My Pal STEVEiS BACK.! And this moment he has altered/ Customized his Vaterra Ascender to truly MAKE iT HiS OWN! What a beauty. as well as a timeless, all at the same time. An adored rig – na 1946 Dodge Power Wagon is a truck loved by generations of gear heads. This truck is no exception to the guideline, being only 1/10th scale from Full Size! He has actually made some superb customized Depron Device Boxes, Painted a Proline Racing 1946 Dodge Power Wagon a Lovely Orange/Brown. and combined everything with some 2.2 RC4WD Mudslingers and Boom Competing KRAiT BeadlocksGOLD SHADE!

So sick. and this point is Loud and also happyrocking a SENSE development ESS DUAL AUDIO KiT! These programable sets are simply the most effective on the marketplace and every RC need to have one. Made for Planes, Trucks and also Cars. this is the link to get one ().


1946 Dodge Power Wagon Clear Body 12.3 W:

1/10 1972 Chevrolet K10 Pickup Ascender 4WD RTR:

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