I actually got it off of ebay, so my mom’s grandpa was like this. Okay i’ll buy you anything off of ebay that you want for your birthday, so i was looking on there for stuff. I was like this. Oh i saw this drone i was like. Oh, can i get this one’s like yeah sure we put around it for a little bit but it’s kind of fun, but let’s get into it so um or something we are down on the floor, all right, very good on the floor, but let’s do today unboxing. So the guy will send it over from anyway um. So here it is so it’s a little tiny drone. You get two extra batteries. As you can see, you get two little extra batteries, um we’ll get to we’ll, get to the giant stuff. Oh, you get a little charger for your batteries. Actually, you get a bunch of stuff using extra propellers and here’s the little instruction booklet on booklet and how to use it, but we don’t they don’t play with that. Crap hey, but here it is there’s. No button works we play with around it a little bit and she will see here it’s the drone like this um, but watch this, so i plug it in just go crazy and stuff. The reason that is because there is already actually a battery in this all these batteries are fully charged um i’m, going to bring it all up there.

We are but um it’s, actually a pretty neat drone. The only downside is that there’s a road burn on it or i like to call road burn, but now, if so, what you do is then you can close this up, but it’s not on right now, but it’s pretty fun to actually play with i’ve, actually we’ve. Actually been outside um playing with it, but i took out my mom needed some batteries. Also you’re gon na hear some stuff in the background i’m. Sorry about that, my sister’s watching stuff on her kindle or her tablet or whatever my mom’s doing stuff in the kitchen. So, i’m! Sorry, for that, but yeah as you’ll see, this is the backlog. Now um, every single lego boxes, everything right there in the legal box, there’s there’s, nothing in these i’ve already built them, as you can see up here, actually yeah. I hope y’all like this um, you can’t, see everything i decided. I might just do a setup tour, real, quick, so wait! So here we are here’s. Every single lego build i’ve built so far, um so yeah. I should have actual rolex here. Extra rolex you’re, probably gon na see car stickers in the back, but we’re actually gon na remodel my room, and then we have all this right here, i’m, probably going to end up getting rid of this. As you see, we got some pokemon back here, which i was actually trying to put that somewhere.

Somehow back here, i’m just going to, we also got some of these mini blocks. Sorry you, but i actually paid five dollars for all these, but so yeah um there’s. Also, my hallway let’s get back on the switch, so i can review the drone all right. So this is actually a really neat drone. Sorry about that, but um yeah it’s, actually a really neat drone it’s hard to work. If you don’t know like how to work it, but um it’s, actually really fun to do it’s actually really fun to play around with too. But if you’re wondering yes, i we have all the paperwork. I just threw it off. This is actually the entire bucket or a little on booklet. It shows you how to work the drone and everything it has some of it in japanese jeff and use some of it, but yeah here’s how to work the drone and stuff which is actually pretty difficult. Oh sure i don’t know what type of view it is v 1.0, as you guys see, i got some new sorted ones. Um sony’s have stuff in them like this. One has connects um this one right here has lego instruction manuals and stuff, and then i save a little bit actually like right here, but yeah. I just want to do a quick review. A really cool review actually came in today say they use it that’s and then you’ve made it so, but they’re only boxing was actually even on it.

It’S that right there um i’m, probably most likely going to try to keep the box and make condition, because, if y’all don’t know why also if you are wondering here’s, a little update on the flurry of 40 box i’m still not got a new one. Yet i have to get a new one, because i i think this was the only good one there yeah this was so we were going walking around. I was like oh well, we’re at the lego section you can pick up. One thing looks like this. Oh okay, i guess i’ll just pick up the ferrari of course, or it was a mclaren. I forgot what it was. I forgot what it was. I think it was mclaren. No, i forgot what it was. I know it was a mclaren. I can’t remember what it was, though i have to do some research mom. Actually, this the ferrari food is actually one of my favorite cars. As you can see, i actually have a little hot wheels type version, um fun fact for you, there’s. Actually, a total of eight bucks on the entire car, oh wait or another. I forgot how many i haven’t watched everything in a while yeah. I just wanted to do a cool review on the drone, and i really and also i wanted to do. I wanted to also like update you all in the box. This desktop in bad condition. Um. I am to get a new one for the fario 40.

. Let me give it all one to my sister there’s. No point i’m gon na give this one to my sister there’s, no point of keeping it i mean like. I could keep it for the box because it like attack that that whatever breaks my heart, but now, if it was let’s, say the gtr. If it was that orders actually, no, if it was a gtr, i probably want to try to go out automatically and try to get a replacement box for this. One it’s been like yeah it’s, not a ferrari, but i do like the youtuber that’s. Why? I have it second or i actually stuffed that one, but we have that one right there, something like hey ferrari, also there’s more stuff over there, i’m gon na unbox guys want to give you all a little update one night but yeah. I just want to say thank you all for being here my video um.