Welcome to my channel on this overcast super windy, not the greatest of days for doing a video review, but what the heck welcome and today we’re going to take a look at the holy stone. Hs 700e. This one’s got electronic image stabilization, which is really good for keeping your image stable. However, like most drones today with electronic image stabilization, they have a really good camera on them, but they can only do an angle of you know, maybe 10 degrees a little bit like that as soon as the wind blows. The drone like this well, your whole image goes like that, so we might see that today with this drone now it looks like this. Drone is in a very square shape, but honestly it’s, not let me take it out it’s in a drone shape. Where’S. My sun gone, the sun has totally disappeared. You know it comes and goes anyways. This is the drone right here. It’S got little legs like on the phantom series. I don’t have a battery in it. Yet uh. There is a micro sd card slot down here. I’Ll show you a close up of that. It does have a 4k 30 frames per second camera on it, man that wind is blowing, so it takes images in 4k, 30 and they’re, not bad. I did it indoors and it’s pretty decent. It does take photos at 4k as well. You can go 60 frames per second, but then you reduce it to 1080p that’s.

Your video resolution on that for sensors on the bottom. It has optical flow for indoors, plus it has landing lights right here. Oh look at that. Some sun is coming out. It has landing lights right here, which makes it great if you’re flying at night, brushless motors, it does have props. That use springs that you push in so they’re quick release, props and it does have a flight time. It comes with two batteries. You get two batteries i’m, just pulling them out of the kit. Here, two batteries come with it, and each battery gives you about 21 minutes. So when you buy it you’re getting over 40 minutes of flight time. Of course, you got ta land change the battery, but that’s how they sell it range on. This thing is one kilometer, 1, 000 meters. But when you look at the specs really close, you can see that for range. Certainly, you have a kilometers distance but that’s without video. Coming back when you want video to come back that you see it on your phone it’s limited to about half that so 500 meters, which is still pretty good for most people, because you really can’t see a drone past 500 meters, so it’s really windy out. Now i don’t think this is going to uh really perform excellent if it does then buy it buy it if it does really well because it’s not designed for the wind and the wind is just howling at me right here, all right, so let’s go fly.

This all right, first thing we have to do – is put on the four props and they’re all labeled nicely, so you can see where a goes and b goes so let’s match them up there. We go props all on the next thing we just plug in our little battery battery in the rear there we go we’re all set to go, take our controller out and get it ready. You’Ll see in the unboxing i’ll show you all the buttons up close what it is i’ll just make sure i have it in gps mode, which is that way powered on. I don’t know. If you can see the display on here, you can see there’s a little bit of display kind of hard to see with this camera. Take our drone power that, on there we go let’s put it down. Now we take a look at our controller, make sure you have the battery voltage showing for the drone and the controller, and we get a beep. That means it’s all connected all right before i attach my cell phone and everything. I also do the compass and the gyro calibration it’s, pretty simple on this drone. Just take these joysticks pull them down. I’Ll show you here, pull them down to the right like that. Get a little beep pick this baby up and just spin it three times once twice three times you can go four times. If you want it doesn’t matter, what you want to do is get all the lights.

I can’t remember: if the nose goes down or up it doesn’t really matter. You want to get the lights to all go solid, so let’s see. Did i do a good job? Well, i see a solid green. I don’t know if you can see that, and i see a solid red, so i did an awesome job. The next thing you do. The instructions don’t tell you to do this, but i’ve been flying drones for so long, especially these types. You have to do a gyro calibration, so you take your joysticks and you push them down now to the left both down and there we go. It will be gyro calibrating and what that does is sets all the parameters to zero ready for takeoff next thing make sure you take your phone and you attach to the holy stone, wi fi mine’s already set up, because i already attached this once in the house. So when i come out to the field, it just knows to look for this drone and it connects automatically. Finally, the app you’re going to use is the ophelia go. I think it says that yeah ophelia go so let’s start that up there we go if my phone screen recording is working. You can see that i am connected and ready to fly so now i’m, just going to take my phone and stick it into my controller right here, all right, the phone’s in the controller so we’re all ready to fly.

Let’S just move this case out of the way and we’ll take it on up so to fly it. You have a little red button here, i’m going to press. That motors will start and let’s take it on up in the wind. All right now watch it bounce around in the wind, actually that’s, not bad, that is holy crap. That is really good. Look at how stable it is. Okay, let me show you the settings quickly on the phone for the camera. So if i go like this, you can see i’m in 4k, i’m, not recording. Yet you can select how good you want. The image to be my storage card looks good, so let’s go down to these other settings. I can adjust the brightness and i can adjust the saturation nostalgic. All these other good things for days like today. So there we go that’s the recording right now, it’s bouncing around a little bit i’m getting close and back. It should be 30 frames per second, so it should be fine, so let’s try some of the features on here. Hopefully my phone is recording the screen so i’m going to go like this first feature. Follow me. I don’t know if it works from low down let’s work let’s go swipe and it is flying over that way. It has to look for my cell phone. Let me just take it up, so you can see me i’m in the screen. The drone is bouncing around.

I don’t know how well it’s working it’s going sideways with the wind, but at least it’s got me in there i’m not doing anything. I got my arm out so that’s to follow me on a windy day, that’s how it works. So i had it from the side, so it just keeps following from the side, so there’s your follow me and if i change angles in directions, let’s see. If i go this way, should i go on this little path here, walkie path. There we go eventually, it will get behind me and do the right thing there. We go all right, let’s hop out of the follow me next. One i want to try is orbit orbit flight swipe and let’s see if it starts orbiting and there she goes now. You have to set the orbit radius and everything ahead of time. I did not do that. I left it on default i’m, just going to bring the camera down here, so you can see it going around me. I’Ll stop moving, so it catches up with me there. We go oh now it’s over me, so there it is orbiting going around, so you probably want a bigger radius. My radius is much too small let’s see if i can adjust it by pulling backwards. Nope. I can’t change it. It is fixed at that setting. So in your settings, there’s the settings for radius and you’re gon na have to adjust it yourself so that’s how it looks when you’re doing your orbit so let’s hop out of that.

There is a beginner setting on here. Headless mode. Headless mode is for people that have no sense of direction flying a drone; in other words, they can’t understand when a drone goes forward which way to move the joysticks when it turns around, and it faces you like it’s facing me now, so everything is kind of Reversed you know if i want the drone to go to the left. If i move the joystick to the left, the drone’s going to go to the right because it’s facing me, but if it was facing away it would go to the left so headless mode makes it easy for people like that so on here there is a headless Mode it’s right over on the right so for beginners, headless mode is probably an option. I’M. Not going to use that so let’s hop out of that i’m going to show you the camera on here, really quick, so i’m going to hit, stop recording and i’m going to go into camera mode Music. Now, if i get underneath it, you see, it’s got landing lights. Underneath lots of sun hang on a sec. Let me go over this way. If i tap this button, it’ll go into landing lights on there. They are and if i tap it again off so if you’re flying at night and you want landing lights, so you can see your drone from far away put them on and if you don’t need to see your drone, take them off all right.

So the wind is really getting at this drone. It has two speeds on it. So let me just try this speed. This is uh the fast speed there she goes, which is probably better in the wind, then i’ll bring it back now. I’M. Just doing this with one hand come on i’ll just stand over here. It goes by me and that’s. The fast speed! Oh stop before that tree. Stop before that tree. I just turned it around to face the tree. Let’S bring it back to me. I’Ll show you the slow speed, so when it comes out of the box, it seems to be in the slow speed. I noticed here, i’ll just bring it back and just change speeds. You have a little speed controller up here. Just hold this button in it will beep there you go, one beat means slow speed, and here we go slow speed. That is the slow speed. So that’s like it comes in like a tripod mode, very, very slow for uh flying forward and flying backwards and it’s. So slow that if you turn watch this, if i turn it to the left or right, uh watch this. If i turn it i’m going to turn it here, i’ll see. If i can get my camera in frame, it should turn so ridiculously slow, see that it takes forever to spin around that’s in the slow speed. So if you get this drone and it’s moving that slow, uh you’ve got it in the slow speed you have to play the fast speed.

I just have the drone down here in the grass, and i want to show you the settings quickly before i change batteries. Oh, i don’t have to change batteries check this out. I thought i thought i had to change batteries, but i’ve got three lights left interesting all right. So let me just put that down. Let me show you the settings, so hopefully my phone is recording. So right now we’re in safety. So if we take a look beginner mode, you can turn it on or off as soon as it’s in beginner mode you won’t be able to fly very far. It will just stop flying and it will come back to you everything’s on default, so you want to crank these all over one sensor settings. This is where you can do your calibrations i’ve already done it so i’m, not going to do that again. Camera 4k 30 size it’s 16 by nine sd card. I don’t it’s move format and i don’t want to format anything so there’s all my settings there. I want to update everything, make sure you hit that update button. It says successful, so i’ve switched the battery in this drone and it’s best that you do a compass calibration and a gyro calibration one more time before you go flying or else things might go, wonky so same old thing, pull these both joysticks down to the right. There we go, it should put it in compass. Calibration mode got some little beeps happening spin it three times once twice three times.

We just want to get those lights to be all solid and, like i said i can’t remember if the camera goes up or down. So let’s just put it down when in doubt put it down. I have no idea. The thing is i’m dropping. This thing is to make sure the lights are solid, solid and they are it’s really good and then do your gyro calibration both down to the left. There we go, my phone screen says it’s all good to go, so we are going to take off again hit the red button. Prop start and up we go let’s see. Last time i was heading towards the bus. Stop so let’s go this way. We’Re gon na go sneak up on the buses let’s go forward and over here is our bus. Stop that’s, where the bus drivers hang out, have their coffee and everything so they’re going to be wondering what the heck is this guy doing. So i just want to go pass them to the left of the bus and hopefully the recording’s working i’m going to the left of the bus just going over to the football field. Take it up a bit. Take it up. I don’t think anybody’s on the field. There might be some kids just hanging out. This has got the range to go over there. There we go so there’s your image. Looking at the football field, all right. The last thing to show you on here would be the waypoint, so there’s a little map.

You have tap to fly, let’s go on the map, so you can see. I can zoom out there. We are the blue dot. Is me? The drone is the drone so now to do a tap to fly. You just go to the bottom right. You see a little finger with a line touch that pick the first one and then draw some sort of line, see this line, this crazy line, and now, if i say submit it, will do that hang on a sec submits at the bottom right and it’s, going To have to turn and go to waypoint, where isn’t that waypoint number one, oh my god, way, point one number one’s away over there. There we go it’s turning you can see it and it’s off to waypoint number one. There we go there. We go so it’s far away and then it would do all the other way points. We don’t want to do that so i’m, going to exit that all right. The drones over there i’m going to hit return the home let’s see what happens. It should go up and let’s see how high it goes. So it’s going up. Oh it’s, going pretty high 49 meters, all right so let’s see where it lands it’s coming over coming over way up there, so the landing pad is over here. I don’t know if you can see i’m doing circles around the landing pad down here, so you can see i’m the object walking around the landing pad here so it’s coming down.

Well, i could it’s the landing pad is still in view. Let me turn that. Let me turn the little lights on underneath too there we go landing, lights are on it’s, coming down there. It is and the landing pad’s down here – it’s, not bad, not bad. At all. Look at that, okay, that’s, pretty amazing. It looks like it’s coming to the landing pad. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, look how close it is. Look at that look at that there we go landing pads right over there, this little baby. Is there that’s, not bad that’s, not bad at all, all right! The next thing i want to show you really quick with this drone is: what comes in the box check this out all right, a super fast captain drone unboxing. This would be the box inside the box. You get this carrying case. That looks like a picnic basket inside the picnic basket would be the drone, and this is what the bottom portion of the basket looks like, and this is the top portion here we have the holy stone, hs 700e drone, and this would be the left hand side. This is the back, the battery is not inserted, and this is the right hand side here. We can see the bottom, we have led landing lights and an optical flow sensor and the camera. Your 4k 30 frames per second cameras here, and it does have some dampening now. You can record video on your phone, but you can also record it on a micro sd card insert it there.

This would be the led lights one on each arm, and these are the brushless motors. You also get two batteries in this package. Batteries are two cell 2800 milliamp and you charge them up with a usbc connector right there. The battery inserts into the drone nicely and locks in place, you also get plenty of props and you’ll notice. Each prop has a spring on it. That is because they’re using a quick release, design just push down and spin the prop and it locks in place, and this is what the drone looks like with all four props on it. Now the drone has some weight to it with the battery and the props. There it is 556 grams. The remote controller is a modern design with a nice bright screen that you can see outside it gives you all the telemetry of your height, your distance, how the drone is flying. You also have buttons there’s your gps on off button on the side. Here you can see the return to home button and the power button, plus the unlock the motors button and the take off and lan button. The remote is powered by two double a batteries not included on the controller. You can see the take a photo, take a video button and then on the other side, you have the turn: the landing lights on or off the speed, control and move the camera up and down dial. On the back of the remote controller, we have a hidden compartment, pull it out, and you can put your cell phone in here.

Other accessories included in the box would be two usb cables: a micro, philips screwdriver, a full spare set of props. You also get an instruction manual in many languages inside the instruction manual. You will find the qr code to the ios or android app, so click on that with your phone and then download the app. So you have the correct one. If you want to extend your warranty when you open the app for the first time, it’s going to ask you if you want to extend the warranty on the drone and as a final word to beginners of using a drone, just make sure you can always see The battery level for your drone and the remote on the controller, all right so final thoughts on this drone first off, i was impressed that it even worked out in the wind, because these low cost budget drones are not designed for strong winds and it’s. Pretty windy out here today and this year it did okay so thumbs up. For that. Second thing, i noticed is that if you don’t set the default parameters to like maximum range, then you’re going to fly this and it’s not going to turn very fast and it’s. Not going to go very far so make sure you go to your settings and set everything to max. If you want to fly it far, if you’re a beginner, then yeah leave it, so it just stays close to you and everything moves slow so that you can manage it easier.

I have not seen the video file off of here, so i don’t know what it looks like, but when you saw it in the video you’ve already made up your mind, if you thought the stability was good enough. If you thought the colors were good enough, i didn’t adjust anything. I left it all on auto. So what you got out here is auto. If you thought the colors were too bright, you can reduce them because it does have camera settings. If you thought they were too not bright enough, you can increase them and adjust the color balance for the different colors, because the sun, as you can see, right here, it’s going in and out. So it really messes up the image on these cameras, but you can adjust for that in the camera settings which i did not do next thing is they say you get about 21 minutes per battery and i will agree with them that i think that’s pretty much True you get around that range because i was surprised how much flight time i was getting with this here on each battery, so with two batteries you know i was running out of things to do with this thing, because i did everything you could do and yeah And i still have lots of battery power left. If you look at the back, i have, i don’t, probably can’t see it, but i have three green lights here. On the second battery i stuck in as for range like i said, i had no issues, i kept it low to the ground.

Hopefully the video worked out when i was flying over to the buses or way over around behind me, and i kept it low because it’s very hard for drones to get good range when you keep them low to the ground. They want to be away up in the air, but this one i kept it really low to the ground. You know like not a way up in the air, and i had no problems with video reception back it didn’t stutter it didn’t do anything. It did everything it should so all in all really good last thing i have to say is that this drone is available on amazon and holy stone did send me a discount coupon, and i think they sent it to me because this thing’s friggin expensive, i find It a little bit pricey so anyways with the discount coupon. It brings it down to a normal price. You know makes it more worth it, but it is holy stone and holy. Stone is pretty much like the top of the budget drones. They have support and they have a lot of good quality in their drones, so that’s, why you pay more so anyways for the u.s there’s, a 20 discount code it’s only good to the end of may of this year, 2021. for canada, there’s a 25 discount code And that’s only good until sometime close to the end of may so check the links out below all the codes are there and if you have any questions on this drone, just post them below, and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and Finally, stay tuned for more drone reviews and rc products of any type coming up in future videos.