Theyll see me hand launch and hand catch my drones, so i did want to do a little update. Now that we have a couple new drones here, we have the dji mavic 3. The last time i did one of these videos. I was using the dji mini now. If youre new to drones, i wouldnt suggest just jumping right into it. Just fly your drone for a little while understand how the controls are, how orientation is first and foremost before you jump into doing a hand, launch and a hand catch, but in this video i want to show you guys some of the techniques i use some things To expect some things to look out for of how the drone is reacting and before we get into the hand, launch and hand catch a quick work from todays sponsor adorama and followers arent familiar with adorama adorama is one of the largest most reputable online retail stores That specializes in everything from camera, gear, lenses, lighting equipment, musical instruments and these right here drones like the dji mavic 3.. The one thing i like about adoramas website is that they always have deals of the day and a huge used section. So if youre looking at picking up some new gear, i always suggest at least checking out the used section, theres, always a bunch of great deals in there. Also, if youre looking at getting some drones, they always have custom packages, something a little bit different than what dji or some of the manufacturers have to offer.

They also have custom packages that include sometimes a bag landing pad. Sometimes extra batteries make sure you guys check those out before you just go out and buy some new gear. Huge thanks to adoramas for sponsoring this portion of the video now back to hand launching and hand catching the dji mavic 3.. Now, while im using the mavic 3 in this video, the techniques im showing you will work for a majority of the drones out there, especially the ones that have these right here, the bottom sensors that really detect something below the drone to assist in takeoff and landing. Now the first thing well do is, of course, get the drone up in the air so ill. Show you guys my process as far as hand launching goes and when we do a hand, launch im, actually going to be triggering it through the app and doing the auto takeoff from the app im actually not going to be controlling with the sticks. For this first part, now, as far as holding the drone goes as you can see here, i have one finger. My next finger right in front supporting the front of the drone, because it is a little bit larger of a drone on the sides. Here i have two fingers right there on the bottom and my thumb on the other side, so kind of just cradling it just like so as far as landing and take out now, one of the most important things you want to do before you take off is Make sure that you have the wind on your back, so you want the wind going away from you going forward because of the fact that if you have the wind coming towards you and you were to take off too low, you might risk that wind coming right.

Back so you always want to adjust your body based on the wind. Make sure that wind is to your back so that if something does go a little bit different, a little change in wind direction that the drone will again be pushed forward and not towards your face right now, its pretty calm outside you can see. I got some trees behind me, nothings really moving, so it shouldnt have anything to worry about there and then, before you do the hand launch youre going to want to make sure that the drone is a little bit up above or at least eye level. And, above your face, like i said, you always want to be as safe as possible. Have your arm extended out and a little bit higher now when it comes to using the app all you have to do? On the left hand, side of the screen is press that up arrow. So if your drone and your app have that option for auto takeoff, the icon might look a little different depending on what drone you use. But here on the dji fly app for the mavic 3. All you have to do is press that up arrow on the left hand, side now, just by pressing that barrel, doesnt really do anything. All it does is that it opens up the take off button right there in the middle of the screen, and now it says, take off now in order for you to actually engage, take off youre gon na need to press and hold that take off button.

Until you see the circle go all the way around and once it completes, then the propellers and everything will start up, get ready for takeoff and when you press take off and have that circle go all the way around. The drone will automatically start the propellers and youll start feeling the drone already kind of coming off of your hand, and once it does, you just go ahead and let go and then take a step back were going to press the take off button press take off And hold it, the propellers will start up and itll automatically start lifting off of your hand, and there you go. You always want to take a step back. Like i mentioned, you dont know how the drone is going to react and you dont want to just stand there and figure it out. You want to actually take a step back and try to be in a little bit safer of an area all right. So now that the drone is up in the air a lot of times when people try to hand catch their drone, theyll always say: oh theres, something wrong. That drone is trying to get away from me, but the thing is, the drone is actually doing what its supposed to do and thats trying to maintain balance. When people try to grab the drone out of the air, the drone will spin up the motors a lot more to try to maintain its balance, its not trying to necessarily get away from you its just trying to maintain balance.

So i know a lot of people will say: hey, i tried grabbing it out of the air and the drone kind of took off well its doing what its supposed to do until you engage landing. Now, as an example like i said, if you try to grab the drone or move it, the drone is actually trying to just maintain its hover, but youre the one thats actually interrupting it. So if i move the drone around just push it around its actually trying to just maintain hover, so if you just go in there and grab it its going to fight you its going to fight you because you have an engaged landing now in order for it To not fight you, what you want to do is engage landing the same way if you were to land your drone on the ground, youre going to be doing the same thing with your hand. Now, what exactly does that mean? Well, if youve ever tried landing your drone on the ground and you press that left stick down, the drone will go down and once it senses the ground, itll actually pause. And then, when you keep holding that left stick down itll then continue to land youre, forcing it or telling the drone that its a safe place to land when youre holding that lipstick down. So the same thing happens here when youre using your hand, let me show you a quick example, so if i just put my hand underneath the drone, it will automatically raise as though theres an obstacle below it or youre near the ground.

Itll automatically just try to raise up because thats what those lower sensors are doing so when it comes to hand catching it. I like to do the same thing. You want to engage landing with your left stick, but you want to put your hand there first, so it tells the drone that you are below it. Your hand is pretty much simulating the ground. So what you want to do is put your hand underneath and itll automatically raise. Then, with your left hand, hold the left, stick down, itll, go into landing mode grab the drone keep holding that stick down and the motors will automatically turn off now. Here i have the dji mavic 3, but, like i mentioned, these techniques will work very similar with all of the newer drones or most of the newer drones out there. You always want to make sure that youre thinking about safety first so having that wind right now, the wind is kicking in. Have that wind to my back that way, if the drone does go up and something goes weird, its gon na fly, ideally away from you. Try to keep your arm fully extended when you are hand catching and hand launching it also keep it above your eye level. That way, if, like i said, if anything does go weird, at least it is above your head and that way youre able to get out of the way and then once it does come off of your hand once you do launch it off of your hand, always Just take a quick step back theres, nothing wrong with that.

You always want to be on the safe side, huge thanks to our sponsor of this video adorama. If you guys are looking for new gear, new camera, new lenses, new microphones, new lighting equipment, musical instruments or drones, make sure you guys use those links down below for adorama for some of the best deals online. If you guys got some value from this, video big, like would be much appreciated and also dont forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is aldrin stasio with flightpath.