Hs 330. um. This drone was also on sale. It um it was one of the newer ones, so it was already cheap plus it had the five dollar coupon on it, which is great um, so yeah. This is also a voiceover i’m trying something new uh. Let me know if it’s good or not anyways, so let’s get into this box so um. Here we have our basic items, including the um, the caution of battery very simple um, the manual you know, you’ll find all the stuff you need in there. I i think this one does come with a warranty but i’m unsure, um there’s, also a usb cord that charges two batteries at the same time, which is very handy. It takes around seven minutes to charge the batteries. Then in here you have your screwdriver. Your extra parts and also there’s a little piece in here to help take off the um propellers without you know, breaking them, because hair can get in the drone pretty easily um anyway, so on to the actual drone onto the actual drone um. The remote controller here anyways um this is the controller. It is um just a simple controller. You have your on and off switch. You have um your headless mode, your modes, everything on there um sorry i’m, not going in depth with this um i’ll, explain more later. On in the video anyways so right here we got the simple drone: it has little guards.

It has the racing propellers, which i find pretty fun, because the racing propellers are great um. It comes with three batteries: just like holy ton likes doing holy stone, likes, adding two batteries, plus an extra one for a review and then um three batteries for the small drones, which is great. You know um three extra batteries is just great, so anyways you just hold that button on the bottom. You can’t really see it, but it’ll turn on it will light up. The little light in the front is movable. You can move it up and down um, which is kind of nice, because i don’t think you would really need to move it up and down, but it’s good to have. You know for your preference anyways, so we got the drone right here. It has three aaa batteries needed and you don’t necessarily need to put the screw back in. It already has a clip piece, but it’s good for there to be secure. In case you drop the controller anyways up and down to secure the connection, and then you press the up and down button or you can throw it in the air as well. Throwing it in the air will activate the drone as well. So this is just a simple showing of you know: drone flying and stuff it’s, pretty chill nice and still pretty chill nice and still um yeah. So it’s simple like that. Now we have a new add on here, just showing you the drone kind of flying around.

This is speed, one um it’s, pretty slow, it’s nice for beginners. Of course, though, and i think i switched it to speed 2 just now – yep speed, 2 right here, pretty nice and then speed 3.. It goes pretty fast, it’s kind of hard to tell i’m actually recording this on a almost dead battery, so it’s kind of going down a bunch that’s when you know it’s about to die, but i’m gon na switch out the battery to a new one here shortly. Um but yeah, this is just showing you know the hovering. The flying around um yeah it’s, simple, it’s, easy. When the drone lights do flash like that, it does mean that drone battery is low, um it’s around 45 battery, once that starts happening and it’ll start going to the ground more and to stop at midair. You can just flip it upside down. Bing bop, boop we’re. Back with a new battery um i’m, just sure i’m trying to show you guys here, the optical avoidance it’s not like for um the hs450, where it would just automatically avoid obstacles it’s a kind of bit tricky. You have to actually move towards the obstacle in order for it to avoid the obstacle which is kind of weird, but it does what it does: um Music yep. These are just simple flips. You simply press the little flip button and then move the right stick. The way you want to go so if you want to do a right barrel, roll you’ll just quickly switch it right, just very quickly, very easy.

Just like this. As i show you and you press that button, and you do that, and it goes towards that. So if you want to do a roll, a flip, it just depends which way you press it see you go up, it does a flip. It can also do a back flip, a front flip uh barrel roll, and this i was trying to show you the obstacle avoidance, but i uh i forgot to turn it on. So it kind of went nuts. Look at me staring the camera in disappointment anyways. So now we have the drone. The drone is chill i’m, just showing you how you know you can throw it up in the air and it starts flying like that. Look at me look at it in such a menacing way. Um also it’s pretty easy. Whenever you start landing you just press land and control it to your hand, it’s pretty it’s, pretty easy. It doesn’t like bounce around like most holy stone drones. Do this just kind of just stops as soon as it hits the ground, which is nice? They need to do that more like i don’t want it bouncing around 15 times when i want it to land um here i’m, just trying to show you the obstacle avoidance mode, which you hold the speed, um the speed button and it’ll turn into obstacle avoidance mode. Here i forgot what i was doing and i crashed because obstacle avoidance mode like i said you have to actually push towards the target instead of having it automatically obstacle void.

So if you want an auto obstacle avoid you know nice and chill, i recommend the hs450, but if you want something a little bit faster, um a little bit less likely to you know, crash and die um. I recommend this drone. The last drone um i gave to my brother and he ended up flying it on the neighbor’s roof. So please fly this indoors. Okay, please i’m begging! You do not fly this outside fly indoors, anyways here, anyways, yeah i’m, just showing you obstacle avoidance, now it’s kind of hard to do, because if it flips over or something you have to push a certain way, so obstacle avoidance mode. If you want it nice and easily um, i recommend going in uh headless mode. That way, you know which way it is at all times, but i’m not used to headless mode. I always use it the normal way so i’m here panicking, trying to show you guys how it works. Um but yeah obstacle avoidance mode in this drone is kind of tricky, but i do recommend the hs450 for the obstacle avoidance mode, but for the speed and like the overall flight time and um flight itself, i do recommend the hs330 hello everybody. So this is just me flying the hs uh, the ht02, which was my last review. So if you enjoyed this video review of the hs330, please hit the subscribe button like and follow like and subscribe um. That would be great because my views have been going down recently and that’s, because the youtube youtube just doesn’t seem to like rating my videos, um that’s, a okay, it doesn’t, really matter.

As long as i get the video out there, um anyways. If you want to know the review about the drone footage i’m, giving you right now, this is the ht02 drone footage, which was my last video. I will put it at the end of this video and the link will also be in the description if you want to watch it um i this this is similarly priced to the hs330 um it does. This one does not have obstacle avoidance mode that’s, the thing, but it is fun with fpv. You can put this thing in vr. It has a bunch of different features. Um. I recommend you get this ht02 drone. It is a very awesome, drone, um, so yeah. I just enjoyed this footage.