Now are we? What we have in front of us right here is the three pack of mysterio’s drones from spider man far from home. Now i personally kind of have an issue with hot toys, calling this mysterious drones weren’t, they stark tech that’s. What i remember from the film at least nevertheless we’ll just go with it mysterious drones. It is now i picked up my set from link, for that is, of course down in the description below they do have 12 month instalment plans now available. If you’re a fan of paying off your figures over time, also while you’re down there, why not hit that subscribe and bell notification icon, so you’re notified as soon as brand new content goes live on the channel we are gon na. Do now, though, is get the box laying flat in the light box and do the unboxing, and here, of course we have the box art for the mysterio drone 3 pack. You can see the big honkin drone up front and center, flanked by the two miniature versions. Now there has been debate as to whether or not the big one is the correct size or the smaller ones are more accurate. I personally think that the drones were somewhere in between the two there’s, some middle drone. That, i think is the perfect size. We’Ll call it the goldilocks drone. Nevertheless, we do get the force perspective, mini versions and also the big one which came with the homemade suit spidey.

From the same line. Now you can see mysterio’s dome up the front with this mysterio green motif down the bottom. Some text on the side and legal information on the back now, just like all of the other. Far from home figures, you do have the removable slip cover and an absolutely stunning piece of artwork on the frontier, with upgraded suits, spidey down below shooting up at the drones. If you do open it up, you get a little bit more of that vortex, where the drones were projecting their images and a sneak peek at the pieces themselves. Now let’s get them out here. I haven’t been incredibly excited to be totally honest to pick up more 1 6th scale, stark tech, mysterio drones. I liked the ones that came with the figures, but they were just that some nice add in accessories now they’ve been released as their own pack. It’Ll have to be up to you whether or not this is worth your money, but here we have the big honkin drone itself more on that in just a second, and we do also have two of the miniature ones which we saw most recently with the upgraded Suit what we are going to do now, though, is get the display base laid out in the light box and take a closer look at the base itself, and here we have the only real accessory that comes with the accessory pack, and that is a display base.

I’M super surprised that they didn’t just give us this thing and say: go and use this on. One of the other display bases they didn’t do that and i’m super glad they gave this set its own display base. Mysterio’S drones, though printed on the front, not a huge fan of that i much would have, rather that just be blank. Nevertheless, i am liking. The white display base it’s a nice contrast to the usual black ones that we get with all of the other hot toys releases. The print on the top, though, is where this really does shine. I love it. It’S got a super high gloss, spidey logo and this mysterio colored pixelation, plus a couple of spidey themed stamps. This is a really nice display base print and i’m glad that they decided to give us this contraption here now. Speaking of the contraption, it does have a few points of articulation down here. This piece swivels this does as well, and so does this section at the top now technically, you can remove it and reverse it if that’s something you’d like to do it’s entirely up to you, how you’d like to display your set of mysterio drones now in order To attach it to the display base, it’s super simple and super straightforward: it literally just ports on the bottom there now you do have the miniature drones and they do also have peg holes on the bottom. But i won’t spoil that because you’ll be seeing it fully assembled in just a second overall, though i’m glad they included this it’s a little bit cumbersome and a little bit weird, but at the end of the day it definitely gets the job done.

We are gon na do now, though, is get the drones themselves out here and take a closer look, and here we have the drones themselves fully set up on the included display base. Now i have noticed that, depending on how you want to have this displayed, you can have the top the big drone at the back, so you can have a figure standing in the middle of the display base or you can have it in the center by simply Reversing that pole, i love the modularity there it’s quite ingenious, that hot toys decided to do that and i’m glad that wasn’t, something that was just omitted entirely for a straight up and down clear pole and, i have to say, i’m really liking. This set it’s still super weird to me that it even exists. I guess hot toys had contracted studio hive to make the molds for these drones, so it may actually be the first release that wasn’t entirely sculpted by hot toys. This was done in 3d by studio hive who’ve done some amazing diorama style pieces for hot toys in the past, and these are no exception. So i guess hot toys didn’t want to waste that investment and decided to release the drones themselves. You could, of course, army build this set and have a whole bunch of them for when your mysterio eventually arrives. I know my mysterio is definitely going to be surrounded by these drones, plus the other two that we’ve got with the other releases.

We are gon na. Do now, though, is take them off the rotating turntable punch in and take a closer look at the details, and here we have them up close and personal. Now, let’s start off by taking a look at the biggest of the three first now technically, we have seen this guy before with the homemade suit spidey from spider man, far from home it’s, pretty much identical. Bringing in that drone, as you can see, they look very very similar, but at the very least, hot toys mixed up the paint applications so it’s, not the exact same weathering, pass between the two. You can see some common areas like up here, it’s matching on the new version, but other areas are completely different. I like that it means that they haven’t been lazy and cheaped out, as people accuse them of doing and they have made a couple of subtle changes. Now, if you do flip them over, you can see the porthole for the new one is substantially larger and deeper, whereas this one is a little bit more shallow. I don’t think you’ll be able to use this one with the included display base, but i do think you’ll be able to use the new one with the display base that comes with the homemade suit figure. So, for whatever reason, if you wanted to put this in place of this one, not exactly sure why, because they’re identical, you could technically do that now in terms of the paint applications they’re flawless, i love them originally, and i love them here too.

There are a bunch of different washers there’s, shading there’s chipping there’s scratching. It looks like a metal drone. You can see this weathering pass over the tips of the guns here, just to give you a subtle smoked effect, and i really like how that comes across. Unfortunately, though, there aren’t any blast effects or projection effects, or anything like that. That would have been an awesome touch just to give you a little bit more life and show that these things are actually zooming around and shooting stuff. Unfortunately, though, they didn’t take this opportunity to give us those pieces now, let’s take a look at the two mini drones. These are actually not identical between the two. You can see. The paint applications, especially on the sides, are substantially different. This one is far more weathered. The one on the right versus the one on the left, which is a little bit cleaner. They are, however, the exact same sculpt between the two which i’m fine with technically they’re supposed to be the same anyway. Now, as i said earlier in the video, these are kind of meant to be forced perspective, drones, they’re, smaller because they’re in the background, but then again when you do have the shots of jake gyllenhaal as mysterio walking down the bridge, he did have these floating by His head, and they kind of, were smaller, so it’s going to be up to you whether or not they are too small. Now you can see the porthole is identical between this one, which came with the upgrade suit and the new accessory version.

So, yes, you could use this in place of this one. But again, why would you want to you’re already getting two here? I’M glad that we are getting more accessory packs like this, but i do think they could have gone a little bit further. They have painted them really nicely. They have sculpted them really nicely, but some effect pieces, as i said, would have brought the entire thing to life as it stands, they don’t light up as far as i’m aware they don’t even have uv reflective paint effects on the green sections, no effect pieces whatsoever. They’Re literally just mini pieces of plastic that have been painted really well, but that’s. All they can do. There are actually third party versions of these drones, which have full led light up effects if you’re not going to do that. Just give us a few added bits and pieces to set the pack over and above the third party offerings. Nevertheless, they are still really high quality pieces and they will complement your spidey display very well just wrapping up on the mysterio’s drones, three pack from hot toys. Now going into this, i already knew exactly what to expect, because we’ve received these drones in various other formats from other releases. I loved them then – and i really do like them now, but honestly, i can’t help but think is something missing here. I would have loved some rubble, some debris some diorama pieces, some effect pieces, some uv light up paint or even led lights, but they didn’t do any of that.

They literally gave us three solid hunks of plastic with no moving parts whatsoever. I personally can get around that because they are nice, diorama pieces just to have in the background of your display, but i can understand if people don’t think this is a wise purchasing decision. They are literally just that background pieces and they can be a little bit. Pricey, i still think they’re worth it, because the drones played a big part in spider man far from home, but if you don’t that’s perfectly fine and it’s entirely your prerogative, if you do want to pick them up, though they are in stock right now, with Link for that, of course, is down in the description below they do have 12 month installment plans if you’re a fan of paying off figures over time.