A typical 5 inch freestyle drone can only be expected to fly for two and a half, maybe four minutes and that's, because these drones are not built for efficiency. They'Re designed to pull the energy out of a lithium polymer battery quickly and put power down they're designed for top speed and crazy acrobatics, but sometimes you want a more stable platform. Sometimes you do need to be able to fly for longer durations now. One of the ways that you can achieve these things is to go to a larger prop that is spinning slower today, we're checking out a variant of our hd1 frame. This is the rotor riot hd1 xr. It is a dead cat configuration that supports up to seven inch props. I think it looks really cool, but we need to see how good does it fly? Glazba, hey guys. So this is jordan. Aka jardin really got created with the pilot name. I did so. Jordan is the one that really pushed to make the seven inch version. He'S been trying to get me on this for a while, and now that i'm actually seeing one and holding one it's looking pretty sweet, it is pretty easy, what's, so cool about this. The thing with the wider stance and just like the bigger props is it's going to fly way more stable, it's going to fly really efficiently. If you take it easy just with like the bigger disc load and everything, this is probably the only motor that i would recommend.

Our seven inch tri blade on is the qriket motor, što je 2306.6, so it's a it's got a larger diameter stator. So that is well suited for this seven inch but you're using a six inch. Tako, even though these arms support seven inch there's nothing to stop you from using a smaller prop right, but even so just having the wider stance gives you that stability. And then you have a lot of room to play with prop size. I mean really. You could still run a five inch problem personally, if i'm doing something different. I wanted it to be as different as possible, so that's, Zašto? I skipped straight past the six inch and i wanted to go for the big boys. This seven inch props. If you buy one of the builds from us, we want to make it as easy to use as possible, so it will ship with seven inch. Props and we'll do something special with the tune it will detect which battery you plug in and automatically set your throttle curve. If you plug in a 4s battery it'll give you the most range of throttle. If you go up in voltage to a 5s battery it'll limit, some of that throttle and 6s even higher voltage will limit it even more. If you do want to play with it, if you do want to jump into the tune, there's a lot, you can do with this, so you've got a lot of options when it comes to battery voltage and what about battery size, i mean on my five inch: Kvadricepsa, i usually fly a 1300 ili 1550 size battery that's about how it fit and be the same as your five inch, but you can run larger ones right.

Exactly um. That was one of the big driving factors with going with the larger props was being able to carry the larger batteries. This one in particular, is a 2200 milliamp hour self or five cell battery. This will still do really great freestyle. I want to see how does this do on mine with the top mount gopro? Can i still fit it? That'S pretty perfect, actually like it was measured, that's, really nice you're running as high as a 3, 000 milliamp hour right. So this this is a big boy. With this fast cruising, i can do well over 13 15 minuta. Hm, awesome yeah it really. It really lends itself to like long range flying chase and race cars stuff, Tako, a lot of our customers that are buying their first fpv drone. They are coming from platforms like the mavics or the phantoms and they're really used to those long flight times exactly and it's something that's always really jarring to them. Like oh i'm, looking at my first five inch drone, i want to do some of this tricks and what's the fly. Time say: oh three minutes like haha, Ne, really what's the flight time, it's three minutes, and so now this is kind of going a little bit back in that direction. You get flight time back and it's by no means turning into like a pig i mean you, can you can still flip this thing, yeah and uh. One of the big things is, you might lose a little bit of the nimbleness that you would get from a typical five inch drone from us, but you will get really high cruising speed, nice and, like a generally, really high top speed too.

So once you ramp it up and get going, it's gon na be going really fast, really excited to try something out. I think it looks great and i think it's gon na fly grey too let's get out there and rip this thing. Huh let's. Do it? Glazba, Glazba, Glazba. Look at that thing: wow sean's, ovdje, that's cool, da, it's, pretty sweet. I just flew that for five and a half minutes like thick what times is that these are eight millimeter arms? O, this is a rotor right frame dude. This is an hd1. Oh that's awesome hd1xr that's, pretty cool yeah. Oh these are awesome. Did you not know where you're doing this? ne, i don't always keep everyone informed. So sean we are doing a special new version of the hd1 called the hd1 xr xr stands for extended range, extended range: oh cool yeah. I like the fact that it's got the um the dead cat, so you can keep the props out of you right. He knows what's up, he knows but you've been around before huh pretty sick and on the 4s battery 1550 Veličina. I just flew for over five minutes. Whoa yeah now i did run the battery lower than normal, but like it's, not a hot battery, no it's, not because the current draw is lower, that's cool. So i feel like you, can take the battery a lot lower yeah. If you run like a 2200 or another, you could go forever.

We'Ve got a 2200, so we're trying to do an endurance test. Dobro, so sean's got the 5s 2200 milliamp hours. Oh wow yeah feels really good Music still cruising. What do you what's your voltage at 17.8 čovjek? It really seven minutes, seven minutes bro, seven minutes i'm, not flying slow, either i'm hauling yeah pretty well. Where is the disarm, got it, and that was a lot of flying man i'm. Sure it's, not warm too wow. Oh yeah that's like fine, i bring them down really hot. I know i mean you can run them down. It'S it's them getting hot when they're low is really what gets it let's see. Ovo je uh. 18.18 pounds back up this battery is fine. 3.65. I mean that's about where you want to be yeah, not any more than that really yeah let's just do like an all out endurance right chase me, someone does laps and the rest of us can just keep plugging in and trying to chase. You want to fly that way: u redu, u redu, Glazba. He just cruises so much faster. What is your throttle? Stick out, jeff, kao što je 40, maybe yeah i'm at like 60 to keep up and i'm gon na have to land. Soon. You guys probably switch packs, go again and i'll still fly after your second pass. Oh i'm, u 13 previše, i got to bring it back, bring it back Music. Dobro. I got ta land again. Pa, you got two packs on me: jeff just about time to land seventeen five running ten point: seven volts right now.

I really need to bring it home. Nine points even took a break to make camera settings and he still got two packs on you coming in hot folks. Coming in hot, it was fun wasn't it that was really fun. I had a lot of fun that was so crazy to be able to like change, packs and he's, still yeah eight and a half minutes with how fast you're going to because it really sucked my battery down how fast i had to go. Your pack is still only warm like how hot this is push the bottom there whoa whoa, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh damn, ow yeah, there's, a wow. It actually hurt me and then jeff's is just just barely any warm. Oh yeah wow. This is colder than the one i was flying too, and i brought mine down at decent voltage. Yeah did the quad even feel the weight of that 2200 or did it feel? Like i mean you seem like you're, i was making horses Music. I like this for chasing a lot. I don't have to be so high on the throttle. Just to hang like on my five inch, i have to give so much throttle just to like be out there. I don't know how to describe it. This is just like feels so much more purpose built for this. This does seem to be really good for that type of task, because it's good at just keeping a steady speed, yeah it's got a little more weight to it.

A little more momentum love how quiet it is. You know what what's gon na be great about. This is that i'm gon na be able to actually pull the sound of the car from the gopro without having the prop noise interfere with it. That'S gon na be really cool Music, Glazba.