Look here, uh for the last 12 years, ive been reviewing gear and i get the question all the time. How do i do it? How do i actually go through my process of reviewing? I have a brand new pair of saucony canvara 13s that just arrived, and i thought that i would take you through the process of what it involves in reviewing a brand new pair of kivvara 13s. Lets see how i do it Music, what an idiot these arent! Even trail shoes, Music, are you sure we dont have another size? No, we only got a mens 11. doing great, though Music, its got ta be like six miles. We got ta be done just a few more babe. We really have to know how they feel this review has taken a while, so im just going to have to speed it up a bit Music. That should do it. I mean how else am i going to keep up with seth james tomorrow? Dude is fast review time. Are you that good of a shoe your parents would be so disappointed in you right now? You think youre better than the first 12 versions of yourself ill, be the judge of that Music that kapoosie, hey im, making a review here. Music took 13 versions to get to you better, be worth it Music, Music, so thats how i review every product on this channel. I hope that was fun. Uh kind of show you a little behind the scenes.

Action theres. Basically, one last criteria on which i judge all the products that we review on the channel, but that is not my decision. Thats up to the boss, okay, big guy, bye, try or why its your decision.