Far blade i’ve been riding. This bike, for the last couple of weeks have been getting to know it quite well and in this video what i’m going to do is tell you the top five things. I love about the bikes. If you’re interested in the honda, cbr 1000rr fireblade sp stick around stay tuned, Music, okay, so the mighty fireblade then in this latest incarnation brand new for 2020, an absolute beast of a bike. 214 brake horsepower sports bike, definitely not designed for riding around the leafy lanes of the buckinghamshire countryside. This is a little misleading, just in case you’re, wondering it’s an absolutely beautiful place, as you can see, and anyway, i’m, not really a sports bike rider. To be perfectly honest, i love the way they look. I love the technology on them. I’M, not really a track fan or a speed fan. I just like riding on the road, so i’ve been looking at this bike. In that sense, okay, i completely get the bike. Is wasted on me, but there are plenty of reviews out there about what the bike is like on track, go and check those out if you’re interested in those sort of credentials i’m more interested in what’s it like for a normal rider. If you haven’t seen my first impressions review, do go back and check that out as i go through what the bikes like to ride through the specs and all that kind of thing, but uh in this video.

I want to take you through the things that to me the things that have stood out since i’ve been riding this bike. What makes this such a special bike? Okay, so i just jumped off the bike briefly to talk to you about number five on my list of the top five things i love about the bike, and that is some of these sort of design features of this bike. Some of the top tech, aero design features that they’ve incorporated into the machine and just stuff really from racing technologies. The first thing is this big old ram air duct here that’s new for this particular model, it absolutely sculpts in air. There takes it straight away into the air box underneath the fuel tank. I absolutely love that the next thing that i love about this is an aero another aero part, and that is the fins fins are all the things on boxes, those aren’t wings. Rather, i should say well here it does have wings on the far right, but they are integrated. Is this rather nice fairing? So it just looks better, i think, but again on track. Presumably they have. Some downfalls makes no difference to me as a road rider, but i just think that’s a lovely feature and it looks great and then another thing again, that’s been carried directly over from racing apparently is this uh? Is this swing arm on the back? I think this is exactly the same.

I was told as a swing arm on the bsb bike, so uh that’s number five uh on my list of the top five things i love about the fireblade sp that’s, all the carryover tech from the racing world. So, to number four on my list of the things i love about the bike and that’s, something that doesn’t crop up very often with sports bike. That is basically the comfort the bike. I find this bike. Quite roomy, i’m. Five foot, eight medium sized fella. I can move around on this seat, you can tuck right down and lean back or i can sit right upright, and i just find the bike really comfortable for a sports bike. These things are relative i’m used to riding my ducati panigale, and that thing is really uncomfortable. Frankly in comparison, i really think you could go away and tour on this bike and you wouldn’t be in an absolute state. Afterwards, okay yeah the seat is quite hard, but the riding position itself isn’t that extreme as sports bikes go. I don’t have loads of weight on my wrists again, definitely not as much as on the panigale anyway, so that’s a number four on the list of the top five things. I love about the fire blade that is uh the comfort of the bike for a sports bike. Okay, on to number three, then, on my top five list and that’s, something that uh really isn’t so much relevant for a road rider and it’s, something that i don’t.

Often, praise bikes, for what am i talking about talking about the track, focused electronics on this bike. Now, if you are a track god, this bike is so terrible, it’s incredible there are so many different options and modes and tweaks that you can make the way this bike rides. It’S, just superb, even traction control, for example. I think it has nine different levels that you can select. Everything is completely tailorable on this bike. Let’S come down here. Music sounds epic as well. So if you want to change the engine braking, you can do that. If you want to change how much the wheel will lift up through the anti wheelie, you can do that and, of course, suspension settings this one being the sp. It has a semi active suspension, abs, you name it. You can change it on this bike. So, even though, for me as a road rider, it’s, probably irrelevant you’ve got to admire the tech on this bike, it’s absolutely laden with it. So that makes number three on my list of the top five things i love about the fireblade sp. I have these little bicycle lanes that you can just nip down here. Just keeps you out the way, the oncoming traffic okay on to number two on my list of the top five things i love about the far right, sp then, and that is something that is as relevant to riding on a sunday afternoon as it is to the Track – and that is the handling on this bike, of course, on honda’s top spec sport spot you’d expect the handling to be good, but it really is amazing, it’s one of those bikes you just think about where you want it to go, and it goes the steering Geometry setup is lovely on this it’s, not too flighty it doesn’t catch you out.

As i say, it feels kind of neutral it doesn’t tuck in when you don’t expect it to it. Doesn’T take a lot of man handling. It just goes where you want it to that, combined with the uh really sophisticated odin suspension on the sp model makes for a beautiful handling package and that’s, something that does apply on the road as well as on the track, and that makes number two on my List the top five things i love about the bike. Okay, on to the important stuff, then what’s, the top thing on my list what’s the number one thing that i love about: the cbr 1000 rr r5 blade sp it’s, not the name that’s for sure. Now, what that is is something quite simple, and that is despite the phenomenal specifications of this bike. The 214 brake horsepower the cost 25 grand if thereabouts, it’s, quite an intimidating bike. When you see it on paper, but despite all that, it’s really really easy to ride and that’s the top five that’s the top thing. I love about this bike. It might be again because of those electrics on the bike, but uh it just flatters your riding, even though this has got a big hairy engine on it, built for speed built for the track, even if you’re riding like this in traffic just around your local area, It flatters your riding there’s, nothing difficult about riding this bike, there’s, nothing intimidating about it, it’s one of the easiest bikes to just jump on and ride.

It really is now don’t. Get me wrong. This is not a bike for beginners if you’re just getting into parking. Don’T think because i say that you should get on one of these and ride, because that’s going to be a recipe for disaster, the bike has the performance of a top supercar and you wouldn’t ride one of those. If you just passed your test and the thing absolutely flies when you want it to so definitely not a bite for beginners, but uh yeah it’s, not a bike to be scared off. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into riding this it’s. Absolutely superb! So there we have it that’s, my top five things i love about the farmland sp. I hope you enjoyed that video and, if you are interested in this bike, stick around stay tuned to the channel, because i’ve got the bike for a few days more yet before it goes back i’m going to be bringing you my in depth review where i talk About all the things i’ve learned about the bike during the period that i’ve had it not just the good things, but the bad things too no bite is perfect. I’Ll, take you through those pros and cons, as well as showing you what it’s like to ride this bike at night, what it’s like to ride it on motorways and all that stuff, so do stick around stay tuned to the channel if you haven’t done so already.

Do hit that subscribe button and i’ll see you on the next video. Until then, this has been the mr fly.