. As you look around in 360, there is no tripod and no drone in the video a fully immersive flying experience.. We are very lucky to see all these cute California, Sea Lions at Lo Jolla San Deigo during our shoot., And we want to bring you there in VR, so you can enjoy San Deigo at home with Oculus Quest 2.. I will show you the best drone attachment for Insta360 ONE X2, as you see right here and discuss why I like ONE X2 instead of GoPro MAX for Aerial 360 video.. I will also go over all the travel accessories you need for safety down to the backpack. I use. In editing. We will teach you Davinci Resolve. As Premiere After Effects. Photoshop and BorisFX Mocha Pro are all necessary for an Adobe 360 workflow, which will cost you more than 1000. A year. Davinci Resolve Studio can do all that with only 299. This is including advanced motion tracking and object removal.. We will learn all that in this tutorial.. If you are ready to go on this fun learning journey with me in San Deigo, let’s go hey what’s up everybody. Today, i’m gon na talk about how to fly drone with Insta360 ONE X2 and create immersive 360 aerial video that look like this. Okay, so uh we right here we have the PGYTECH OneGo there’s, a backpack i use for hiking and do drone video uh this backpack. Just pack everything i need so let’s actually take a look at what we are in the backpack.

So pull this up. Camera come over here, so open it um. As you see right here, we have our drone, our dslr our power bank by Zendure right here. Most importantly, we have our Drone attachment, uh, that is, for the one x where’s, the one x, by the way, One X2 One X – two, i think, put it right here. Oh god tell me, you packed it there’s, the One R there’s, a backup camera. We always have a backup camera it’s, a One R. This is the one our vertical mount make sure we pack the One X2 so uh and also cables right here and make sure that we pack that pretty sure – oh, i put it right here. So we also really importantly uh. We have nd filters right here for the drone, because we’re gon na oop uh, we have different kind of nd uh for the mavic 2 pro and because we’re gon na shoot still first with a client and review it first before we attach the camera we’re gon Na open side pocket right here, let’s go down here, see it so we have battery drone battery and drone. We can just pull it out right here, it’s very convenient so ready to go so check the battery. This is the battery so uh. My suggestion is, if you’re flying in uh, the 360 camera or any camera on a drone. Besides the drone camera itself, you should only put a minimum of three batteries preferred to be 4 uh, so one fly would take up the entire battery, so that is.

That is what happened because you’re carrying extra weight, so the battery will run like twice as fast as when you’re not carrying weight so uh. First before you attach the camera we actually gon na, do a surveillane aerial surveillance. What i mean is we’re gon na take a take immersive 360 photo for the client, so clients have the idea, but they actually never have the bird eye view of the of the area, so they don’t know what they really want. So you want to capture that, for them, first show it to them, have discussion before attaching the camera on your drone, because when attaching the camera on the drone for the one x2, the drome can only allow to fly maximum twice uh for three batteries. So i’ll put a drone down right here so now let’s talk about the controller. So what i have here is the dji smart, smart controller. I never use the phone. Why not? Because this i need to have a really nice display to show client the immersive photo and also this will …, because this is kind of a dangerous fly. So you want something to be reliable. You can see it and and have a really strong signal. So i’ll go ahead and turn this on right here. I’Ll just attach the controller go without saying, make sure everything’s firmware up today before you fly uh again. This is not a drone course, so you should know how to fly drone already so go ahead.

Turn this on the display advantage of it is you could scroll down? You can turn on dark part, enhanced bright, prime enhanced and over enhanced now it’s better for you to see the screen without the sun block it’s really important. As you see, i already have a nd 16 right here of ND filter on the drone already because a very sunny day, so we want to capture that make sure the ND filter doesn’t have a vignette around it, if not it’s, no way to stitch your photo In post, So picking the right nd for your mavic 2 pro is very important. Having an nd filter allows me to do long exposure shots, so if you are just taking immersive photo for virtual tour uh, that is what you’re going to do. So this product tutorial is about taking high resolution immersive photo for plate for client reviews and for location scout if you’re filming a film, so it’s very important, uh first step before you attach the camera on it here. Camera photos right here, pick pano mode, make sure it’s just sphere right here so now we’re taking spherical camera. As you see right here, you also see a little uh globe icon right here, so we got ta go ahead and just take off okay, we are going to record the height of the drone like right now is, i think you got ta go 200 feet and Then go ahead and hit the immersive photo icon to take an immersive photo okay, so we finished the immersive photo so now go ahead and bring the drone down.

So we’re wait until it is 100. Okay go ahead and bring the drone down. So now, we’re gon na show the client what we just captured right. So we go to the play icon right here and hit the immersive photos so download link. So we download the media from here, but you see now we have an immersive view of the entire 360 photos. So now we know like what is actually in the air we’ll pan around right, but to let clients see it, you see hey what like. Maybe this mountain is what they want to focus. They don’t find with that direction. So now we at least have an eyes of where we are on the aerospace. So we have a better fly plan to what to do. You can do the location scout the day before or you can also just capture with the client so now we’re going to do the real part we’ll attach the One X2 to do the actual flight. We finished our 2d shot right. I’Ll teach you how it’s shutting post in PTGui, but now we’re actually going to do the real shoot we’re going to take the OneX2 onto a Drome Mount and then attach it to the drone. So before we do that, uh let’s go ahead and make sure so now the battery is not fully charged. We need to have a fresh new battery check this out. Um let’s get a fresh new battery. You see right here.

This is not, and this one is fresh, so really important make sure that your battery is fully charged first right and put it on and then go ahead and attach it to the camera by the way i’ll put the link down below if you’re interested on this 3D drone mount it’s custom made by my friend Luke in boston, east coast. Uh i’ll put the link down below if you got interesting to purchase that, but that is basically why now the best best solution to capture 360 cinematic video uh, true 360, cinematic video, okay. So make sure it’s tight. So, as you see, i have some like gopro thingy right here, just to increase the distance. The drone with the camera so easy to remove in post, so uh also make sure that your drone is front facing like that way like that. Right so um go ahead and turn on your controller right here and turn on your drone. You see the turn on take off your lens cap. Insta360, One R is already in quick capture mode. So when i hit this will start recording already that’s a pre production. You should already set this up before you even get on a hike. So now let me just run the recording of the controller, so you see what you’re seeing okay, so we’re going right now, we’re just waiting for gps signal to come in so now, let’s go ahead and hit record quick capture.

Move is on see, it’s, recording, blinking red, so now just take off. You can go without saying make sure you have a clear air space right and we’re filming right now. So couple more, i want to introduce right here. You want to make sure that your movement is super stable. So one thing i like to use a tap fly. I hit tap fly. You find the horizon line that thereis the direction the client want. I go ahead, hit it tap, go and drone just go straight from that direction smoothly. So when you have enough practice, you don’t even need tap fly anymore. You can actually control the speed to have a really smooth movement of the drone. If that doesn’t help you, you can turn it into. If you see the camera turn into tripod mode. So now the movement is a lot smoother now and it’s more cinematic, but remember it’s only two motion: you can get front and back and up and down that’s all you need to do by the way. This controller right here, if it’s in front of you that part, should point to the drone, but now that drone on top you flip it like that. So now the signal is sending to the drone, so just bring it down. On top of you go pull down. So now you grab the drone gon na turn the camera off, and so basically this is how you capture with the Insta360 ONE X2, with the mavic 2 pro for 360 video.

So now let me show you some of the things we captured during this job and then we’re going to my studio will teach you how to remove the drone stabilize the footage to create truly immersive video. This is an extra step if you use the Insta360 brand camera. GoPro MAX or Qoocam 8K. Please refer to this Davinci Resolve tutorial right here.. The goal of this step is straightforward. Get the highest resolution footage out without any extra compression.. This also happens to be the most confusing step for most people who are suffering image: quality loss.. If you render out H.264 or HEVC out from Insta360 Studio, you are compressing your video., So there is only ONE logical step here render out lossless ProRes 422.. To save time, I usually just bring in all the footage at once. Select them all like so hit the export button to bring up the batch export option. Skip the Bitrate and Bitrate quality options. In the Encoding Option choose the last one ProPres 422.. Make sure you check Flowstate Stabilization and Lock Direction. For 360 drone footage or any moving 360 footage. I like to check Lock Direction to avoid motion sickness., But I usually turn it off. If my camera is on a tripod, not moving., Then just hit Okay and wait.. Now it is the fun part edit, your 360 drone footage.. I already have many tutorials explain in detail how to edit 360 aerial videos with Adobe Premiere After Effects and using BorisFX Mocha Pro to track stabilize and remove drones.

, So go check it all out here on this playlist.. The problem with Adobe workflow is the price.. You will need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription which costs 600 a year and a Mocha Pro subscription, which also costs 600 a year.. Yes, the result is very good, especially you stabilize it in Mocha Pro., But most people do not have that kind of money.. So I want to teach an alternative here using Dancivi Resolve. I am not saying Resolve is better, but it is def cheaper, a lot cheaper indeed.. Even you are already comfortable with Adobe workflow. It is always good to learn an alternative, so you have more ways to solve the same problem which will increase your skills in the long run., Go ahead and open up Davinci Resolve 17 and create a new Project. Drop in the ProRes MOV file from our earlier Render. Go ahead and click change, Project Frame Rate., Then click the gear icon on the lower right, corner. Chang. The timeline resolution based on your source footage resolution. For Insta360. One X2 is 5760 by 2880. For Qoocam, 8K or Insta360 Pro 2. It is 7680 by 3840.. Go ahead and hit save. Drag the footage here to create a timeline. Trim, the footage only to keep the session that is stable and travel in a straight line.. Usually it is the tap fly session from our earlier tutorial. Play the video you notice. The footage is already very stable., That is the magic of Insta360 ONE X2 flowstate stabilization.

, It is the best among all cameras. GoPro MAX is also really good., But, as you see my Sao Paulo video, which was featured by Forbes as one of the best immersive videos In 2019., If you look down here, you see the nadir is very messy.. This is a common GoPro MAX problem. Make it not a good option for 360 drone video. Back to resolve. You can edit just like your regular video. How to see the immersive view and remove the drone. Well let’s go to Fusion tap. To see the immersive view right. Click on the video in 360 View drop down pick Latlong. Now hold down CMD on a Mac or Alt on PC and your middle mouse button. You can pan around just like immersive view in Premiere. When you done just right, click again and go to settings and reset defaults.. The most powerful thing is actually viewing this inside an Oculus VR headset. See the 3 dots here. If you hit number 3 on your keyboard, it will bring up. Oculus or HTC. Vive depends on which headset you setup.. Then you can watch it in VR. Now let’s remove the drone.. I will first teach you the recommended way which can help you to remove anything. Not only drone in 360 videos using Roto Brush., But then I will teach a very simple way to remove the drone in less than 5 min., But let’s learn the hard way first. Control Space and bring up the search, windows.

Let’s bring in LatLong Patcher.. This is an effect only available in the paid version of the resolve. Hold down shift and drag the node into the pipe. Hit 2 on the keyboard to see the LatLong Patcher result. Move the X value to point the camera straight to the drone. Now bring in Paint node. Select, Stroke right, here. Under apply control, choose Clone., Brush control, use a big brush and big feather and start cloning out. The drone. You hold down Alt, select clone source., Trying to select the source outside of the drone propeller.. As you see, this is pretty difficult, especially when your 360 camera is too close to the drone.. I did a pretty bad job here, but you get the idea. Now just go ahead and copy the LatLong patcher put it behind the paint node.. Instead of extra. This time we are going to apply the paint fixes.. If you look at the mediaout, we only get the sky. So let’s merge the footage back in. Insert a merge. Node put the MediaIn as the background and the 2nd LatLong as frontground. Now pipe the merge node to Media out.. Look at that. The drone is gone. Okay, that is pretty difficult.. Well, let me teach you an easier way to take out the drone.. We are going to use Affinity, Photo a very cheap photoshop alternative that design for 360 photo editing.. If you need an in depth tutorial, it is right: here.

, Go back to Edit page. Right click and reset fusion comp. Go to the color page right click and grad. A still. Under gallery right click, your still and export it as a PNG image.. That is your clear plate in VFX term.. But don’t worry. This is not a VFX lesson. Open up Affinity, Photo. Drop in your clear plate. Under Layer live projection, choose equiprentugale projection. Pan to the top of the drone. FOV, go to 90 degree., Select the inpainting brush tool right, here., Use, left and right bracket on your keyboard To select a good brush size and then just brush out the drone like magic., Now go back to the selection tool. Click Edit Live Projection and wow. The drone is gone., Go back to layer, remove projection., Hit, Mask Layer button and select the gradient tool. Hold down. Shift to make a vertical gradient mask. In gray, make sure the gray is black to cut out only the sky. Go to File export PNG and name it as sky plate., Now go back to Resolve. Drop in the sky plate. On top of the drone, video and bom, The drone is gone. Play the video and it looks amazing, Hey if you like, to learn more post production magic. Just like this don’t forget to give me a thumb up and drop me a thank. You comment down. Below. Insta360 ONE X2 is very stable, with FlowState stabilization., But not all 360. Camera is as good as Insta360 ONE X2.

, But no worry, no matter what 360 camera you can always stabilize the 360 video in Resolve.. In fact, for 360 drone video Resolve 360 stabilization is so good. I will use it on top of FlowState stabilization to create silky, smooth drone video to eliminate all motion sickness. – That is my secret of creating next level smooth drone video that clients keep coming back to me.. Now let’s learn my secret, so you can profit from this video as well. Select the plate and the video right click and choose the new Fusion clip. Go to fusion tap and drop in spherical stabilizer node. Shift drag into the pipe. Put display 1 from the original Video and display 2 on the spherical stabilizer output. Maxout, the stabilize strength to 1 and the smooth to 1. Go ahead and track your whole video. Now compare the before and after tracking video, it looks amazing.. The last step is to color and export your 360 drone video.. I already make an in depth tutorial right here, so I will just point you to that tutorial, so you can follow along.. That tutorial will teach you how to insert graphics your client logo and even a 2d video inside 3D 360 video.. All these are essential skills and products you can offer to your client.. Thank you for watching this in depth. 360 drone tutorial. In the next video. We are going to review the brand new Insta360 ONE R FPV mod.

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