I love it because its small and portable, i could travel and then use the camera, and i could film everything. The camera is good. Its pretty good quality. The battery is very long. Actually, i think it i think its an hour Music yeah, its very stable and its simple. It can deflect if you just press this button and then the direction youre Music, its very good it doesnt – have limits how much it flies im, not sure it has limits, because its only pretty high over there yeah and its a very good drone. I, like it very, very much to pair the drone you have to go in the settings. Then you will see all of these things, Music. You go into wi fi and you trip to a holocaust selling the networks, and then you go into the app and theres the controller, the game, controller yep, and then you can visit the warranty and theres a qr code. If you need Music Music, i have to crash over here on this side, and then you just leave the controller Music Music.