Danas, look at all of the rock crawlers that have showed up in my shop. I'Ve got one twenty fourth scale. I'Ve got some eighth scale back here behind me and some tenth scale. This one is the axial Capra and I did sort of an unboxing overview of this particular crawler a few weeks ago now in the channel, ali danas, we're gon na take a little bit closer. Look at it I'm gon na do the full review on the axial Capra and I'm gon na show you the sport of rock crawling. A lot of the guys on my channel happened to be FPV and drone guys, most of them fpb racing and freestyle guys, particularly, but this is different. It is not regulated by the FAA and there is a ton of reading to do about crawling when you first get into it. There'S all kinds of upgrades you can get and you can go completely crazy with all of the bells and whistles on your different crawlers. But I'm gon na keep it simple. Danas, we're gon na run this stock I've got the 1.9 tires on here and no brass upgrades or extra weight in the wheels and tires I've got. Vjerujem., there's some one stage foam actually inside these 1.9 tires as well. So no advantages other than what axial has already put on this particular crawler, and I have to say that I've been you know humbly getting into this and there's been some other guys out there with comp crawlers and competition style crawlers with all the upgrades on them Out at an elk island place where we go crawl and I have to say that the axial Capra has impressed those guys and it's a capable crawler.

It is around the 450 toฤka cijene, but it also does come with the remote and you will have to buy the shorter style batteries for the call it shorty batteries. I believe that it fits up to around a 2200, but that gets you like close to. Kao ลกto je 40 minutes drive time very, very awesome, and because you're crawling and you're going at such low speeds, it doesn't soak up a lot of voltage from the ESC, which is really cool. So you have brushed motors in most of these and they're very, very simple. To run and have fun with, but we're gon na see how this one holds up out on the rock course in Oregon. One of the most extreme areas, with tons of high rock and a lot of different terrain changes. So you're gon na see this on some flat style training but you're. Also gon na see it go super vertical, so let's go ahead and just go out there and do some crawling relax and come from a different angle for RC today, and this is going to be interesting because, aside from flying and learning freestyle and racing and being Super fast, all the time, this is way different. You slow down and you're actually using technique on the ground and trying to defy gravity in a different way, and this is to me is really really cool. So hopefully this inspires you to get a crawler and go out there and have some fun and in on a different angle in the Hobby.

This is just my new addiction, so let's go ahead and check out the axial Capra out on the rocks of Oregon. Here we go now you get to see some axial Capra action in the Pacific Northwest in Portland Oregon you're about to see some pretty extreme stuff, it's it's, not justifiable. Looking at it through the lens of the camera, you really have to be standing right there and trying to crawl over some of these rocks. Oni su, some of them are quite vertical, and some of these flat rocksI learned really quickly or even harder than some of the ones that have a good texture and grain on them, depending also on what kind of tires you're running there's there's a lot to Learn and rock crawling the angle that you approach things the direction of the wheel, how much tilt you have, how much written degrees of radius turn your front axles, a lot of things and the type of motor you're using whether it's going to be brushed or brushless. Some guys are doing brushless upgrades, but to start out really honestly, the brush motors are cheap and we're. Looking for that low end torque and not to be overpowered, so you know you can kind of bunnyhop around over stuff, but it honestly that's not really the way that I like to crawl when I first started playing around with some crawlers a couple weeks ago. Iskreno, I was doing a lot of bunny hopping and it was kind of funny and it was fun, but the more that I learned this and more experience I got I mean I went like four times in one week.

The first week I went and probably would have went more if I had more time, but I learned that going slower. It actually increases your mobility if you want to get over pretty steep rocking clients. So if you slow down quite a bit and start playing around with your wheel position coming out the face and most of the time not gon na, have to just gun it if you're doing that type of technique. So most of the really good rock crawlers I've noticed they're barely ever gunning it and you know full goosing it as we say, but what I was most surprised with was this axial capra is that I took it into this crazy Rock ravine right here and normally The water is up through here: we've got really the nice low riverbed this week and at this point, we're able to access all this terrain that otherwise wouldn't be. But I was surprised that it could just articulate its way through here and I'm, used to fpv flying and trying to make gaps at 90 miles an hour and hoping I make it through, and this was just a whole different approach and it's really fresh to be Able to just go out here and do this and almost like overly relaxing compared to flying, and I can relax it but I'm flying. But this is just different, it's, just a different thing and it's and to me it's just as challenging, especially if you're a lot of guys get into this and then they they start wanting to think about competition.

And they have all kinds of really cool courses that you can go check out: sort of manmade courses with little bridges and suspension bridges and all kinds of really cool stuff, and they have a lot of events. The axial group on Facebook is actually about 45000 deep and one of the biggest groups in the FPV racing and freestyle genre is road riot and they have around 35000 ili na taj naฤin. But the thing that people kept saying the most about this axial capra is that it's very capable and that's what I think it's the coolest about this particular car. It was 450 and I honestly didn't want to spend 450 on my first purchase getting into this sport. This side of the Hobby, but honestly I had been researching it for several weeks and I found that this one had a lot of the upgrades that I was gon na want later on there and don't get me wrong. You can still go and upgrade more on here. If you want to, you can add brass, you can add heavier axles. You can add back covers on the back side of the wheels that are brass Holmes, hobbies it's, one of the guys that makes, although a lot of the sought after upgrades, you can upgrade your opinions. Your motors just go all out, but the most important thing for a review honestly, mislim, is just running it stock. With the tires that came with, I didn't put the proline pyrex tires on here yet or my pimples it's kind of waiting it out and seeing how how well these particular tires can do.

This is pretty heavy for me, and one thing I learned was that once the tires get full of mud and sand, it's really hard to get a nice grip. So if you're in wet environments, it makes it harder, but look at that, the things squeezed right through that little gap and now we're gon na check out elk island. I think you guys are gon na enjoy this one. This one's nice a little bit lower terrain in some parts for the new guys like ourselves, but also some pretty good vertical faces as well. Some rock faces that will make your crawler tumble backwards and overall, I have to say that, looking at something like the SC X, 2 da 10 or the XE X, 10 to and the axial race, I learned that they each have their pros and cons. And you know you start out thinking that's a more expensive one will be better than say something like the race, but the race does things with the 2.2 tires that the capra can't do, but the Caprican also kind of articulate articulate its way up through certain obstacles That the race can't get through, and my first thought was well I'd like to have big tires like the Ray test that one on the bottom right 2.2 tires are a little bit bigger than 1.9, but one of the guys I've read remote control hobbies here in Portland Oregon said: hey just leave the 1.9 s on there because it's it has its advantages to it.

I think you'll be just fine with the 1.9 zone. There don't worry about upgrading that's what you know everybody wants to do in the beginning, upgrade everything and I started to to really enjoy those sized tires. I think they're fine, where I could have a little bit more wheel height with some 2.2 s in certain situations like this one. It still has enough power, an individual wheel, grip to be able to get up, which is nice, because you also have metal gears in each portal right at the hub of the wheel. So I get a really good amount of torque and this particular crawler sounds way. Different than even the axial rate, it has a lot more metal sound and the reason that is this, but it because it has those raised up higher portal axles with the gears inside each end of the portal, actually have to be that's awesome. So it has a ton of torque. I love the way that this particular troll cage looks with the panel's. You can get replaceable panels. You can go all aluminum if you want to there's tons of cool, different canopy options, so different side plates. You can put on the axial Capra, but man I'm loving that 45 degree turn on the wheels. Look at that trying to find its way up this face right here, and this is a situation where there's a lot of hurt right there, and someone had to come up at an angle, muscle my way up right there with a little bit of extra motor power.

But it made it to the top and a lot of times it did there's the wraith with the 2.2 tires just a little bit bigger. Kao ลกto moลพete vidjeti, i think what surprised me the most about the capper was. It really was like a little billy goat, and someone told me that Capra in Italian actually means goat and that's what this little guy is. It is a goat man. It will climb to the top of just about any pile of rocks out here. There is a particular waterfall out here at Elk Island that a lot of the guys cannot crawl up with with just about any rig they bring out here. Only very few guys could make it up this particular waterfall, and usually those are the comp crawlers, the competition style crawlers that are severely weighted. Some of them are, znaลก, in the ten eight to ten pounds, they're really really weighty, really heavy, but the capra keeping up with the race the race again it does. It does have some advantages in certain sections, even though it doesn't have portal axles that raised up axial that little bit of extra tire height it does help it out in certain instances, so it's a capable crawler as well. Lots of people have this one and also the SC 10 Upravo ovdje. My buddy Shaun's doing really well articulating over. These rocks no problem, such a cool little rig really nice. Potrazi. I love that red truck body, and now this section right here, even though you can't really tell it's it's, has some height to it and there's a lot of flat spots right there to grab your tires.

Not let you go up, but again the capra. The goat goes straight up to the top and on the way back down, you got to find your your line down this this wall right here, because you'll tumble pretty easy, it's stuck in one position and over you go, it happens, but you can try again from A different angle and choose a different line and that's what's, so neat about rock Ron to me is that you find you start seeing lines through the rocks and you start to see things differently, which is really neat, and this truck right here is the exceed max Volt, this is a 110 skala, I'm, also testing this one out at the moment, this one's about 200. I try to put a link down below to this one, but this is the high rock coming right into this section of elk island before you get into some more flat terrain and we all tried to climb this with various different crawlers and the max Bowl. Just what happened and couldn't get up, no matter what no the scx10 too big spill, the Wraiths also having some trouble making it up this face and me as a beginner driver, also taken quite a few tumbles. I mean this was a really humbling experience. This is not something that any car could just go out and do this is a really high face. This is not the waterfall section, but I guess this would be second to the waterfall in difficulty, taking lots of tumbles and we're almost at the end of this review, but guys I got it.

I got to say that my capra came home in one piece, all kinds of tumbles, no links popped off the servo held up its a metal gear, servo all the gears inside the tranny inside the portals everything held up and here I've made it higher than anyone Else during the day and I'm just trying to find that last little section that last little section right, there was super hard because it was quite vertical through here. So I had to come at it and an angle again and just get my top wheel up there. Take my time, don't goose it and I made it up. That'S awesome that is super cool, and that feels super good when you conquer some and we'll just keep trying that's what it's all about practice and enjoying something new. But look at that straight out right. There climbing up it's kind of hard to see on the camera, but it is a really good. Incline super awesome spot in an awesome car to crawl. So I made it out of the course with the capper 19 it's over there on the log. Now in one piece, all the gears are intact and I'm going home today with something that came out here. Got me through this entire course out here without having to use the hand of God to flip the car over one time going through one time on the way back I had to. It was one of those super slick rocks that I just flipped over on, but as far as getting through here it made it through here, which is way better than what I can say about some of the other ones that I've had on my channel.

In the last two three years, I've had some with trying to make it through here with strip gears and just not making it out, servo strips all kinds of stuff, so the servo held up steering servo held up really well. The drivetrain held up all the suspension held up. None of the links broke or popped off during the course, ลกto je sjajno. Some of the high rocks had enough power to kind of just scoot, over top of really with that extra bit of power that you need. katkad – and I think the stock tires actually did pretty good at here so I'm happy with the tires that are on here, I'm just gon na leave those on for now and keep running it stock for a little while longer until we bring some mods to the Channel, but thanks for watching guys, this was a lot of fun and a really challenging course for it, even the capper 19.