That sounds like fun lets watch it. Oh whats that oh this its only the community stopping in the galaxy ryans in space and combos in space. That sounds so cool and only spoken, weird alien noises, but they were nice. Oh, its a space, alien wait, a minute. How do cartoons move or how do they even work? I know the perfect person to call peck because peck is also a cartoon, so hes gon na know everything about it peck and they kept nodding and giving me hey, ryan. I just got back from space cam. How can i help you? So i was wondering how do cartoons move? Oh pick me. I know how it works its hard to explain, though, but i can make a machine thatll help demonstrate how animations are that sounds interesting. I cant wait to see how it works. You can count on me. Ryan in the meanwhile im gon na watch, this galaxy explorers video. Okay, good luck! Hey! Is this thing on pack? What are you on your tv? What i have the next assignment from ryan? I need you to report to the lab right away, see you there pack: where did he go and how did he even get in the tv i mean uh its not even plugged in what is going on? Oh man, i guess my knitting is gon na – have to wait ill, learn another day off to the vlog pet peck im here you did say you wanted me here in the lab thats what you said right yeah.

We need to build an animation machine wow. So its like a flip book, but a machine i will go, find a way to create the animation and you focus on building a structure that can hold it. Oh, okay, bye, okay, so the structure lets see we need to get started on the structure. Oh, i have the perfect thing we can use were gon na use cardboard. Our first step is to measure and cut out our basic structure, which includes two walls, our reels and some pieces to build our handle with now were gon na cut out those reels and the handle pieces were gon na cut out cardboard pieces for our top. Our bottom and our back now weve got all of our cardboard pieces next on to the reels. Now we need to poke holes for each animation frame its very important that theyre all evenly spaced onto reel number two and done so. We cut a hole in our circle now were going to use this to attach. Our rod to the wall were also going to have to cut the same size circle out of our other wall, so lets get to work. Music now were gon na glue, our walls to our face Music and there now we need to hold it nice and straight while it dries. Oh, this could take a while. I wonder how pecks doing whoa the history of animation is so neat gadgets like the zoetrope and the kinetoscope led to the creation of movies by using pictures lined up in order, we can still make objects.

Look like theyre moving like a flip book. The animation machine requires us to place the images in a certain way, but once that is done and the pictures line up its good to go and there now its nice and dry its good and strong. So we can work on our handle now for handle were going to use our cardboard pieces and were going to use some tubes now to start our handle construction. We are going to hot glue our cardboard cutout pieces now when using things like hot glue, be sure to ask an adult for help now were going to glue our handle piece onto the cardboard. We need a good seal, so we need lots of hot glue. All the way around and glue it nice and tight and placed like that all right now were gon na glue our handle onto our center tube. We need lots of hot glue for this one too, to make sure everything is nice and tight once its dry? It should spin, like this whoa, its working so good, and we already have our reels made. So all that we need is the animation wait. What who put that there yeah i created frames that we need for the animation wow that looks so good. I also learned more about the history of flipbook animations. What do we do next free? Well next, were gon na glue in our reels were gon na start by sliding, both of our reels on the tube and lining our two back up with our cardboard spacer.

Now that its lined up were gon na use plenty of glue to make sure that the reel stays in place and doesnt slide around when were using our flipbook machine and all thats left is to glue in our second reel. Our wheels are nice and glued in so now its time to add our animation frames, thats thats what he sounds like right: anyways, adding our animation frames, adding our animation frames, whoa whoa its gon na – take a lot more frames than that. So we need to add more combo bunger number three, so we just finished adding all of our animation frames and we added this little stopper up here to stop the frames in the perfect place so that when we spin it we can see the picture move. Look at him go hooray. The animation machine is a success. We did it uh, not so fast pack, Music. Well, because you said you wanted it to look like a tv, so im gon na make it look like a tv spectacular. Its gon na have buttons for channels and volume antennas, and maybe a speaker too and done whoa that looks great hey. Do we get to test it out? First, absolutely Music. So today we learned how animations worked by using still pictures and inserted them into the animation machine. We can see how pictures become movies when you flip through the pictures quickly. Like a flip book, it looks like the character is moving all right mission accomplished: ryan, oh hi pack, were you done with the machine yeah? Are you ready to see it yeah check it out the animation machine? Oh that looks so cool thanks for showing me how cartoons move around and do stuff pack any time ryan.

I hope you enjoyed learning with me remember, or stay happy and rise up bye.