The house and i’ll tell you my review on it, so the battery goes inside in the bottom right around here and it comes with two batteries. We got a really good deal on this. We got it for like 32 ish around 42 i meant and um normal people sell them for like a hundred and tennis around. So we got a really good deal on it. So i’ll tell you my review and how good it flies. So now i’m gon na put it up here and now you should see this area over here of me flying the drone. Oh, you drove right into it and the take off button is this button right here. This is the take off and this is the landon, and this is for headless. This is for trim, and this is a gyroscope like that. So now, i’m gon na take off right now, one second, you never sinked it. Oh wow, the thing’s not sinking shut it down, okay, we’re good, so it flies really nice. You just need to press the trim button and then they calibrate when it’s flying so it’s a really nice drone, it’s pretty expensive. If you don’t get a deal on it, but it flies really. Nice like this is a good indoor drone. You could fly it outside there’s speed, you can report there’s everything a normal drone has, but it cannot flip down and it also doesn’t have to return a home, but not a lot of drones.

You have that unless you have like a big one, that’s meant to fly outside and it also comes with guards. So it makes it easier to find sides when you press up things like ramp yeah, if you crash into something it doesn’t damage the propellers or wall. As much or the object you hit into, but it performs really good, i think it definitely is good for the money that we got before. I think on the normal price for it. I think that is a fair price for it. It Music, Music. I think they priced it right so here’s what it looks like taking a landing. So now i just pressed the landing. So all you do is press it again and you lift up so it lands pretty smoothly lens around exactly where you press this. So it’s pretty nice, the signal gets pretty good, it’s, really long and it’s a really good inside drone. But the only thing i would recommend is use it in an open space like if you have a really small room when you’re explaining i wouldn’t recommend flying it. In there just because you might get into something so yeah, but you should record on this and everything so it’s, pretty nice sd card sd card you can do and the battery runs for around like 10 minutes, seven seven times two yeah, so around 14 it’s meant To get to play with stuff, i like the drone i’m, not going to say the best indoor drone but it’s, definitely probably in the top 10, and you could of course do spin around like this Music it’s on a low battery, so i’m gon na.

Take it in for a landing like that yep it’s on a low battery. You can see now the blue light instead of having all three filled out now, there’s only one. So i mean this on its last battery, so it and also the charging port is a normal port and the way how you put the battery in is so what you have to do is first, you see like this little um thing, or should i say a Easier way, the two holes right here this part is the part that is gon na go into this area, but first you need to put this into it like that, so you need to push it up, so it locks in one second. So now the battery will be like this, and now you pull this down and then you would just push it in and then it pops in like that and to get it out. You do you push it down and you grab the battery out like that. So so my review is, i would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only thing that i think it could they could update on is maybe like um the what is it called um the. I think they should have a warning that says when your battery is low, because when you’re flying you can’t really see the top like this right. Good point good point so either yeah and if you’re in headless it wouldn’t say so.

I think they could do something else about that, because the normally the big drone they either come back or the remote beeps saying that you have a low battery and for the remote i think, it’s a really good remote and like most remotes um, you can do That you could open this up and store your phone inside. It goes pretty long out and out of the box, this um beats feel pretty um nice to feel in your hand, there’s not not a lot of duck in here and it’s really hard. We had this for like seven ish months around and nothing has ever got into these remotes, so yeah it’s really nice to have, i think, it’s. Definitely one of the best ones you can buy with um. I meant one of the best drones you could buy for indoor flying and it comes with um a case like this one. Second, it comes with the case. Okay, so it comes in a case like this so and inside there’s um a little baggie here on the side, and this is where you store the drone on this area, part and the remote. Let me quickly put it in so i can show you how they fit to put to put it in. You do need to um, take the guards off of the drone i’m, not gon na. Do it right now because they’re pretty good in, but this is how you would um have your remote set up so it’d be like this and then you would have these arms tucked in to fit in there.

So it’s a pretty good drone overall but, like i said, i think there should be another warning and you can get extra parts for this drone. So that means it’s. Definitely not a toy grade. Drone that’s, something if you’re a drone. You can’t buy extra parts, for that means it’s, probably a toy grade drone. This, i would say, is a real hobby grade drone just because of the fact that it can fly outside and it would do it with no problem as long as there’s, not a certain amount of wind. So, overall, i think the drone, though, like the way they styled, it is really nice and also you could actually turn on a light here. See this trigger right here. You turn that on oh yeah, the battery needs to be in hold on one. Second, let me just put it in see, and once you put the battery in, there is a working light, see right there there’s the light and it does shine it’s a pretty good light. It’S, not it’s, not the best light, but it definitely is a light. So it does work as you can see, and also um. If you had your thing hooked up to a sd card, you could see if um i zoom in a little bit um, you can see how there are these two buttons. This is picture and video. Sorry about the bad quality, but this this one right here. This one is the video and over here this one is for the pictures so it’s a very good drone style.

I give them on that. I give a five out of five for drone style and this camera um.