I customized myself and i wrote the word not that creative, but i wrote the word spark on it with a graffiti style and i think it turned out pretty good heres what it looked like im, not like some amazing artist. But you know i practiced a little bit and i traced it out so im going to tell you how i did this in todays video, so anyways lets get right into the show by the way, guys i have a instagram page so go follow me at nickslack22 On instagram, if you do, you can see photos like this first before they make it onto the youtube channel. So i highly recommend that you go check that out, but basically here is how i made the custom spark logo for this drone. I used a app and i typed in the word spark. The app name is actually called fonto its the same app i used to photoshop and edit my thumbnails for my youtube video. So i used uh in this case a graffiti looking uh pattern and i just traced that onto a sheet of paper. I practiced that a couple times and then, when i started out on the shell, i did it originally in pencil and then i outlined it in black sharpie and then once i did that i took a blue and a green sharpie at the bottom. I did green and then the top i did blue and i merged that together and i made it look really smooth.

But yes, i got the original idea from tracing out font that i typed out onto a photo shop app its the same, like i said same app that i use for my thumbnails, so you can do a lot of stuff with this app. I use it a lot so highly recommend you check it out before we go id like to apologize for the uh, my upload schedule, because its been really terrible lately, uh very inconsistent, but im not gon na you know make any promises, but i will say that Im going to try to upload at least one video per week, so i hope that satisfies you guys also once we hit 500 subscribers, i got some huge things planned guys so make sure to stick around until then, because not only are we doing a giveaway at 500 subs, i have something else planned for all of you guys.