we're gon na set that one on there that's a 6s 1050 and that's gon na get it to up to four hundred and sixty five grams total takeoff weight. That'S really really good! So let's go ahead and summarize this quad and talk about what it's all about honestly, what I think about it. It is a little bit expensive for my tastes, but it is a dedicated multigp race, quad of high quality, some of the most high quality frames out there are coming from catalyst machine works and the new cannonball motors on 6s above 2000 kV, with the run cam Racer nano and the flip stick on the top that's, just a really great simplistic design. I love that he has four bolts on the very top it's it's worth the money, po mom mišljenju, for what you get simplicity performance, a really nice power system on here, great camera, the flip stick it pretty much. Has it all for a really simple setup for any multi DP racer? So if you are someone who is a seasoned, veteran racer or someone who wants to learn how to fly of five inch, this quad would be a premium choice in my opinion.

So I have to say a spectacular release from catalyst. Machine works I'm gon na have to give this one straight up two thumbs up.