We got ourselves a military spy helicopter, its the eachine e110, its a knock off of the black hornet nano its a little bit cheaper. Just like a little bit. It says its got a 15 minute flight time. This one comes with two batteries: altitude control, one key take off one key landing: its got: a camera optical flow localization, six axis gyro, two point: four gig easy fly. We shall see about that. It looks awesome. Lets get out of the box, not sure what that is. We have to look in the instructions, a spare set of blades a screwdriver in there, an allen key and also spare blade for the tail instructions and details about the app and a user manual. A four channel controller landing and take off button, some trim and three speeds – and this is the little helicopter or drone or whatever you want to call it. It looks really military im, not sure its going to be as good as the 100 thousand pound one but looks pretty good. I think that cameras 720p im not sure if theres any stability on it. I think it looks like it moves theres a battery under here. So battery just slides off its smart batteries, you press the button there and it tells you how much charge is in there. This ones probably not got any, because i made a tick tock video run the battery down, but i have got one charging here so ill.

Give that a few more minutes well get the app up on my phone. Have a play about it. Well, take off well, fly it around the unit and then well take it outside and see how well it flies out in the open. Hopefully we wont lose it. Oh, i know what that is it slides over there and then it holds your phone in it thats pretty cool isnt it i like that right, so battery charger switcher on some lights on there telling me its on. I dont know that flashing that connects it. We need to connect settings so different stuff. You can do phone firmware, updates, manipulation, mode, rocker mode, so you can use the phone to um to run it. Why cant i connect. I think i need to go to wi fi and go back to that. There we go, we got a camera, so yeah the pictures not great. Definitely no stability. There can we change the settings. Well, it doesnt look like i can do much. I thought you could change the position of the camera, so you fire up lets just get it. Flying i like that, i like that you can then put your phone on it. That picture doesnt even look like 720p but anyway, well, give it a go so theres a few different, theres two different ways. I think to get it flying you just have to like you go down like that and then its ready, or i think you can just press that one.

I did look at the instructions, but uh were gon na put it on low speed. First well start recording and im just gon na press take off and im not going to do anything else. Im literally just going to press the button and see what happens ready here we go Music. There we go so straight away, pretty stable. I did trim it a little bit when i was doing the um tick, tock video, but to be honest with you, it was pretty well set up and yeah that is very thats more stable than it was the last time its just sitting. There look whoa, go away, go away, hes coming its coming after me, anyway. Lets raise lets, raise it up, thats forward backwards. That way. That way, turn it around that way see if we can get it close to the camera. Can you even see or no you can just about see it come in a bit closer being very careful with it? Oh ill go back back back, whoa back im, getting the camera in a minute, not focusing on it. This is scary. Go away, go away right! One touch landing. I dont know why we just wont focus right. One touch landing here. We go Music, not bad. Its pretty good right im going to attempt a little bit of a little bit of one handed well kind of one handed fly in now. Just so you can get a good idea of just so.

We can see it flying around the unit and then were going outside helicopters are so confusing. Well, stop! No! That way that way that way turn forward. Thats up, i dont even know where this is in shot lets go ive got it. Lets, go right. Its on fast now, im gon na go for a uh full throttle across the unit. Are you ready here? We go. Oh no thats up here we go whoa. Whoa whoa, no, no right full throttle. Here we go whoa thats fast. That is fast back back back. It looks good though doesnt it. How cool does it look? It looks really cool. It does stay pretty stable as well uh. Oh that way come back here come on here. It comes. Oh, oh, oh! No! No! No! No! No! No thats! What happens when youre doing it! One handed ready! Here we go lets race, it three two one go Music, so took it outside now it wasnt that windy at all theres, hardly any wind, but i had to have it on full speed like the third speed, just to be able to fly really a little. You know little breeze there and it was struggling on anything other than that um third speed ill show you some footage now from the camera, what a load of as rubbish absolute rubbish that is not 720p anyway, were not going to see any more of that, because Its just pointless, showing it to you im just going to show you the clips from my drone and the clips from the gopro and, as you can see its flying well and i actually got used to it.

Ive ran both batteries through it and on the end of the second second battery, i was getting used to it and flying it quite well good fun flying its a bit gimmicky the cameras pointless. Would i recommend it? Well, if you want a spy helicopter, then? Yes, if you want it to be functional with the camera, then probably no, the camera doesnt move either you have to move it manually, but anyway i had fun. It was fun flying im, not sure whether id recommend it as a spy.