The ranger drone lets get straight to it, and if this video does help, please make sure you give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to our channel ill. Do more videos on battlefield 2042 as well, okay, so to unlock and to use the ranger in battlefield. 2042, as you can see here, you have to have it unlocked, so you have to have the ranger drone unlocked in battlefield 2042 to play with it. You have to get to level five which wont take you long just consistently play the game for a little while and you will unlock the ranger so next step after youve unlocked the ranger in battlefield 2042. By getting to level five, you have to just load into game. Obviously, here, as you can see its not part of any classes which was my next guess, i was trying to find a class that might have it, but no thats, not right. What you have to do is you have to spawn into the map into the game? Then you hit l1 and r1 and you bring up this menu to get the drop point. And then you just select the ranger and you drop it straight in that is all you have to do to get the ranger or to equip and use the ranger in battlefield 2042..