Whether youre here to turn your passion into profit or you simply fly for fun, were a community of learners and teachers who aspire to achieve greatness. We are you, hey everyone and welcome to another episode of ask a drone. You, my name is paul. My name is rob very, very glad to be hanging out here with you again digging this time. Thank you for spending a few minutes of your time with us. Definitely got a got a pretty fast show for you here today regarding uh options: uh for purchasing computers, which kind of goes right in line with uh. The new show that we did last week regarding apples, new debut due to the chip shortage uh. There is actually some actionable information in this show regarding purchasing computers, if youre, if youre a drone pilot coming into being a drone pilot or maybe youre an experienced drone pilot. Looking for a new computer uh, there are some new, crazy awesome options out there for you and were gon na get to those today which, by the way, todays show, is brought to you by the props educational platform built by drone. U now weve got a brand new droning program called props business. Now this business course is fundamentally different from the business course available to draw new members. How is it different? Well, essentially, what it does is. It teaches drone pilots, creatives and even technical pilots on how to redevelop the back end of their website.

It showcases exactly how to build in autonomous systems to automate the client journey. So when youre servicing those clients – and you need to send them emails to say, heres, the location that were gon na fly heres the flight plan, youre confirmed for this time, all that is done automatically. What about getting to learn your client and what they really need. Well, we can automate that as well once you actually fly for the client or produce a deliverable or even take photos for a client from the ground. This automated system is going to help. You keep the client in the loop. Everyone loves communication, thats, really where business relationships flourish is with communication. So why not automate that communication to set the expectations of when they can expect their deliverables? What they can do with those deliverables how to access them and make it a step by step? Hold your hand process that makes your clients feel like theyre being taken care of. Personally that way, you can automate the delivery of your media and even automate the potential upsell potentials. I mean literally imagine think of the prints here that are in the back. What, if your clients could order prints of your beautiful photos and have them taken care of autonomously if you are ready to automate the systems of your business, so you can scale your business, keep it going and keep it growing and build your revenue. Then youve got to check out the props business course available on props dot, the droneyou.

com hey guys. I appreciate you what you guys are doing um. I just got my mavic 2 enterprise, advanced industrial scout drone in today, and get myself set up, and i want to know what would be the best computer for me to get a tower laptop in your opinion. What do you guys use and how efficient are they to get what we need to get done for professional deliveries, deliverables, yikes, anyways, appreciate it. God bless you guys, look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you very much, uh cody uh. I got here david, but in quotes cody so cody, which is funny because it really sounded like fake at the end like he was sending in a question, but i know its not him. Yeah anyways definitely um cody, im gon na go with cody since its in quotes. It appears thats what you uh would like to be called and we want to call you what you want to be called, but we appreciate the question and whats going on with laptops. Why are you laughing i uh? I i identify as a mac, laptop user. Sorry im not touching that political uh, oh man, theres, so many fun ways we can go with that and were not going and were not doing it yeah um. Well, i mean i would say that this question has a lot more validity in the last few weeks, just because of uh the chip shortage affecting the windows side of computers and with mac or apple rolling out their new macbook pros series with the uh, the m1 Chips, so i actually think that this is a very uh relevant question rob and its also, a quick reminder, as we have done, shows like this in the past.

Regarding computers, it is a quick reminder to just reiterate that, based off of the type of jobs that youre doing you might want to use one particular operating system over another one uh, for example, you know if youre doing kind of mapping deliverables, uh, modeling deliverables, its Probably gon na be in your best interest to buy a windows based machine versus if youre more in the creative realm youre editing, photos, youre, editing, videos, youre, probably going to find it easier, uh and and better to work in the apple kind of uh environment. And i will say you know i use both. It took me a couple of weeks to be able to go from windows to mac, but now i can never look back because i really love macbooks, but i can operate on windows as well. Just fine so lets talk about new laptop options for mac or apple users, so lets really really quick. Apple did come out with two new macbook pros and they brought back the mag safe charging, which i couldnt even believe they ever took away, because it was probably one of the smartest most brilliant designs of a computer. Ever it really was amazing. I i love just pulling it out just for fun. Literally, i mean if someone if your dog or your child runs into the cord instead of your computer, going slamming into the ground. The magnetic device just disconnects from the computer and the computer is fine and what yeah, and so probably too many weeds along these lines.

But it doesnt matter the angle right because, like on this, if you, if you pull the angle wrong, if it comes straight out, its probably gon na do the same thing: yeah anyways, it was just its genius, yeah and so thats back, okay, yeah and the fact That they took that away is astonishing, but uh make sure they had a good reason why it just uh turned out to be a better reason to bring it back. At least apple listened to their power users, because we all wanted that back. You know what else they brought back rob was an hdmi port, so you can continue to play netflix at various airbnbs that have subpar cable service um and they also brought back oh the sd card slot. So you no longer need to buy a computer and spend 500 on dongles. You now have everything that you need, which is great, because these computers start at 2. Grand as i understand they are exactly well. Forgive me, 19.99. Now: okay, but heres a key point, and now this is where every mainstream media, uh crappy reporter, who just reads a teleprompter, failed the american people wow. This is probably one of the most important developments from the apple uh debut of these laptops, but normally with apple based laptops. In order to get the full computing power that is marketed and hyped in the tech sheet, you have to buy the larger laptop right. The 16 inch over the 14 or the 15 over the 13.

okay, but with apples, new m1 chip and because of their thermodynamic design, you can get the smaller form factor and still have the massive power capacity of the larger laptop in the smaller form factor. So meaning you can buy a smaller computer at that cheaper price point that two grand and still have the full capacity full power of the larger laptop in the smaller one, so thats, actually a huge money. Saving tip is that uh. If you want, you know high end power, and you want all of it. You dont want to be throttled for whatever reason. Well, now, with these new macbooks, you can buy the smaller one and get the full power essentially interesting. Uh, and you know, as we look at prices, uh say, for example, you want to get uh like a gaming computer to have similar power mm. Hmm, i mean youre talking 2500 three grand and above yeah, its gon na be expensive either way. But it is a good point, though, because when we talk now moving on to windows based laptops with the chip shortage, i would actually still recommend the people who are in mapping and modeling. They actually look at laptops because of laptop based gpus and their availability versus desktop based, gpus and their unavailability, and so, for example, the alienware series, the r4s and the r5s. The r4s are currently on sale at best buy its. You can either get a nvidia 3070 or a 3080 gpu, which is extremely powerful and should be able to handle all of your mapping and modeling capabilities.

I would say up to five or ten thousand photos and uh. Frankly, you can get one of those for 24 2500 bucks like youre, saying um. Now that said, those computers dont really work too well with creative media. It is possible, but they dont really do they. Dont really do a solid job um. So that said, if you are in windows and youre doing, mapping and modeling check out the alienware series of computers. There are some on sale, believe it or not, and because of the chip shortage, i do recommend laptops over desktops. Currently explain that how the chip shortage leads you to that conclusion? Well, because the chip shortage is a microprocessor shortage but theres also a gpu shortage thats affected by the microprocessor shortage because of the advent of cryptocurrency mining. A lot of the gpus are bought as fast as theyre released, meaning that the desktops that use these gpus are not really uh available as easily as they normally would be. Theyre theyre theyre a little bit more expensive than they would be, whereas laptop gpus cannot be transferred into a desktop. You cant take the gpu out of the laptop and transfix it to something else. It just doesnt work that way right so because those gpus are not in high demand because of cryptocurrency mining or uh uh cloud computing. You know going off the rails. Finding those laptops is a lot easier because of the gpu microprocessor issue, if that makes sense, yeah interesting.

That said, i think you know if youre on the creative side mac has those really nice new laptops. I would not recommend the older ones unless its the 2015 model believe it or not, uh and uh. They also have the new mac minis, which are really powerful. They went back to an eight core i7 uh or you can get it with the m1, which is even faster and thats a thats, a very powerful little machine frankly, and if youre on, if youre budget conscious and you need a creative computer to bootstrap your business. The mac minis are back baby and i will just remind everyone that back in the day, i started my drone business with a mac mini and it lasted me years. It still works to this day. So i would, i would really tell everyone you know if youre on a budget mac mini theyre, amazing and as an aside just clarify, if somebody wants to do a little gaming on the side, probably going to need the nvidia, i dont think the macs going to Yeah im gaming right, yes, yeah, if youre into gaming, and you have a drone business. First of all, i would not mix those two uh just just to be 100 percent, possibly yeah. I mean if you look at just the amount of memory thats being used by some of these applications in the background, its ridiculous, so you know with mapping. You really need to have a bare bones: computer, as weve seen with lots of students who have a bunch of junk on there, a bunch of junk in their trunk computer uh, then youre gon na have youre gon na struggle creating deliverables.

So if youre into gaming, i would recommend a separate machine, but if you dont have the money for that, then just get a really really really powerful, alienware computer. So yeah you can do just about anything with it pretty much yeah i mean i guess you and if you get used to the software, even on the creative side, its a good solution. Oh, i agree and one other thing that i would tell people is theres, really not a big difference between the laptop version of the 3080 and the 3070 gpus. So you can save a little bit of money by getting just the 30 70 and it wont be a significant difference in mapping processing so or in hash rate, and on that bombshell, that will do it for us today. You can now call him crypto mining rock enough to be dangerous.