We tried to get this one out to you as quickly as possible, hence the interesting settings. So this is the jurassic pro which came out of nowhere, no fanfare, no hype. Obviously jurassic world dominion is coming out, thats pretty exciting. I love the classic jurassic park movies im not as familiar with the new chris pratt stuff, but i have seen all of them. So this looks to be a screen accurate, or at least as close as you can get to being screen accurate, while still being a toy version of the. I guess, the taser rifle its got. Taser tongues in the movie, as well as being like a bolt action sniper. What makes this really exciting and really interesting is in addition to just having this really mean. Silhouette comes with plenty of accessories and uh. It says pro on it, in addition to saying pro once you take a look at this, its clear that this is an adventure force, collaboration with a dart zone, kind of along the lines of the the nexus pro and the aeon pro. Given that its called pro, i think that means that we can expect some serious performance out of it, and that is to be expected, because over here, weve got 125 foot ranges. It says that it comes with both a standard length and a half length magazine, adapter darts of the works thats pretty exciting theres, not much more to say about it. Inside the package, weve got distances over 125 feet were advertising the classic like it comes with a lot of pieces, but im less invested in the number of pieces and more invested in how its got a t rex on it.

Its an officially licensed pro blaster, which is pretty cool and its doing something, unique and different. A lot of the pro blasters kind of fit into this pump action niche the nexus, the striker, the dzp, they all play more or less the same way. This changes that up and hopefully maintains the same level of performance while giving you a lot more style points. One thing that i want to focus on in the package and well talk more about afterwards is this is not a water glide uh? I dont think this is like directly printed onto the blaster, which is pretty cool and opens up a lot of like deco options for the future. I think that its really neat its kind of broken up by some of the standard warning label garbagio on it, but its on the grip its on the blaster. It looks really really good. I could give you the upc number for this, but its already been shared by my friend over in texas, who huge thank you sent this over, so that i could get an early review. Uh youve got the e.t symbol. The universal symbol would be really interesting to see this show up at a theme park at some point, but right now it says walmart.com on it and i think this ones going to be a walmart exclusive. So in terms of getting it out of the package, we do not have our usual repertoire of cool stuff were going to go standard old, school box cutter and lets uh.

I guess well, take any well assemble it over here. It looks like in the package you get mag adapter half length, mag full length mag. This is a unique geometry for both magazines. They both look a lot smoother than they usually. Would you get the blaster itself which we can free up like? So you get this really funky stock and this stock, in addition to making it seem far more toy ish, looks like its removable so as opposed to your old school long strike. This slots in, like that looks really good, actually and uh. If you wanted to take it apart for either storage or because you dont like the stock, it looks like you push these two buttons and it pops out its got two spring loaded, detents on either side plus youve got like the uh, the mosquito eater, the mosquito. I dont know trapped in a amber here. This would be an excellent candidate to fill with resin to, i think, theres, a lot of aesthetic opportunity with a product like this. It looks like you get a single bolt over here, along with your darts, and that bolt is not a permanent include either. This is a surprisingly modular when compared to like the next closest thing, like a long strike or something along that lines, it looks like you could screw this in on this side. If you want to be uh left handed and prime with your right or uh, if youre, you know like 90 of the the world, you could screw it into this side and it looks like its metal threadings, hitting a metal insert into a plastic priming bar up Top for those of you that are already thinking about modifying this, the breech looks pretty standard excited to see that well definitely be making some accessories for this over on foam pro shop.

Just too cool not to looks like you have an adjustable sight here, that flips up and down, and then this very real steel inspired sight is, of course, removable. Weve got the uh the standard nexus sort of uh pictony, faux tinny uh, maybe its picting, who knows on top then youve got this butt cap here, which i assume is where that plunger route is going in. I guess my one comment so far is that if you lean into the stock – and you can see it, there, theres a lot of power in this blaster uh. So when you, prime, if youre not supporting the blaster, you get a little bit of flex. That way. That said, a lot of the stock is inserted into the grip and really uh shores up a lot of that in and of itself so were gon na go ahead and well install the barrel, you get the barrel and then it looks like whether or not you Want to add, is this also removable thats crazy, so that goes on comes off, goes on doesnt twist to lock into place, so you just either have the faux barrel or you dont. Now this would theoretically affect your ranges, but uh. It looks way more, like youre, ready to corral a raptor pin when youre over here with your full setup and your taser tongs on there thats pretty tight. So we do have two magazines: nows a good time to point out that this blaster costs 65 at retail.

So youre definitely paying the uh the standard licensing tax right you could. You could get a pro blaster for 50 united states dollars now. I think that the striker is about 60 now so really its just the nexus thats hanging in there that 50 price point, but for 65 you get to live out your jurassic park fantasies and i actually i mean dinosaurs are cool. Can we talk about briefly? The irony, i doubt its intentional – that hasbros best launches recently have been their dinosaur themed blasters, that really kind of take hasbro back to having fun and so weve got nerf, dino blasters, and it seems like out of nowhere. We just have this mystery drop of dart zone. I mean its safe to say, theyre out for blood like its pretty pretty humorous im sure its not on purpose because of how production cycles work. But how funny would it be if they were like oh dino, blasters, dino, hunter, blaster, t rex, thumper so uh? I guess real, quick, well fire a couple of rounds, downrange well just test, yeah yeah, its pretty tight, so were definitely getting flat shots. You know at the end of this yard, which is a good 70 feet away. I mean its pretty impressive. The mag release is a little far back there. Youve got another pick rail up here. If you wanted to put a light, a laser or just a grip. In all honesty, this isnt bad, if you stripped it down to its very brass tacks.

Youd be left with this as your main blaster doing bolt action stuff its kind of a shame that there isnt a second handle for people who would want to even out that prime using both hands at once, but uh aesthetically. I mean its really good its nice to see a pretty real steel inspired silhouette, just in solid orange, i think thats definitely the way to do it and the the adapter definitely looks like it would take talons in addition to katanas these being more katana geometry. But we can slide the adapter in and then you use this as your release, everything there seems pretty pretty consistent with what uh what we should be expecting. I cant wait to crack this thing open and do a modification guide for it, but im gon na fire. One that feels good too thats, not a bad stock. It helps that im like kind of hunched into it uh. So we are firing uh, full length and half length, uh adventure force pros or af pros the standard, walmart darts, these being the darts that uh that are really cost effective in terms of their quality. I do want to put a few over the chronograph. I just want to get you guys that data. I wish that i could do a full breakdown and a modification guide, but i just dont have that ability right now so ill go ahead and put some over the chronograph well go ahead and do the half links.

First, we are in here lets uh set up like so thats 1′ duplicate, 1′, 140, 137, 141, pretty uh, pretty pretty standard in terms of pro blaster performance. It would be great to see a 150 but im assuming that were breech loading and what has to be, let me take the mag out before i check this uh. What has to be a relatively short barrel length in this guy yeah? Is there i feel like theres an aluminum barrel in there, but its hard to see because this orange piece here comes to about here and then the plastic sort of insert here comes to about here. I feel like this thing could be a rocket if it had more barrel to work with, and i imagine thats part of whats limiting our performance right now, all right. So we got the full lengths over here lets put a few of those over and that was 131. im having to chamber these really carefully, because the humidity is pretty bad right now, thats, 101 and again, i think that uh, i think, were not benefiting from the Yeah 87, its crazy, i think the 94. I think i might be getting some vacuum loading. This is a perfect example of why half links are just like the future of not just the hobby, but also like just any category of foam flinging back to 140 chambering. Easy duplicate, 140, pretty cool lets, see, if maybe taking the barrel off stripping this down a little bit, helps with some of that uh that drag pop.

That out again, these are the uh, the brand new darts trying to be really really nice about how we chamber them in there too, and when were nice, its theres a 122.. I mean here one more 134, okay, all right so uh thats, i mean thats it its uh its hard to, i guess, get more into without actively taking it apart. I just dont have the time right now, but printing, not only on one side, and this is a really nice printed pattern, but also on the other side, this side being very clean, theyve done an excellent job of hiding kind of that warning text. On some of these curvatures, it looks like they have to have flat surfaces, for whatever this process is the mirroring it onto the grip scales is really really nice. The ability to take down and quickly assemble the uh, the blaster, with both the barrel and the stock. I think is really nice at 65 bucks. This thing blows. You know virtually any other performance based blaster out of the water uh, just because its getting pro level performance with a stock with sights with uh bolt action. I mean its definitely. The pro quote unquote sniper rifle right now. I think that some of the paint jobs – if you painted this thing completely new black, you would uh youd, be pretty dangerous. I would not recommend that i think that for a cosplay like a dragon con or comic con or a prop like that, youd probably be fine, although i would still highly recommend leaving your uh, your orange taser tip on there just for the sake of safety, because It is, and i think that it would be a bad not to mention its a pretty menacing silhouette if you, if you murdered it out completely, but overall i mean i think this ones.

A huge win im excited to see him at walmarts here in georgia. Before i uh cut this one up and start messing with it, you can absolutely expect to see some accessories for this on phoneproshop.com very, very soon looks like it would take our sights super easy. I imagine well do something down here, as well as uh, probably mess with our standard suite of mag releases, skinny, pushers, etc, etc, and so forth i mean just a really cool blaster plus dinosaurs dinosaurs jurassic park. How do you beat that? Thank you guys so much for watching. Hopefully, you enjoyed this first look. I would throw a link in the description box down below uh, but it seems like these are. These are showing up early. I would just keep an eye on your walmart toy shelf if youre uh, if youre hunting jurassic world uh rifles of your own, the jurassic pro.