Have you hold it we’re gon na? Have you loop it around go back through that’s, right, we’re, doing power loops one of the most iconic tricks in fpv. I am honestly genuinely slightly terrified of this because he wants me to fly through this little gap, which i mean what this is not a little gap. This is an excellent location that we’re at thank you for letting us fly here. This is the chalet airport. I got ta say thank you to my uncle uh. He is the one who’s actually been watching the episodes he’s excited to see the ones here at this location and for those of you guys in tv land uh. It has been about three weeks since we filmed the last episode and this guy set me up with liftoff. He said eric you’ve got to get some time in on the scene process on the sims get a prac. I got some bad news for you. You practiced a lot and struggled you. You practiced a little bit and struggled. I haven’t touched it. You practice zero, so we had an air show. If you guys uh don’t know what we do. We fly, powered, paragliders or paramotors all over the world. Flying at air shows and really cool places like that and on our channel youtube.com aviator. You can find out more, but we had a week long air show intermixed with practice and everything else. I haven’t been able to touch it so that’s.

Why i’m anxious uh, not to tell me you got a great coach, it’s gon na be great okay. This is an excellent gap. It’S big it’s spacious don’t worry what you’re gon na do is you are going to fly through yawn gap. You are going to power up back and over it and then fly back through it we’re going to break it down. We’Re going to start you out in the open area we’re going to we’re going to let you do a little bit of boxing we’ll see what it is to kind of box the power loop out all right, i’m gon na smooth it out. When you get you there, you will power loop. I have a lot of confidence. You’Ll power loop, this so you’ve been learning so fast. Well, i didn’t do myself any favors without practicing, but i appreciate the opportunity and i’m excited to see how hard i can crash today so guys, if you’re new to the series, this year’s we’re, taking eric from being a complete noob to doing freestyle and we’re. Really getting the thick of it today with power loops, but if you’re new here check the link in the description to this full playlist, where you can see the first episode where he was flying, the dji fpv drone in normal mode tooling around with all the nannies. It was baby mode, that’s, basically mode, but you progressed quickly to manual mode. You did some coordinated turns you progressed from there to doing flips rolls and even a rubik’s cube, and now today the power loop is going down.

So so far a lot of the tricks. You’Ve been doing are just out in the open air and like yeah, you can do a ruse cube through a gap but it’s, not a power loop unless you power loop around something so like you have to be playing with the terrain now. Do you forget last episode? No, no! I know what happened. You’Re, fine you’re, going to be fine. You got it we’re running out of these drones. You realize we’re running out of these drones and now you want me to go around something we’re going to start. You we’re going to start you with some open air extras. Are you feeling warmed up here? Take off and just do whatever it is that you like to do to warm up. I will say the camera on this still impresses the snot. I mean yeah it’s, incredible yeah nice slow, rolls, let’s, see a nice fast roll. I think the rates on this oh rates are pretty good, so you’re getting to a nice low crew we’re not going for the gap yet hold up. Hold your horses, mr anxious here i i mean none of that just go right, go out to yeah we’ll practice going through the gap all right there. You go you’re good, but before we start trying to loop that we’re gon na have you do that in kind of an open area. So in the open field here get into like a nice low, slow cruise, low and slow let’s come back around toward us and then what i’m gon na have you do is pull back on the pitch.

Stick so that you’re, looking up at the sky and add throttle and just bail out of that okay, so you see how you gained altitude and kind of thrusted backwards right right. So what i want you to do is keep that going so you’re gon na pull back on the pitch. Stick and you’re gon na throttle up and keep pulling back on the pitch. Stick keep pulling back on the pitch. Stick, maybe cut throttle cut throttle there. You go and – and there was a really aggressive throttle chop because i couldn’t tell how high you were, because you were looking at this guy right right, so audi audibly. It sounded like you were going up, but i didn’t know so. You’Re going maybe i’d be chopping. Throttle: okay, i just want to see where i want you’re going up nice and high, which is which is good. We’Re gon na eventually work on getting those loops tighter, but try to um, maybe more pitch and less throttle so you’re not going quite as high. So start reducing throttle, keep whoa, so you’re doing you’re you’re doing what a lot of people do when you start learning the power loops where you you power up, and then you flip out of it right. So we want to try and work on making it really more of a loop, so we’re going to try and stay constant on pitch now cut throttle, but don’t increase pitch when you are chopping.

The throttle you’re simultaneously increasing how much pitch you’re giving it so that you just flip out because so try to rotate it slower. You just keep a nice. Consistent, slow rotation now cut throttle don’t move that pitch, stick keep it keep it keep it going. And oh nice bale that was really good. That was really good i’m trying to keep it. This is not. That was really good. That was really really good. When you look at the sky, when you lose sight of the ground is when you want to bleed off the throttle and then just keep pitching around just keep that loop going and, as you start to see the ground again now, you’re going to want to really Washed out on that one didn’t i that was per that was perfect, throttle control, as you saw the ground as you became level you bled into the throttle, and also like you’re already starting to do smooth throttle inputs like when i was telling i was like ooh Chop throttle you don’t really want to chop throttle right. You want to bleed off the throttle. That’S really pretty lead on to. It is really nice all right, but why am i falling off? Actually i don’t know why you’re going off axis. That is interesting because i know it’s windy, but like i’m going to try and watch your thumb really carefully, you really want to give it just just pitch. I think you might be giving it a little bit of roll on your way up all right, so so let’s see it just pull back it’s nice that we have this runway because see what was that you i’m, seeing something at the top of your loop you’re.

Like giving it some yaw, maybe i i think it’s just as i’m pulling the power back. Let me see i’m watching your thumbs as close as i can Music. That was good. That was just about perfect Laughter, but as far as not going left or right. That was just about perfect all right. I see i thought this was to be unattainable honestly, like when you talk about good. This feels this feels doable, but doing it around an obstacle is going to be good. Don’T worry, don’t, worry, we’re, nice and we’re, taking it. Nice and slow i’m not going to push you quite as fast, because we saw what happens so i’m gon na push a little bit power, pull it back and see there’s that nice line of a cloud you know the contrails. The cot is a contrail it’s nice. You seem to kind of naturally be using that to line yourself up so, if you’re doing a power loop in an open area and there’s, no clouds in the sky and you just go blue, you have no frame of reference, but these clouds give you a little Bit of a frame of reference and that nice linear cloud in particular, gives you a very clear line of reference, meaning keep that line right in the center of your screen and you’ll know that you’re doing a very axial you’ll be doing a very on axis power. Loop and i like how you just really instinctively started being smooth on throttle, you know i was starting you off by doing throttle chops and that’s, really not what you want to do.

You want to have an inverse relationship between throttle and your attitude gotcha. So, as you’re potentially flat, you want lots of power as you’re inverted. You want no power or very little power, but it’s the pitch stick itself almost doesn’t change position, because you find, when you put the the pitch, stick in a position that defines how fast the drone is rotating and a good loop has a consistent rotational speed. So you basically bleed into a position on pitch and just hold that pitch: stick in the same spot and just modulate your throttle as you go around the loop okay, so you’re getting antsy for the gap, no i’m, anxious i’m! So anxious right now! Well, here’s, what you’re going to do? You’Re going to just do a big old power loop, you’re, going to just power up to the sky and you’re, going to look back at the gap and you’re not even going to worry about going back through it. That’S kind of like the next building block, is you’re going to do just like, like my first power, loop was through some trees and i just went to the moon and flipped over upside down. So i could see the trees again right. So just power power power and just get that there you go. That was terrible. It was terrible, but but it’s getting used to the idea of going through something and power you didn’t power back up into the pipe he didn’t crash it all so it’s, really nice it’s an improvement.

Over last week. I like using this road to line up. This makes me feel like i have some confidence. This is a really good training spot, because you’ve got lots of reference points power lines into this. No, these are nice, linear things to keep you on track. So you want to keep this road you’re going to fly through and you’re going to power up power up and just you know what just bail out there you go there you go you’re, doing really good it’s, really good anxiety, man it’s really good. So why don’t you land it and let’s talk through what you’ve done so far and what you’re gon na what you’re gon na do to build on it and start doing it. Um less terrible sounds like a plan. It’S fun, though i tell you it’s, really fun. It’S less scary than i thought it would be: it’s a freaking power loop. You did power loops man, you did power loop, so for this as i’m, going through the gap so obviously i’m taking the gap really slow versus the power loop in the open air i’m. Moving pretty quick right, so i should make it a little bit faster, pull back simultaneously and then pull power and keep the same, stick setting or pull back further. Let me grab the drone. Let me let me yeah let’s walk through this you’re, not necessarily going to use 100 power, but let’s just say you are right.

Okay, but 100 is probably overkill, but you’re coming in you’re cruising at 30 you’re going up, you’re, 40 50, 60 100 power and when you get to here, maybe 80, 90, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30 bleeding off all the way, maybe down to 20 or 10. At this point, you don’t ever have to really chop it: okay, but maybe you get down to ten five, very, very, very low and then just keeping the rotation and then as you’re. Now, once you pass that vertical point again, once you start that’s when you’re ten, twenty thirty forty 50 60 catch yourself and then so that’s, what i’ve been missing, what i’ve been doing is i’ve been going through coming to hear power off to idle off it off At idle off at idle shave me and that’s: okay, that’s, okay, a lot of power loops start like that like when i learned this trick, i would just go through something: go: go Laughter and then and fall fall fall, fall! Save me, okay, so i’m. Not doing anything, no you’re doing great that’s how we all learn it’s, almost like a box when you’re learning. When i learned i was really boxing it that’s a i didn’t, really think about that. I would go through. I would go up pitch back power back, let it fall catch myself, all messy and then fly back through and be like i’m. The king. I did a power loop, it was not a power loop, you are the kings it’s not, but but it’s just getting used to the idea of powering backwards, getting back through a gap and then taking that that really gross box and starting to shave down the edges And and then there’s just so much that you can do in it with your own style right, you could kind of like toss yourself through it or you could stay under intense power.

The whole time right, one of the difficult things is that your input and reduction of power isn’t coupled with pitch per se, it’s really about the drone’s position. So you’re going forward. You start pulling back on pitch, adding power, adding power, adding power and then okay, i’m. Getting upside down, i start bleeding off power. I don’t move that pitch stick because if i move the pitch, stick i’ll start rotating less. You want to keep that pitch. Stick right where it is so pulling back. We’Re, going upside down we’re going to sit down low power. Okay, now i’ve completed it i’m looking down and i’m starting to look up still holding that pitch, stick start bleeding onto power and it’s. Only then when i’m starting to get the horizon level again that’s. When i start leveling out the pitch getting to a forward flight position back through pulling back on pitch power off power on power, that’s, what we’re going to do and we’re just going to work our way towards doing that through the gap right so we’re going forward? Pulling back power off power on power and the whole time through that loop, my pitch stick didn’t move, so i was watching that i’m going to do it again and this time i’m going to verbalize the pitch stick so pulling back on pitch holding holding holding holding Holding holding and less pitch so it’s just holding that same position, because if i vary the pitch, it’ll vary the loop which isn’t bad.

If that’s, what you want. Maybe i want to do a bit of like a toss boom right where that was like kind of more of a elliptical sort of thing. I did a little bit quicker of a pitch at the top like whoosh. Maybe you want that, but it’s more about like being intentional with it, and not doing that, because you’re panicking so i’m doing that kind of quicker at the top, because i’m choosing to not because i’m panicking. The way to do that is to learn the basic first. Where you’re just holding a nice consistent, probably about like half pitch and then back on the power and reducing pitch, so that power punch comes so fast and it has to be timed so right, that’s, where i think i’m gon na struggle. So now we’ll do it through here so we’re, just going forward i’m gon na. Do it real big, real, big all the power back on the power that wasn’t bad, just a big loop going through power, cutting power holding pitch holding pitch adding power going back through we’ll? Do another one it’s like a merry go round. You can just hear it with your ears, the the power it’s on it’s off it’s, coming back on on off coming back on. You can just do this all day, it’s, not a carousel. That was a little close. Did you see how i almost didn’t make it back through because i didn’t power back enough right here? The big thing for me, the big takeaway, is you’re saving it with power at the bottom of the loop instead of using pitch to bring the nose back up fast.

You know it’s a mix of both because here i’ll i’ll do kind of more what you just said where i save it with power and look at how dirty it gets. So i go back through and just kind of wait and then save it. Did you see how much the drone wobbled, and also it killed my speed you’re doing it as a as it as the momentum is moving you’re just gradually bringing that power, and i was bringing the stick back further. Ah yeah yeah that’s, the big difference to me, is you’re, really able to just manage power versus pitch yeah it’s about smooth power. So, if you’re not smooth on the power, if i just go you’re not smooth on the power reentry, if i go back through and just kind of dump in the power, the drone i mean the drone shook so much it just about fell out of the sky. There and abrupt power movements equals jerky drone right. If i just on it, look at all that right, so you want to be be on and off the power, nice and smooth so we’re, just leading on to it going upside down bleeding back on to it versus you know, jerking into it, going upside down jerking Back into it, something that you can do that’s fun with power loops is use that that top the loop that zero g to throw in a trick. So maybe, while you’re upside down throwing a a roll right or throw in a an extra flip or a yaw spin right that inverted yasmin, we learned last time a little messy.

But you get the idea there too much fun, all right. Half the battery right! Half the battery i’m having fun, i don’t want to stop all right. No, no. This episode is supposed to be you flying yes, let’s, be you tap tap this you, you, sir, are gon na nail it this time. I can feel it. I can feel it got. Ta figure out how to hold this. I wish that this transmitter was just a little bigger right like a very game controller it’s, very game controller let’s see an open air loop again. That was really shiesty. Oh, i just did not have enough pitch in that one. Yeah see now that you’ve done it through the obstacle a few times. I almost feel like it’s, getting more difficult for you to do it in the open air, because you’re used to having that frame of reference, which is fine yeah. This is a nice big gap. So as long as you go through the gap and sufficiently power up, nothing’s bad is going to happen because you can always bail out. You can flip out early, you can, you know 180 out of it whatever try to force yourself back more. You know you’re going at an angle there yeah and then you’re going to kind of corkscrew it right that’s, exactly what i was like. I don’t like this you’ve got the driveway, so you might as well use it. Take your time start further back line up more back, more back off the power start bleeding onto that power.

Yeah yeah! If you hadn’t corkscrewed it that was sick. That was good! That was good. I get the fluffy cork screwed, so you weren’t lined up for the gap. Again, i think you’re starting to use roll in the air. So you can just try to just pitch just throttle. You don’t need roll. You don’t need y’all. Yes, yes, you’re nailing. It nailing that power delivery, you just keep corkscrewing out so just work on getting that alignment up, and i mean you’ve, got great confident pitch control. You’Ve got smooth power delivery. You know how to power loop. I tell you what man this is awesome. This is so fun it’s such a good challenge and anybody who’s at home and is thinking about doing this, use these videos as a guide. Because, honestly, if i didn’t have you in my ear like telling me what i have to do like forcing me through these challenges, i wouldn’t do it. I would not be. I would not be start getting onto that they’re a little heavy, but still still smooth, still smooth. Yes, all right, hey you ready for this we’re gon na just throw on a whole nother trick real quick start, your power, loop, okay and then right when you get to the top of it and when you get inverted and see horizon again, roll out roll roll Boom used an emblem, so that is, that is a way to bail out of a power loop.

If you’re ever worried that you didn’t make it back far enough to go back through and when you do it on purpose, then it’s a trick because you already learned the rubik’s cube, so you already know how to do variations of pitch and then roll. Now. You know how to power loop so now take some of the building blocks from a rubik’s cube and take the smoothness of a power loop and oh now you are no money. You just did a whole another trick. We’Re gon na have you do a line here? First we’re gon na power loop once that’s good that’s good. Can you make it back through all right go back through and now emelman? Oh, oh! No! Oh! No! Oh! No! I think it’s! Okay! I thought i was gon na make it back through. It was close. I think you’ll be okay, you’re doing it you’re on i’m. Just going to reset you, i think you’re going to be okay. Oh no! No you’re, fine, you’re, fine, it’ll fly get ready, sit back down i’m, just bending your props back you’re hot man, you’re hot! No need to stop. I just want to see this line. I want to see him power loop. It go back through emil minute, then he’ll have learned here. We go went straight for it: power loop, that’s, okay, it’s, nice and big go back through. It was big, but it was smooth and now emelman Music roll out.

Yes, that was awesome. Eric bring her home, bring her home because i really shouldn’t be letting you fly that battery that was freaking sweet, bring her home. Oh yes, Music stuck the landing so we’re going to stop there. We stomp the landing on that one. Oh, my gosh, guys i’m telling you. If you’re doing this on your own you’ve got to listen to people like drew. You got to watch these videos. Give yourself a mission and a task. This morning i didn’t think i was going to pull off a power loop yeah and we just did our first one awesome that was freaking amazing. You hit that pipe. I went and got it and i could tell all the props were fine, the arms were fine, the camera was fine, it was going to fly, but the back of this battery here is toasted. This battery is not one we will use again, and i know that we’re kind of casual with some things, we’re bending props, back we’re. You know just kind of sending it sometimes just smacking the the camera gimbal back into place. The battery is one thing not to mess with lithium polymer batteries are a very powerful battery chemistry, which is awesome because they let these drones do crazy things. That also means that this could explode. This could be very dangerous. We don’t need exploding things in the house if something like this happens, take it to uh a place that does battery recycling and recycle it.

You can just take it to best buy even and you can drop it in the bin if there’s any piece of equipment that you’re careful with it’s the battery makes sense. So guys. Thank you for watching this episode of first flight to freestyle eric. You are learning so fast that was really impressive. I i just again really think this illustrates how the more you learn the more you learn. I think it really illustrates the importance of having a specific goal, because if i was out here trying to learn this on my own, i would still be out here on the runway, flying around. Maybe doing a flip here and there, but being pushed toward a really specific target. Yeah that’s made all the difference that’s. What we try to do with the series is put together a set of goals that, as you work through them and then just at the end of the day, they’re like hey man, let’s, just real quick, learn enamelman. It was easy, too much fun airplanes that helps right, wow, you’ve done it in real life right. I tell you what this has been awesome. Thank you so much for having me on today, and i promise that this time i might actually do some simulator time there’s a link in the description to this full playlist. So if you’re just tuning in now, hopefully you enjoyed seeing what you can work toward. But if you’re uh, if you’re starting off start with episode, one start with learning the basics and work your way up and you can go from.

I mean your first flight just tooling around in normal mode to doing power, loops and emel. Men’S super fun, stuff, awesome, stuff, awesome, stuff, guys new videos here on the red right channel. Every monday make sure you hit the subscribe and notification bell and if you don’t have enough youtube in your life check out our channel at youtube.com aviator, where we release new videos every friday with crash drones, paramotors airplanes and all sorts of crazy fun stuff. Do you think it’s cool that we’re doing tricks with a toy? He does power loops, like with his body he’s flipping himself, with a giant fan and a parachute i’m better than the craziest but i’m working on it it’s just so funny to me that that that this is still exhilarating after you’ve done flips but there’s, something very Immersive about fpv drones and if you guys are just getting into it, you’re going to have a blast.