The joiner viewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content with that lets begin holy stone approached me to test the holy stone, hs, 720 g so first well take a look at the unboxing. Then well take a look at the flight and then ill wrap things up. Okay were going to go ahead and take a look and see what you get with the holly stone. Hs 720g. First of all, heres the box when it comes in and whats real nice is it comes in this real nice um content. Zippered container. Let me go ahead and unzip it here with plenty of room for the drone and the accessories theres a detailed instruction manual, and it is detailed heres. The drone itself and the battery goes in the back here – is the battery the battery charges with this usb cable right here and then last but not least, is the controller. It is battery, operated, handles, come out, and then here is for your phone holder and adjust. So you can adjust the angle for the phone holder also included with the holy stone. Hs720G were spare propellers a screwdriver and a gimbal cover. Okay, that was the unboxing lets. Take a look at the flight Music, Music, Music. Okay, we got the holy stone. Hs720 g up for a little spin here lets go ahead and get the camera started, took a photo there.

Music go ahead and get recording started. We got recording started, lets. Take it up in the air here a little bit see what we got all right. Oh looking good so far in this initial test flight lets go ahead and switch things up here, a little bit: okay, im finding that we just dont have a lot of range with this here, so our house, down there and now its getting no transmission signal again And its returning, it says so uh. Evidently it lost the connection and thats not very far at all. We probably werent more than 300 feet away. Okay, it landed, obviously not on the pad were going to try it out for second flight here again interesting about the. I got the drone up were gon na. Try it again see if we can get a little more range. This time lets head out here. A little bit seems like im getting a little bit better range, this time out now no transmission signal thats at about 535 feet here now, its back now its now its gone again. Okay were gon na go ahead and do a return to home here: um, Music. Okay were going to take it out for a third spin here, im actually going to go out to the cul de sac, see if maybe we can get a little bit better range here with this okay lets see if we get some better range with it here. This time, Music about 50 feet, lets take it out.

Here i got like 200 feet out 400 feet 500 and another weak signal again. Im gon na have to return to home uh its interesting how it does the return to home. It does not turn the drone around it actually backs up, which is very interesting, actually hit the landing pad this time, its very interesting all the flights. I i did it more out in the open, i adjusted the antennas and were still getting this um. You know about 500 feet, it loses its transmission signal, so uh. That concludes this test now to wrap things up. I did have several pluses and a big minus that i wanted to go ahead and share with you. The pluses are that it does appear stable when it takes off using in gps mode. Of course, now the video quality appears to be good to very good. The app also appears to be very straightforward and fairly easy to understand, understand and navigate, and also it does come with a very nice carry case, as you saw in the unboxing now the big minus is, it does have very limited range in all my testing. I wasnt able to get past about 500 or 550 feet and i did it in a variety of situations, uh from from different positions, and i adjusted the antenna. But the result was still the same during all of those times. Also, an item of note when it does a return to home, the drone does not spin around, like you see with a dji drone, but it kind of it backs up when it does the return to home question of the day.