crock HD izdanje 4 Amp 6 dostupne su opcije napajanja. Imam 4s verziju s DJI digitalnim i GPS na brodu svoj beta fly GPS. The wheelbase is 235 millimeters and replaceable arms, što je lijepo, and it has the DJI air module riding up front with a hack, also available up to around 1200 milliwatts comes stock, with around 700 milliwatt transmission, easily accessible, USB C port on the side TPU mount in The front there side to side protection and on bottom, što je stvarno lijepo. The camera is nice and snug. In there there is the 2 millimeter bottom plate protecting camera from the bottom, and we have a top mount battery setup, što je stvarno lijepo. You could probably get up to a 3000 milliamp battery on top of there, xt60 connector and we have TPU supports for your DJI air module antennas on the bottom 50 amp ela, 32 ESC s with ESC telemetry, Goku f7. Dual option also available, što je super lijepo. Very very smooth flight controller, and also we have m8 and GPS in the back. I have used this with I now before, but now you can update your beta flight to the latest version and you can update the firmware on board as well flywheel. F7. Dual legacy Edition the November version is what you need to be able to see DJI OSD display on your goggles, which is truly awesome. Since November we've been able to see OSD, we have battery telemetry support on there.

We have our SSI latitudelongitude home arrow satellite count. We have distance from home point the fly height, all that stuff comes up now in the DJI goggles, which is really really nice. This is a big change and what most of us have been waiting for. I would like to see future support for I nav integration for DJI goggles as well, hopefully in the future, to the bottom of the frame you can see. The DJI antenna supports there, na 30 od strane 30 mounting point that's accessible and the 20 od strane 20 option there. If you choose to go smaller in the future, so it is future proof. 3K, Karbonska vlakna, 5 millimeter arms with TPU end points on there, guarding the edge of your arms, which is nice dial, prop Spitfires of the one we're flying today, 5147 and jim phantom 5146 props come in the box. You get one set of those as well and you get the nin motors the 2306 point: Pet 24 50 KB for the 4s option and we have success. 2306 0.5 1750 kV on the 6s option and a full size prop nut. Also inside the box you get, the manual crossfire is on. You are 2 by the way s. Bus are X's on UART, one ESC telemetry on UART, 6 and GPS is on UART 4 and I believe on you, r5 was the speedy B Bluetooth module, which does support beta flight from your phone in the field it's, either Android or iOS supported, which is really Niceand this is the manual for the Goku f7it has a dual option or a single option.

I believe mine has the single option, and this is the top. The bottom schematic is really nice. It shows me pretty much everything I need here for adding additional elements. If I choose to later and an explanation of what stuff is on the UART one through six, which is nice s, bus, crossfire, Bluetooth, GPS, VTX control and ESC telemetry right there and we have a Kevlar battery strap, što je stvarno lijepo. I'Ve. Seen these before. On previous versions of fly with quads, but this one does support up to a 1550 size battery. You might be able to get something as large as a 2200 on there, but these usually don't break and they have a metal buckle which is really nice. So let's go ahead and turn on the scale and put mr. croc on the scale and see what we have in grams, just the quad. Prvi, we get 428 grams that's, not too bad. Sada, with a 4s 1300, your standard size battery for 5 palac, Quad 594 grams and the 4s 1550, which is my battery of choice on this quad. Getting us up to six hundred and five grams for the total takeoff weight, adding just a little more weight for a GoPro. If you decide to put that on there, but let's go ahead and start the fpv flight test. Let'S get up in the air and right now, I'm running one of the 4s 1550s, and you can expect a good cruising flight time of around four and a half minutes to five minutes.

The 6s version is going to get you even more flight time, probably up in the five minute range plus. If you want to put a little larger battery on here and extend the arms out to a six inch or a 7 inch option, you also have that option, which is nice on the mr. Krokodil, the first one I ever saw of the mr. croc series was The seven inch version, and at the time I was actually flying the gap, our sea crocodile 7 and I kind of feel like they slightly copied the name on that for that 7 palac, we're, that's kind of where the name maybe came from. But anyway that happens in China. It seems they don't have the same type of copyright laws we do, but this is not the same animal as the croc 7 from gap bar sea fly was offering the 5 inch option for racing or freestyle, što je stvarno lijepo. You could probably race this one, but I feel like this is more of a long range or a freestyle. A big air freestyle type of quads, if you want to get some super aggressive flying characteristics, go for the 5 palac. If you want a more mild sort of semi to medium long range, get the 6 inch arms and if you want to go really far out there, with your crossfire module, go ahead and put 7 inch arms on there. That would be pretty nice for any type of larger battery set upmaybe a 4s 3000 milliamp Elan top, because it has tons of room on that top bed it's like a truck bed.

So now we're cruising down that familiar site that little tree farm road that you guys have seen before and since this is a 5 palac, I can get in there. Pretty close and let's talk about the flight characteristics of this quad. The mr. Krokodil 5 inch version is really smooth and I didn't quite realize it and had to go back and look at the specs we're running an f7 here. Even the single processor, f7 flies really really smooth, but vampire v2 was extremely smooth and there is a pretty decent power. Loop coming back a little bit late there a little bit far out, but it is capable of freestyle and with the DJI system on board. I can really see those branches. Those ghost branches are not a problem in the winter, with DJI digital I love it and even on the roll and snap and the yaw axis. Everything is just really smooth a little but afloat they're coming around that corner, which normally on the faster, tighter ex frame style quads. I don't have quite as much float a little more throttle response. 2450 kV motors are pretty snappy, though that's partially, due to my flying. My lack of skill and turning on a dime when it comes to a gait style turn which a lot of racers are really good at to get back on the throttle. But I feel, like I mean just look at the footage for yourself. We have zero vibes in any of this air module recording right here, and you can tell how smooth this quad really is.

Just by looking at the video. It is an extremely smooth quad and on this second battery, I wanted to show you guys just how smooth this quad actually is just fly out there a little bit since I do have a crossfire receiver and I have returned to home. We have low battery return to home setup. I have switch returned to home and loss of signal return to home, so pretty much all the bells and whistles for safety on here and also in a complete failure. It will drop to the ground, which is also a good failsafe. You can also put an external beeper on these. If you're gon na fly medium to long range, you're gon na do some mountain flying. I would absolutely suggest picking up belief. Full speed mix one of the standalone beepers. They have their own little battery onboard what's you up unplug the quad. You will have to push the button to get it to stop beeping after a few seconds and again cruising down this road getting in there nice and low. Since I have a 5 inch frame, just one of the best flying smoothest, quads I've flown in a long time in direct competition with my guys over at Gap bar see again fly. Whoo is really putting some strong releases out there. The the vampire 2 is just an amazing release with HD or analog versions. You can also get a kit of the mr. Krokodil. You can build this up to your own spec.

You can make it a power horse or powerhouse of the sports car or you can make it a long range Cruiser. I actually prefer and there's the punch out. Look at that that's insane 2450 kV let's go let's, go you guys, really really smooth back up looking at the horizon a little bit misty today, but I love the DJI camera and this is without a GoPro it's, completely acceptable to me. It'S 1080p at 60 frames per second and the colors look true to life, which is a really really big thing, with most videographers and freestyle, guys it's what we've been wanting for years, guys it's! Konačno, here at DJI digital, if you wanted to treat yourself, you buy yourself a mr. croc for freestyle we're, just really int fpb enjoyment, pure fpv enjoyment. I absolutely love this quad it's, it's, 5 zvijezde, absolutely a 5 star, quad gold or silver versions available. I believe on this quad I really like the styling and the overall design of the quad. It stands out from the other quads out there on the market. I also like the addition that they have this long bed up top. This makes it really nice for big batteries. The Kevlar strap is nice TPU furnishings all the way around, make it really solid front and back bumpers. I would suggest trying out the Spitfire props as well, and these you can take these and actually, if you heat them up a little bit, they will Bend.

I suggest bending them down a little bit to get more clearance from the arms of the quad, because they're not in the perfect position there. They are in a good protection position for crashes, but I would probably bend them down a little bit that way. It gets it away from having interference between the two arms it's nice. They offer the cross fire option and GPS, but you're gon na have to update that as well. You'Re gon na have to go, and if you know what you're doing you can do that. But I love this long body bed that's great and I honestly think you can get a 3000 milliamp battery and a GoPro one here as well plenty of space there and no props in the view for guys that are just totally turned off by props. In the view, but this is sort of a cinemaslash freestyle, long range type of rig and I plan on getting the seven inch arms for mine to upgrade it to a long range Cruiser that's. What I'm gon na do with my mr. Krokodil, maybe I'll review that one later, but the vampire there's a vampire sitting next to it. What gorgeous, quads and releases from fly whoa just incredible quality. The flying on both of these is amazing. The tune on the vampire 2 is absolutely awesome. I love it and the tune on the fly. Whoo f7, dual or single flight controller works out really well, but I don't know which one is my favorite between these two.

They are two different animals, though this one's more of a long range Cruiser and the vampire is more of a racer freestyle thumbs up for both of these quads they're. Just spectacular five stars and five stars for a mr. croc and the vampire you're safe to buy either one of these bind and fly around 360 dolara, it's absolutely worth the money.