My drone kate has never flown my drone before and i’m a little scared, because this thing costs a lot of money, so you better not break it. The first thing we need to do is get in the air Music let’s make it go, get snoop, he’s, Music, yeah over the water, oh yeah, that’s, the dock, that’s, the dock, the broken dock yeah. I don’t know where that is now it’s fixed, no it’s, not let’s, try to get close to it. Okay, bring a bring it back, bring it back all right. Where is where are we at uh? Oh, i don’t know where we’re at where are we at? Oh there we go okay, all right, okay, you’re, doing pretty good you’re going over the water shut it up a little bit we’re going over to our neighbor’s house to see what he’s doing Music all right now spinning around we don’t want to spy on people. We still have 50 percent of battery life we’re a little nervous, whoa that’s a pad. He found the pad yo we’ve, never seen this far into our backyard before yo there’s. Another lake is that another lake yo that’s another lake Music, all right so kaden come here. Let me show you this hurry up, that sound means that it’s dying. So we have to press this button, it’s a home button and look, and it knows how to land itself. I don’t have to find it or bring it back home it’s going to do it back on his own, so without any control it’s going to land exactly where it took off at so right now is making sure that nothing’s in its way, so we can land Music, you got ta call it back home, come back Music home Music.

One day, we’re gon na have to check that out, shout out to the beautiful destiny for filming. Thank you guys for watching next time, we’re going to take the drone out even farther.