I got links down below if you want to pick. One up lets check it out. Music, Music lets see whats in this box. You got a carrying case. I love that i cant tell you how many times i had a drone in one hand a remote in the other and a camera in my pocket. This solves my problems. Its a nice touch, nice looking case too. All right lets open it. So we have the remote here. I guess this is the battery and the drone all right. So let me unfold this. I guess the back ones. First, all right check it out guys. One sharp, looking drone man kind of reminds me of my other holy stone. Hs. 175D did a few videos with this one too very cool drone. I have links for this one too, all right so heres, your 4k camera all right. You have a light indicator in the front here. These are your brushless motors nice. Your batteries back here, apparently uh can fly for 25 minutes, but well check that for sure heres. Your usb type c charging port, which is good, and this battery does have a light indicator. See that snap, that back in optical flow sensor, right here and right here, is your micro sd card slot. It takes up to 32 gigabytes, make sure its uh class 10 or above all, right. So let me break down some of these specs brushless motors, like i showed you a 4k camera with 120 degree field of view, gps, its foldable wi fi fpv has waypoints follow me circle me optical flow and a 50 minute flight time between the two batteries.

All right so other things that came in the box came with an extra battery two charging cables and a screwdriver extra props. A couple battery caution, things and your manual all right lets check this remote out, guys sticks feel pretty good and these grips fold in and out. So you can hold this thing better. Heres your return to home button. Your power switch shows all your telemetry battery levels. Stuff, like that, this button unlocks the motors your take off and land buttons right here picture and video button. One press for uh pictures, um long press for uh video. This wheel does nothing and heres your speed button. This wheel, on the other side, controls the camera tilt, heres your gps on and off button and heres your cell phone holder right there to calibrate the compass you go down and to the right to calibrate the gyro as you go down into the left, and this Takes two only two double a batteries all right. So let me start this thing up and check out the app okay, okay and lets uh get into the app all right check it out guys check out the camera. Itll, look a lot better outside at the top right there. You have your drone battery level, your remote battery level, your signal, strength on the left. There. You have your follow me, your orbit mode and your headless mode below that you have your take off and land and return to home buttons.

Bottom left. You have your map at the bottom, you have your telemetry, your height and your distance on the right. You have your album, shows your photos and videos below that. You have your picture and video buttons below that. You have your camera settings at the top right. You have your settings, you can change it from imperial to metric and below that you can go into beginner mode and you have your orbit. Diameter 5 to 50 meters, max flight distance ill go to 500 max flight altitude. I go to 120 and return to home ill. Do 50. go back, hit, confirm and its all good right guys. That was a quick look at the holy stone: hs 710 brushless foldable 4k gps drone.