Here hey. I just had a recent review of this plane, the x3 20, but some of my viewers had questions on how could a two channel plane, possibly utilize, gyro and accelerometer stabilization to maintain level flight? Well, that's done by variations. Quick variations of the speed of these two motors let's give an example say the aircraft does a or is about to do an uncommanded right, roll caused by a gust of wind gusts. The wind comes along and tries to make this plane flip to the right. Well, what's going to happen. Folks is this left motor is going to increase speed, yeah increase speed to cause additional lift on the right wing to try to bring it back level and simultaneously. This left motor is going to decrease speed to cause this wing to lose. Lift and drop back to a level position now. Some people are also saying well, if it does that it's also going to cause uncommanded yaw, you know pushing the aircraft to the left. Well, that is true if that variation were held for a long period, but keep in mind that this is not just detecting the roll it's detecting the roll, just as it starts and how it does that is. This also has accelerometers, in addition to the gyros, the accelerometers detect it. This thing is starting to roll so that these motors can come into play quickly and counter that roll before it even occurs. Okay, and by doing such it happened so fast that it doesn't have time to yaw because of the mass of the aircraft.

The momentary variation of these motors don't aren't. Is it going to occur long enough to cause the aircraft to yaw, and I want to demonstrate that real quick you know quickly and the best way to do it. It'S real simple, is just to turn on the aircraft and we'll. Do some simulation of yaw jiggling sights such a strong gust of wind, depending on the transmitter binding it now I'm gon na get again now I'm. Giving little throttle now let's bump it around like it's being buffeted in the wind and listen to the motors, is a very in intensity. Do keep that occurs, Music, descendants, repre done this is the counter cuboid oscillations newborn oscillation will do the same thing. To try to stop that piece if you go out isolation, but wouldn't even occur cool Music that's, how it to cheer playing today, the roller coaster ride is slowed down. Okay, so that's how to channel plane. Does it pretty ingenious that they were able to come up with this? You know when I first um come out on to channel planes. I said there's no way. That'S gon na work well yeah a new worker. I mean it works very well: okay, it's, quite copter. Why don't one hope you enjoyed this little educational video, collector 101, signing at high quadcopter 101 here again: hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my Channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right next to the subscribe button.

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