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So last week we talked a lot about the volkswagen id4 and i got an idea what i think a lot of people want to know how it compares to the model y. Yes, but the problem is, we dont have model y, i know someone who does yeah our buddy jeff hes got a model y lets go steal, it all right, lets, go lets go and before we get to our review. Lets. Take a look at a comparison between the vw, id4 stats and the model y stats super. Thank you to jeff for letting us use his model y for this comparison, video and jesse. This is your first time driving a model y yeah, its eerily similar to the model 3. eerily similar. It would be hard to tell youre in one except for the height difference, and even then i dont know if i really well ill start driving and ill. Tell you what i think all right. So one of the things that youre covering uh is power. Yep acceleration and response uh were now in the model y yep and uh. How does this feel? You know what a three feels like an s and x uh, but youve never driven a y before yeah uh. How does this feel so lets? Take it? Oh okay. Yeah uh yeah that feels really good, and now this is not a performance. This is not a performance. This is the uh all wheel, drive long range.

The pedal responses is great. The thing that i like about the pedal response is that its linear the whole way up its so nice, and you get a lot of regen for for not having to hit the brake, which means its a lot more easy to do. One pedal driving it feels so much more comfortable. I dont feel like im going to need to shuffle my feet around between the brake or anything like that: theres no smushiness in the pedal whatsoever, even if i were to switch it over to chill which takes me all of two seconds um so now im in Chill and yes, the pedal response is a little bit more muted, obviously, im in chill mode. This is what i wanted, but like itll still do quite a bit of acceleration, itll smooth out the curves and thats thats, exactly what chill is kind of for um and then, when i get rid of chill im back to punchy acceleration, which i really like. And i know you cant feel that in video guys, but i mean you know, hes snapping my arm back its a big, you feel it in the gut. You feel it throughout your body, whereas in the vw 84 you just never felt it. It has more look at. Oh, my im, jeff, im, sorry im, sorry jeff, but i mean wow. It just has more juice the whole way up well and thats. My fear, butts and seats is how we get people to experience, teslas and thats.

What immediately like within seconds makes them go. How do i get one of these yes and im afraid that people that you get into an id4 are gon na go okay, its a its a car right like great but like its not gon na? You were just smiling and youve driven teslas for years. Yes, i drive a model three, which is the sportier sedan version of this and honestly, it feels exactly the same, oh and if you need to pull on the highway by the way, its effortless its like a spaceship dude, and when you need to move you just Move like if you need to catch up to something a lot of people watching this might be like. I would never accelerate like that, because you cant in your car now, if its not one of these cars, you cant, and so you think that im doing it to be like a jerk thats, not true, once you have this power, you will use it occasionally, not To be a jerk, but because it actually will get you out of trouble and what i mean is we all know that time when somebody cuts across a lane or someones texting, and you need to get out of dodge thats when youre going to use it and Youre going to feel so much safer. Give me a word to describe power in the model y beautiful all right. So if you could give us like one word to sum up the power and the id4, what would it be minimum viable all right? So first item of business is charging speed.

I get to drive now yeah uh charging speed well its kind of night and day i mean if you look at the vw id4 its 125 kilowatts. This car is 250 kilowatts. So two times the charging speed uh at home, no real difference right. The vw id4 can do 48 amps about the same so at home, charging no real difference, but on the road charging huge difference and then range id4 250 miles, yeah youre. Seeing on the screen now for this car i mean uh, it is more range in the model y, the big difference. I think that you need to talk about that. No one really does is the mpge or the efficiency of the car and as youre, seeing on the screen. Now, i wont bore you with all the words, but these are the two efficiencies. The model y is way more efficient than the vw, which means when you go for a trip, youre getting more mileage per kilowatt hour, and that means yeah. Your charging speed is faster, like everything is faster because the cars more efficient. My one word for charging speed would be yowza. So if i was looking for a word to sum up charging speed on the vw id4, i guess i would say unimpressed. How does this feel in terms of visibility, so the mirrors are much smaller than they were on the id4, i would say theyre about uh three quarters to one half the size, the little stubby things which you know definitely reduces visibility.

The visibility out. The back is slightly worse, i would say theres like this little slit that youre almost looking through, so i can see that that i mean its acceptable um when youre you know doing highway, driving and stuff like that, but you do also get whenever you want uh. The three backup cameras, so you get to see both your blind spots and your rear um at the touch of a button and its right on the main screen. So you love the backup camera on this uh visibility. I i mean, i honestly, i think, theres a little less visibility, rear visibility in this car now talk about front visibility in the model y uh great its absolutely great, i would say that the windscreen is a little bit taller. So one word to sum up: visibility in the model y acceptable and the backup camera is very nice, so whats your word. To sum up the visibility in the id4 all right, i get interior and comfort um. I get it that this interior is not for everybody. We just got out of the vw id4 felt very much like a german car, very comfortable uh, but getting into the model y. It feels like we might be in dragon. It feels like a spaceship, and i just like it better. I just it just feels more open as soon as i got in it, my feet felt like they had more room uh. There was just more space for me, less of like the car taking over and more of just like.

This is your space to be in. The seats are just really comfy like on the early model ss. They werent that comfy, but theyve nailed it like theres, so much more adjustability on these seats than with uh the vw seats. Also theres more range of motion. You can really get this thing to go down low and you can get to go up higher, i mean so, if you like to be like super in command. You can be way up here if you want to a little too high for me, not to mention the lumbar support. I love the lumbar support. I mean if you have any kind of back issues so nice to just dial that in and you can dial in where you want it on the back of the seat. I just put it like in my lower just love it phone charging, i mean jesses phone is wirelessly charging right there uh. If i want to put my phone on there as well its like boom, no problem uh, i find that really nice in the vw uh. You had to put your phone out of sight to charge it which its like what so i mean like if i need to just pull something up when im at a rest, stop or whatever i want it right there. I dont want to have to go digging in the car for it. So, like you know, vw like get with it lets look at some of the appointments you get here.

I mean very minimalistic. I get it a lot of people dont like it that this is so deep. You can get some aftermarket things which help that a lot um this does tend to for a lot of people get like just full of crap. I know i do that. Um theres a lot of good stuff in here same thing: some people dont like it because its so deep, but again it comes with a tray yeah. You can exactly. It comes with a tray that sits right here, so you can have two different layers. I think its very minimalistic and awesome, but it really depends on on your your taste in the vw. Youve got this dashboard thats like stitched leather, and it makes you feel like luxurious here, its very minimalistic. I do like the wood. Many people replace it with an aftermarket. You know cover of their choice, uh both cars. I was really surprised to see that vw kind of followed tesla and did a massive uh sunroof great, and i do like that they gave you the opportunity to put a sunscreen on there. Now jeff has got an aftermarket um sunscreen that hes popped in thats a you know you got to pop in and or pop it out. So its not like. You can change your mind as easily, but i think for most people, if youre in a sunny location, youre just going to want to pop something like this in and leave it but ill give kudos to vw the fact that you can change it out.

So at night, if you want to see the moon or if you you know, if the sun goes down – and you want to have the sun like thats, a really nice feature in the vw, all right, so rear seat in the model y ive got the front Driver seat in a very i think, standard position and ive got tons of leg room and i can get around really easily in the back seat. Um. The middle is not comfortable to be honest, its like very hard and up, which i guess would be more for like a kid, but lots of leg room really comfy. I like it another feature which is a really nice feature. People dont talk about too much is easy entry you can have the car go into an easy entry mode. So when you get in the seat is in uh, you know a low setting and then, as soon as you get in it adjusts to you so that it makes exiting an entry really easy. Vw doesnt have that youre just going to get in and thats what it is. I think for a lot of people thats super helpful, because one of the reasons some people are going to choose this model is because it is higher off the ground and easier to get into when you get older like me, getting in and out of a car Can be a struggle, and so, if youre in easy entry mode, then, when its time to get out of the car my seat just went back steering wheel, went up, makes it really easy for me to get out of the car easy to get back in the Car thats a really nice feature, then you hit the brake im.

Moving forward. Steering wheel came down im ready to go. It just makes me feel again like im in a spaceship. So one word to sum up: uh comfort in the model y id like to say, futuristic so to wrap up comfort and seats and all that in the id4. I guess i would say good all right next is charging navigation and locations navigate to savannah georgia. Oh wheres, georgia, that was seconds this one wow and then you get to see all the charges it zoomed out on the big map. I know exactly what im thinking heres, what its thinking wow it literally. What was that 14 seconds yeah? It was not a long time, its just effortless theres, nothing to really think about all right. Well, so then one word to sum up: charging navigation in the model y effortless. Next, i need you to sum up in one word: uh the charging navigation in the id4 worrying all right, so lets talk about price. I think this is where vw did a good job, so in the vw id4 pro s that were in, which is the top trim level were going to put it on screen right now and thats for the rear wheel drive its a little bit more expensive about Three thousand dollars more: if you want to do the all wheel, drive and thats the most it is, and the good news is that its going to qualify for the full u.

s federal tax, credit of 7 500, plus any state credits, so youre talking after the credits That we have now in place for the car that were driving now youre down around 37 000, this car that im driving right now the model y long range is 53 990. I believe right now, because the price has been going up a lot lately, thats. Quite a price difference because tesla does not qualify at the moment for the federal tax credit. Now this might change by the time youre watching this video. So please check if it if it has changed, because the laws are changing um, and so i hope that the you know federal law changes and we all get a ten thousand or twelve thousand dollar federal tax credit, but just starting price vw did a good job Of keeping the price in there getting the range high enough, so i think its respectable range um, and so i think a lot of people are gon na who are on a budget are gon na be like. I might want the y, but i mean im, to save a lot of money by getting myself into the vw and thats, where i think vw did a great job. Yes, they cut back a little here and there on brakes on range on things like that, but they give you a very drivable car, its not just an urban car for a lot less money, all right. So one word to sum up price: on the model y: you get what you pay for.

I cant really give it one word to sum up price for the vw id4, i would say more affordable. All right lets talk about general navigation in the model y. As you notice uh, you are in satellite mode, which you love you dont have to be in satellite mode. You can be in regular kind of street mode, but why would i want to do that? Jesse loves satellite mode and the map very responsive. I can move it all around, i can be zooming and and moving at the same time. I love this map. It is how i interact with the world. Sometimes i dont even turn on navigation, because i can see so well and i can just leave it. I could just go: oh uh, yeah ill come up here, ill, go there ill drive up to shrewsbury ill, do whatever i want to do and then ill you know, keep going the way i want to do. Sometimes i just want to take back roads and like this is so nice for back road navigation, where its like im, not in a big rush um and then, if i am in a big rush, i just navigate to where i want to go. I can just i can hit anywhere on the map and i can say good bring me there all right. So one word to sum up: navigation in the model y enjoyable. So if you have to choose one word to sum up, the navigation in the id4 abysmal all right fit and finish.

We all have heard the tales of your where the paint and the body panels were not up to snuff, yet uh with tesla, but i think they have finally nailed it. I mean looking at jeffs car, which is just or you know, run of the mill model y off the off the line. Everything looks really tight. The paint looks really good inside the car fit, and finish is great. So i was thinking that you know id4 would just blow it away, but actually i mean we saw some things on the id4 which werent perfect, so im gon na, say fit and finish of the model y great summing up the fit and finish on a vw. Id4, its uh top notch, the ui on the model y uh, its uh. Well, what do you think this is your section, so im gon na try and approach this from a completely outsiders point of view, so i mean the key: is this button right here which brings up your menu um once youre in the the menu you got? The quick controls, everything that you need to see theres just one x button, theres, nothing else that could really confuse you. I you can drag it down. If you wanted to, you could hit this button again or you could hit the x to get back to just navigation. These are all the things that you generally need and theres no scrolling up or down on this menu, which is nice and again most important stuff, is at the top headlights thats, the most important thing: uh fog lights, thats also important, and then you get down to You know auto high beam and steering wheel lights and stuff thats less important.

You know, youve got the different key cards and the different phones and then you scroll down and you can get down to the close windows unlock. You know you can switch between day and night mode. You got the brightness. Those are the things that you want. I i like it its to me. It makes sense. I know that ive had time to to kind of think about it, even if you were just kind of looking at it and you were like what am i upset about oh navigation, there we go, i can. I can now mute the navigation if i want to – and i could be doing this while im driving too it makes so much sense. The only other part, the part that i think people could have a complaint would be this bottom menu here, um its a bunch of different. I would say apps that that you know help you for different things, so you can see energy based on uh. You know how youve been driving this section. I would say that if you didnt know that it was there, i dont think that your life would be any worse, youre still going to function as a car. Just fine. What i want to put into this ui section are the goodies. I know that the you know, vw vwid4 doesnt have netflix and it doesnt have games this card. Does i mean i think that that has to count for something i mean just because one car uh has it in the other car doesnt doesnt mean we just dont talk about it.

I mean this car has netflix um and youtube and other things like that. Uh, the other day i got out of a you, know: billy joel concert. There was so much traffic in the parking lot and i just said: hey, you know what lets just watch some netflix for 10 minutes, not stress about it and we sat there watching and everyone else was fuming beeping and were just sitting there watching a nature documentary And you know, is this the best ui in the world for say you know youtube or netflix? No, i mean, and it takes a while to load up, but at least the car has it, and i think that thats a really big deal, that it actually has all of this functionality that you simply dont get in the id4, not to mention uh games yeah. So just little things that you can, you know just spend a little bit of time on while youre, while youre sitting there all right. So one word to sum up the ui in the model y clean all right. So one word to sum up ui and it might not be fair to ask you after youve had a frustrating time with it so dont say: frustrating its clunky all right. So my section is cargo and i was looking at the numbers online and i think im wrong, because it says that this model y has 76 cubic feet of cargo. But this has half and its not possible.

How could theyre the same size car? But then i looked at it and now im kind of believing it because this is amazing, its just huge yeah and theres, even more space like not just three inches of space, but like enough to put maybe a dead body yeah and then uh theres more here. Right, so you know what you can do is either. You know pop this over here and then pop this up here and then you have all this room. It is so much room okay, but lets see what vw offers. Okay, all right, so we popped their trunk and um already im feeling a little limited, and i think a lot of this has to do with the the cargo cover here we can pop off. You know we can definitely remove it, okay, but what do we get under here? So what you get under here is another three inches: wait. What what dont be worried dont be worried because they have a little section for your charger. Oh okay, so thats a little tool kit stuff like that. So, okay – and it does have this nice feature where you can kind of pull it out, push it back in and get yourself three extra inches or two and im a little nonplussed by that, because i dont see what okay, okay well, dont worry dont worry because You can also pull this out right and uh well toss this. You know, you know because were transporting heavy loads uh, and then you pull this up.

Yeah youre ready to keep pulling wait. What i get a duct tape so that what is this thats? The is this sound deadening that sound deadening. I really dont even want to see this level. This is, and you know it tells you uh its good. You got a sticker and yeah just buy me an extra couple inches. I dont even think they intended me to do this though i dont, it seems like they forgot to glue something down. This is the way that it looks this right and its all nice and soft and carpeted and theres no metal or anything, and then over here you got the hard metal now, of course, now of course, of course you just you just throw this back in throwing Away an inch or two of space, and you still have that base and thats fine, its just its just a lot less cargo space, a lot less cargo, well um one other just thing id like to point out is the these. You know pockets on the side here, its its nice. You know you can put a little spray bottle or something i just want to bring you over to the the model y uh. We got a whole charger in there like. This is deep, like nice and cavernous to be just sticking. You know first, aid kits look uh jeffs got a whole cleaning kit in here yep. That is a lot of room. If we come over here with this stuff, yeah lets just steal his cleaning kit yeah perfect, perfect its not its, not exactly the same thing and then you know lets take the charger or whatever which fit, and you know that fits right, just just fits, but its Its not its, not quite as invisible as it was over here, we could still fit stuff in there.

You know what we should do, though jesse lets steal, jeffs cleaning, stuff and put it in the front of the id4. Ah, the front yeah youll never know lets. Take a look at that yeah all right, so lets see you pop the frunk of the id4, and where do i put this uh, you dont put it anywhere. This is not. This is not a frunk. This is the uh. You know the engine bay or whatever you got all the normal stuff. No, no, no! No dont! No, no dont do that. Theres no place to put this no youre right. Um come over to the model y. I think i could fit in there yeah. I mean plenty of space plenty of extra space um, and these are two separate compartments: the model y. Surprisingly yeah, i guess, if i had to sum up cargo space in the vw, id4 id say all right. Next up is audio quality in the model y whats. Your go to song by the way to uh, oh to test out the science test on the sound system. I do a couple different things. Definitely steely dan to get the speakers to see like how clean it can sound and then probably like kendrick lamar like all right. It has like a really heavy bass line, um that you feel so. I like to use that one to test bass all right lets rock it out all right, yeah its uh, its got the bass, its got its got the clean its got everything i i really want in a sound system, uh, so yeah, whats, uh whats.

One word that would sum up the sound system in the model y amazing one word to sum up: uh audio quality in the vw id4, i would say for audio quality, its um pleasing for satellite radio. I would say all right so lets talk about autopilot im sitting in traffic now, jesse put it in autopilot. You can put the vw in autopilot too difference was. Did you hear that little uh sound? I know im in autopilot ive got a blue uh steering wheel. Ive got the blue over the speed there to tell me im a tactical aware cruise control, so i know as a driver whats going on, and i would like to mention that it sees everything it sees the cars around you exactly. I know what the car is seeing and how its doing in the in the id4 i kept looking like, are we in autopilot? Are we not did it jump me out? Are we is everything good here im like i know what how the car is feeling. I know if it feels certain in terms of the lines in terms of the other cars i can look and see like. Yes, that is reality, and i will say like now were in a case where the road just went really wide um. It yanked me over into the left. I wouldnt do it that way by the time youre watching this, who knows if uh, full self driving beta 9.

2 or 3 will have come out and changed all that. But basically this makes me feel really comfortable. Ive got controls on my steering wheel, so i can change the speed really easily now. I know the vw has a little section down here, but heres. What i want to say about that for traditional drivers who are used to this big clunky bunch of numbers and stuff, maybe youre used to it enough. I do not like having six things to choose from down here on the steering wheel. I like that theres two simple rolly things that all tactically with my thumbs. I can tell what to do left right up down so amazingly intuitive, just such a better way to do it. Oh, i want to slow down a little bit dial it down. With my thumb, we slow down the autopilot system in the model y is just whats a word. I mean fantastic dreamy. Uh amazing, futuristic, i cant choose a word. I dont know. If i were summing up vws autonomous driving, i would have to say scarier all right drive quality, so this covers things like suspension and handling in the model y youre used to the model. 3. use the model x uh. What do you think about the model y compared to the id4? I think that the suspension is a little bit tighter, like you do, feel the bumps. I think that it still does a good job of soaking them up, but the thing that i really like is flat turn.

There was no body roll right there. I took that and – and you just you feel it like this im sh im literally like shaking zach around and uh. There was side to side motion, but there was no role right it just it. Doesnt have as much role as the id4 and, and you might be saying well, who cares about roll? It really affects the way that the car handles, especially when youre taking turns its so much more responsive with turns it its not even funny. It feels like a race car. It feels like you are on rails, firmly planted on the ground and youre in an suv yeah. Are you surprised, because i mean i am surprised because were so much higher up right it? It feels just like the model 3, except that im, you know four or five inches higher than i usually am um and thats a really good thing. I just love the way that it drives youre mentioning the suspension feels better. Why is that i mean? Is it just teslas magical uh? No, i mean tesla definitely spends more on their suspension uh. They have a double wishbone suspension, which keeps a better camber on the wheels, basically the entire time, and i mean theres just a lot of different components that are different in the suspension and what it just allows for is a much tighter steering feel um. You know, and the nice part is of course i can adjust between comfort, steering and and um and sport steering, i feel like im in sport steering now so it feels very, very responsive, and i just i feel like i can be very precise, with my steering All right so one word to sum up: drive quality in the model y lovely.

So if you have to choose one word to sum up the drive quality in the vw id4, what would it be acceptable all right so to wrap up um? The top points i want to get to are price. I think that vw did a great job of keeping the price down its quite a price difference to the model y were putting the two prices here. I think for a lot of people, thats, one of the biggest issues theyre going to confront is save a lot of money. If i go with the id4 and thats a really good fair point. Also, i think vw did a pretty good job of range 250 miles. Is a respectable range, so i think on those two counts: they did a really good job. I think its important to to identify like who is going to be driving both cars. I think that some people would call the id4 a soccer mom car just because its not as uh you know it doesnt have as much acceleration and it you know, though it doesnt have as much capability its more of the stay at home car, the driving around Town kind of car and that again just comes down to range and charging speed. Yeah lets go charging speed, uh the model y 250, kilowatts, id4, 125, kilowatts, so half the charging speed. If youre playing a lot of road trips, the id4 is out of the picture. Yeah um, if youre going to be doing a lot of stuff from home, where youre going to be charging most of the time and youre driving around cities and stuff, then the id4 is going to be fine, its going to be perfect.

I really do think that its going to be just fine um again, the thing is that were both spoiled. We both drive, teslas and tesla, really knocks it out of the park when it comes to acceleration and handling and ui, and i think that those three things well and charging um and cargo space uh those five things – are really the differentiator. But again, i think that the id4 is a completely legitimate car like if you said to me, hey, im gon na be getting the id4 im gon na go good for you, man, thats great im, glad that youre switching heres, the problem that i have with the Id4, its not gon na sell anybody right. You get anybody in this model y. Absolutely anybody and you put the pedal to the metal and you floor. It people are gon na go. I want this car yep. I want this car not just because the acceleration, but because of everything else about it, um theyre gon na go wow. I want this car and i will do whatever it takes to get it whether or not they cared about the environment, whether or not they um. Even cared about how much they were gon na be spending on fuel. The model y is gon na convince people to go electric it smiles. All around, like, we were just smiling our heads off in jeffs car when we were talking about the id4, its a comparable car to a lot of cars that are out on the road.

So i think that you know thats great, but its not going to motivate people to switch to electric. I think that a lot of people go okay, but im worried about the charging. I dont want to have to think about that. I think ill. Just get the you know, tiguan or whatever, because lets face it. Theyre going to be at the vw dealership and theyre, going to go well ill, just get the one that i know how to deal with theres a ten thousand dollar starting price difference, or you know even more. If you go with the base model of the id4, and i think a lot is going to depend on the federal tax credits, if, by the time youre watching this or soon after the federal tax credit opens up again for tesla thats, going to bring them closer Together and i think more people are going to just say, you know what theres more value in the y right. But if that doesnt happen, then yeah, you are getting quite a price reduction and for a lot of people thats going to make the difference, but were completely forgetting that another car exists, the model 3 exists and it does a lot of the same things that the Model y does sure its not an suv and for people who want suvs. I completely get that lets just talk about cargo with the model 3. I know this review wasnt between the model 3 and the id4, but the more im thinking about it.

You can stuff. So much stuff in the model – 3. ive seen you do it, my wife jennifer. Does it um and i would say its almost comparable, its definitely comparable, and i think that if people dont care so much if its an suv or not, i mean these are both crossovers. So i mean the difference between a model three and uh. You know the id4 is frankly height its just height thats. The only thing uh youre still gon na get better acceleration. Youre gon na get the better ui uh cargo space. Maybe lets call it a draw, but the handling everything else is going to be so much better and the model 3 costs just about the same as youd be spending on the id4, even with the tax incentives yeah. The model y to me has no weaknesses. If youre looking at this from, like a point of view of price alone, sure the vw is very attractive, but if youre looking for no compromises, the model ys got it all yeah and thats, not including taste. Of course, some people are gon na, like this color. Some people are gon na, like the look of it um. A lot of people think its a very cute car and thats completely up to them and if that influences their buying decision, then it does. But i think if we look at the merits of both vehicles, i think that yeah, the model y definitely takes the cake, but the id4 at the moment at least, is more affordable and when, at the end of the day, that means a lot to a lot Of people, let us know what we got right.

What we got wrong comment down below make sure you subscribe and uh. Thank you so much for watching now.