I want to share with you today. It comes from dji and i do want to thank dji and amazon for sponsoring this video dji is putting their fpv drone on sale. For the holidays, starting now until the end of 2021, you can get the fpv drone for just a thousand dollars down 300 from the msrp of 1300. This was released earlier in 2021 and is really a one of a kind product now im actually fairly familiar with dji, because i use their ronin sc gimbal for all of my b roll footage on the channel. All my motion shots. Now you havent seen the gimbal on camera before because its always behind the scenes, but now you can see it, you can also see my kids artwork on the wall. Thats something you dont usually get to see either so yeah im actually really familiar with dji. Their gimbal technology is second to none, and that actually does play a role in the drone world as well and ill get to that in a moment. But basically, what youre getting with the fpv drone is everything in the box. You need to jump into the fpv world now. Fpv of course stands for first person view and its the next gen the next step in drone technology. It puts you in the seat of that drone. It gives you that first person view of whats going on its really a second to none experience and up until now, fpv drones have pretty much been a do.

It yourself business like youve, had to cobble together everything from parts, but dji is the one company that has all the ip on hand to bring it to you in one box. So of course, theyve got the best drones. I mean their drones fly so smoothly. So well, no one can touch them. Theyve got the best video gear, so you do get a 4k 60 fps video camera on board really good sensor, so you can actually use this for videography, even though its not designed primarily for that purpose. You also have really great low latency transmission between the drone and the included goggles. So this is really important for control of an fpv drone, because if theres any latency any dropouts youre going to lose control of that drone and crash right and thats. What is really kind of a sticking point for a lot of fpv technology. Now ive actually used an fpv drone myself. This comes from blade. It was a first gen product and blades, really well known in the rc helicopter business, but they didnt have it all together with this drone, because not only is their camera technology kind of shoddy compared to what you get on a dji product, but the transmission between The drone and the phone, which is what they were using for the fpv screen, was pretty bad. Pretty high latency really grainy. It made it a difficult experience, so i wasnt totally sold on that. But with dji you get everything coming all together.

They have six miles of range between the drone and your goggles thats just totally insane. You also get an rc style transmitter in the box really high end unit, basically its a greatest hits of all their tech right, their camera tech, their gimbal tech, their gyrotech, gps, tech, theyre flying tech. They have the best drones. I mean ive flown the mavic pro. It is just amazing to fly a dji drone, its so smooth. It makes you feel completely in control from square one, but they also give you an option of a motion, controller that combines their tech from their gimbals and gyros to allow you to basically have that controller. In your hand, like you, have a flight second hand like youd fly an airplane, so something that no other drone manufacturer can give you, because again, dji has technology that no one else has so basically youre getting it all in one box and a big discount here, 300, keep in mind that dji products are never discounted unless theres an official discount from dji, and this is not a permanent discount. This is just for the holidays. A special promotion on the fpv drone again knocking it down from 1300 to a thousand dollars through the end of 2021, so definitely grab it. If you are interested just a couple words of warning, if youve never flown a drone before this may not be the one you want to use, but luckily with dji they do have three different modes.

So the normal mode will kind of act as the beginners mode and limit your speed to around 30 miles an hour, theres, also sport mode and then finally, the manual mode, which is like full on experience. It can go around 90 miles an hour. That is not what you want to begin with, but dji will hold your hand through the process. So, if youre concerned about it, just be aware that you should get up to speed, read the manual get a feel for it.