This is an updated version of the wingsuit that i reviewed approximately a month ago and basically it’s pretty similar in terms of you know, being a two and a half inch cinework with inverted motors, uh they’ve updated the stack and the motors and the frame so it’s. You know it’s quite a bit different than the original, so here’s the original here and, as you can see, i’ve taken the vista out of this version and put it into the wingsuit s. So what they sent me here is actually the version that does not come with the vista in it. So if you do get that one it’s, obviously going to be less expensive, it’s like 150 versus one with the vista already in it, i think it’s like 290 and uh. It does come with the nebula pro camera. If you do get the one with the vista already in it, but then if you want to add your own and get the version i have here um, you know it’s 150, plus whatever vista version you have and you can use you know the nebula pro or The original dji camera, or even the nebula that’s kind of up to you what you want to do with that um now you know when i moved over the my vista from the wingsuit original wingsuit to the wingsuit s, i mistakenly assumed that they wired it correctly Or this, the the plug was the same, a wire order and it’s not the same order.

So if you do move it over from the original wing suit to the wingsu nets, if you happen to do this procedure, you will have to resolder the wires on the vista so that they’re in the correct order for the flight controller, and it does come with Documentation on what the wiring orders for this flight controller, so this is the flight controller. It comes with an f7 flight controller now, and this is the plug that it comes with, and so what i did was i moved it over and i just plugged it in and i didn’t i didn’t check the wire order and it just assumed it would be The same in both the flight controllers are different. So just be aware that if you do that, you will have to rearrange the wire order of the wires that are soldered to the vista, so it matches this diagram and uh. They went away from a single board solution here on the original wing series, with one single board there. I think that was enough for um all, basically all one board with the ecs and the flight controller all together. Now you have two boards here with a 25 amp, build all the s, esc plus and f7 flight controllers, so those those are the upgrades there. So i think that that’s they can. You know if you want to add gps, for example, you could do that and they upgraded the motors. So you can see this new stack there uh the flight controller, usb type c port is a bit hard to get to uh you’re going to have to get either a right angle, adapter cable, which, which is what i used or you have to shave down your Your usb cable, the end so that it can fit into this tiny spot here or you’re gon na have to take the motors off so unscrew.

These eight screws here to uh basically remove the motors move them down as well as the prop guards move them out of the way. So you have access to the usb port, so that’s, a pretty big negative in my in my mind in terms of the design flaw here, they didn’t account for that or they should have at least included a right angle adapter in the kit. Obviously i get a lot of drones, so i have a lot of those lying around, but you may not have that, so you can have some problems getting into that usb port and then of course, now they’ve gone to these new 1404 motors they’re, pretty nice. Looking uh 4 500 kb and i think they’re calling them the chocolate motors. I guess it’s supposed to look like melted chocolate on a cake or something like that. Pretty nice, nice looking design it’s a good, powerful motor change. The props as well to the gem fan five bladed d63 prop two and a half inch prop um, supposedly like with the frame change and everything and the props supposed to be less noisy. It does seem a little bit less noisy than the original. Obviously, with the the frame kind of blocking the airflow that has caused more noise on the original here and they kind of sort of slimmed it down on the new version. So you have more airflow and so it’s a little bit less noisy, along with the change in the props.

Also that you know, change in the motors is the big thing. You’Re gon na get a lot more power with the 1404 motor over the 1106 motor. So if you want to do a little bit of light acro, you can do it with this one. I would recommend using a smaller, lighter battery like the force 450 versus a bigger one. If you’re going for more flight time and less aggro, you can go for like a 650 to an 850 to get a lot more flight time. Now, your flight time is going to vary a lot on these center whips. So in on this forest 450 it’s going to be much more agile, your flight 10 is going to be shorter, but the range of that fight is going to be pretty wide. So if you go full throttle like drag, you know was a drag racing type of flying. You know just going all all nutso on the throttle. You can burn this battery in about 30 seconds if you’re very you know, gentle on the throttle just kind of cruising around real slow. You could get up to four minutes on this battery. So really depends on how you fly. Now you go to a bigger battery. It’S going to be less less agile, you know it’s not going to be as acrobatic it’s going to be obvious to feel a lot heavier as well. You get more flight times, so the range of the flight time on this one, if you’re going totally crazy on throttle, maybe a minute and a half on the low end and up to five and a half minutes on the high end.

If you’re just cruising around real slow and if you go to the even the bigger the 4s 850, you know again, your range is going to go up a little bit more, maybe, like you know two three minutes of going crazy on the throttle versus um. You know perhaps up to seven minutes on the 850, maybe even more, depending on other conditions like the wind, so you might get asked that all the time what’s the flight time, it really depends on how you fly it and what battery you use. So the range is going to be pretty wide. Now you know again, if you want to do you want to do accurate with this one which you can which i’m like well i’m. I would never deal with one of these. You can do it if you want, if you’re you’re, going to have to be kind of a skilled pilot, because it even with a lighter force 450, it does still feel heavy. So you’re gon na have to be very quick on the throttle to make sure you don’t crash it or be up high in the air if you’re gon na be doing your flips and rolls, but the tune on this is pretty nice. It can do all that stuff um it while it’s a lot heavier than the the 95 xb3 from beta fpv. It has a much better tune and a much more powerful um setup, so it comes with just basically.

This is kind of like a 95 x v3 on steroids, it’s totally upgraded it’s got the much better. Cpus got the f7 uh bigger, esc’s, much bigger motors. So, if you’re looking for something a little bit more premium over the 95 v3 um also comes with the tune that i didn’t have to change at all. It just flew nicely out of the box, whereas the 95x v3 didn’t apply so well any other things. Is you get less jello in this one, because the way this mount is designed now they’ve changed the design a little bit as well since i’ve gotten this, and this is kind of what a lot of these companies will do, especially there’s, newer ones, they’ll send out Review units not 100 complete like almost there, but then they’re going to make some changes so, for example, they added some leds to this carbon plate board here to hold the vista so on the production versions: that’s that’s, uh, a new change. Obviously, they’re gon na have a different antenna that you see in the pictures on the uh being good website. Uh that comes with a custom hum fpv antenna, which is a little bit lighter versus the standard catx antenna, and then they changed the mounting a little bit. Here now out of the box this, when i put the gopro in here, it would just slightly basically just move around too much and any kind of movement would cause this angle to change, and it was because the screw is too long.

So i put a little washer there to take up some of that space to tighten down the camera. Now it doesn’t do that so it’s fine, i mean a real hard crash. It will obviously change the angle which is kind of annoying, so you probably will need an extra screw there to to secure the angle but i’m pretty sure that this mount design has already changed. So if you order this and get this it’s going to be a different, i think it’s going to be a slightly different design where the angle changing on you right kind of randomly isn’t going to happen. But this one does have a much less of a jello problem, because the camera and the gopro is mounted and sort of a way that there’s less vibration getting through versus a 95 xb3. The fpv camera is actually mounted directly to the frame we’re. All you know where the motor vibration is, whereas the gopro is mounted to some vibration dampening of rubber grommets that prevent the gel from getting into the hd footage. But your fpv footage is just full of jello, so that’s another uh change, that’s better on this model versus the 95 xv3, all right, so here’s how much it weighs and yeah and it’s going to be super heavy coming in at 145.5 grams and the 95 xp3 With the smo mount, i guess i it’s not. The booper amount it’s like 1718 grams, so this is significantly heavier so most of the weights coming from the bigger stack and the bigger motors and basically everything’s kind of beefed up even the the ducks and everything here.

The pop guards everything’s beefed up compared to the knight effects 95 xp3, but because you have the 1404 motors you are able to carry around that weight, you just have to be a little bit more quick on the throttle in case you’re like doing like dives and Stuff because it will drop pretty quickly because of the extra weight okay, so i’m going to show you some uh gopro footage here from the hero6, the naked hair six here and i’m gon na list, some other additional flights down in the description of the actual dji Fpv camera feed because i know a lot of you guys are interested in that one and you’re wondering how much jello there is i’ll list that down as separate videos in the video description. So if you want to see specifically that they’ll give you an idea of how it’s actually flying and how controllable it is, and you’ll you’ll hear that from my narrated flight at the end here, but the the actual video from the narrator is going to be from The gopro and then i’ll list a couple of extra flights down in the description, because i know some of you guys want to see extra flight footage, but i don’t want to make the video an hour long so um, you know just to make a video a Little bit shorter, those will be listed as extra videos down in the video description. So don’t miss those if you want to check those out Music all right, so this thing’s pretty loud it’s about as loud as the 95 x v 3.

Maybe i’ll pad padgett ladder running the same uh props with a different motor, and i got the caddix nebula pro on we’re going here, stock tunes stock, everything throttles a little floaty Music. It doesn’t drop as quickly and it’s, mainly due to the bigger motors but it’s uh tracking nicely, not drifting around and the tunes okay. I’D. Probably tweak it a little bit somebody, i guess, um Music. One of you guys asked me a question about this model in another video uh. I guess some other reviewers have gotten this earlier they’re saying i don’t know i didn’t watch the video someone. Someone told me that uh they heard they watched another review and they’re. Like oh, they heard it was really quiet. I was like i don’t know about that. I mean it’s a two and a half inch per color there’s, some people over there two and a half inch propeller, i mean how quiet could it be? Doesn’T seem that quiet to me, oh there’s, some room now calm. It looks like it’s tracking nicely, not so much. You seem to get pushed around a lot if i go behind these trees over here, all right so i’m.