Now today we have this little mini drone called the hs 420, and this was sent to me uh from holy stone and uh. Here it is here, were gon na. Have a quick look at it today, as you can see its 14 ages plus, and i didnt realize that when they said theyre going to send me this one out that it actually does have a camera so be able to fly fpv with this one. Okay, so uh on the top of the box. It just says 2.4 gigahertz two way communication. Now, when they state two way, communication usually means theres like a low voltage, uh alarm that possibly beeps on the uh transmitter. Once the battery gets low on the drone, it should beep so thats. Probably what this one does have. It also says: hd camera now im not too sure of the specs ill put up on the screen. I havent actually looked at the listing for this, so its probably a 1080p camera but ill put up on the on the screen. 360 flips and high and low speeds all right guys so other than that theres not really much on the box. So lets uh open the box. Have a quick look at it and yeah have some fun flying it. Okay, so ive got it out of the box here guys so lets see what we get well, we get a bag with two charges here. Okay looks like weve got a full set of props a screwdriver and a prop tool.

Okay, so weve got yeah got two chargers. This does come with three batteries, so thats good. You can charge two batteries while youre flying the other one. Okay, weve got uh instruction, booklet here, okay, i might just quickly open this and well see what sort of app uh that we are using for the hs 420.. Okay guys. So here is the app its called holy stone, fpv and obviously its made for ios and android. So you download that okay and then i was going through the book here. Calibrate the gyro okay ill demonstrate that when i fly, but you definitely want to calibrate the gyrometer inside the drone before you take off or after youve crashed. Okay, if you happen to crash, you want to reset the gyro as well right and then just goes over. Some of the functions its got altitude hold how to take and record videos all the good stuff heres. Some specifications of the drone only weighs 31 grams six minutes flight time, thats, not too bad. I have a little 300 milliamp hour. One cell battery, the max flight distance is 100 meters from this little drone. I wouldnt recommend going that far with it, because it is tiny you lose sight of it, so keep it much closer than that and it takes. Uh looks like it takes uh aaa batteries on this one: okay, also heres the specs of the camera, its a 720p camera. As you can see, there takes 720p video and photos all right.

So, as you can see here, weve got three batteries with this one. They are 300 milliamp hour, 1s lipos, you get 3 of them and heres a little quadcopter. A little drone lets have a look at this, its pretty cool, a little 720p camera on the front, and you can tilt that down or up goes down to about a 45 degree. Actually, it goes all the way down. 90 degrees cool. I wont be flying it like that, obviously ill be just flying it all the way up like that, because when you pitch forward youre going to see the ground a bit anyway, okay, so weve got little uh brushless motors. They are direct driven theres, no gears because, as you can see, the tri blade props are pressed on the top of the actual motor shaft. All right, which makes these little drones very zippy to fly around. You know theyre a lot of fun theres, no gears involved. As you can see, the props are all covered with a little cage here. Uh, like a prop guard, inbuilt prop guard. Okay, weve got a little on off switch at the back a little button there, and that is where the pins are for the battery to connect. Okay and um looks like there might be some lights on this one. This light looks like it might be, a light bar and, of course, weve got orientated different colored uh propellers weve got black on the rear and uh red on the front for orientation.

Okay, so theres a little uh quadcopter there ill plug in my other batteries and well see if its got any lights. Im pretty sure this front, one looks like a light, and possibly maybe on the back too. Okay, so well just line that up with the slots and pop it in, like that press, the button and yeah there you go the on and off button on. The back is the tail light and on the front yeah, just as i suspected that little lens there is the front headlights cool its pretty cool, be able to see it at night at least thats uh theres, a lighting there looks cool. All right lets have a look at the transmitter now now this transmitter actually looks like a very similar transmitter on one of their larger toy grade, brushed uh quadcopters that ive actually reviewed. I think it was a hs440 something like that. But um you got your little phone holder there spring loaded of course, theres the on and off switch or on and off button youve got the low and high speed switch there and heres your camera buttons. Okay for photos and video, quick press of photo and a long press for the video the gimbal sticks are pretty smooth on this controller. As i remember when i flew another model that i just mentioned, um weve got headless mode and it looks like maybe a light button there as well. This uh, these two arrows are auto takeoff, auto land, and this one here has two features.

This uh actually does like a circle mode where it flies in a circle. I think this other one is like a spinning top, so just your really quickly on the spot. Okay, nothing really up the top. This dial doesnt do anything it just like super glued. In so thats, basically for the controller and uh yeah, like i mentioned it said in the booklet, there 100 meters range. You definitely want to dont want to take this thing. 100 meters out, you wont, see it guys id say: 50 meters, maybe 60 at the most. Just to keep an eye on it, while we fly so yeah its got 100 meters and um yeah, it might have that telemetry beeper once the battery goes flat. So anyway, guys. Obviously, ive got to charge the batteries up for this little hs 420 and put some aaa batteries in here and uh ill. See us out at the field. Well, take it for a bit of a flight so ill catch. You then, okay, guys look at the holy stone. Hs 420 here this mini drone, just fly it out on this field today the grounds rather wet, but theres not much wind around at the moment, so ive just bound. It ive actually connected it to the app here. But i just want to quickly show you for the gyro calibration which you should do before. Every flight is down and to the right and youll see the little red light light up.

Okay, so uh weve got it bound, take it for its first flight uh. First, what ill do just make sure that camera is all the way up? Yep camera actually looks pretty decent for 720p, but ill just start a um turn the microphone on. I just started recording, so we got something to show during the video all right, yep, its recording, so uh lets. Take it up. Okay, im gon na press, the auto, take off whoa started spinning on me. Okay, so just balance it there for a bit ill put it in low rate mode. Okay, thats not really moving that much so flying high rate and what ill do ill actually start a recording ill, just press the record button just cruise around here for a bit now, ive got another battery in my pocket. Um. These batteries are meant to last about six minutes, thats a pretty overcast day so thats. Why the video looks a little bit dark its actually, not a bad looking camera for 720p hd. They do state its high definition 720p, as you can see it can fly outside, but that is the top speed in rate two. It is fighting a little bit of wind. Okay lets see if we can do some flips whoa made it uh flip alright end up doing that uh 360, which is actually on a dedicated button. I didnt press that button. I pressed the button for flips, so yeah the wind is actually stopping it from coming forward at the moment, ill bring it down.

It gets too windy ill, go undercover theres, a building beside me here where i can go underneath. I thought it might be a bit too dark underneath the uh building there that ill bring it out in the sunshine, so direct driven motors and uh theres the video quality. I might turn that off and take some photos. Maybe lets have a look. Take a quick photo so its definitely by the look of it more suit to indoor flying all right. What im going to do im going to bring it down theres a the auto, take off and landing button. There we go come on took a little while to actually land there, so, as you can see, ive walked a fair distance away from that building where i started so theres a bit of wind uh happening down here now guys now, ive just got out of the Wind im under cover now i know it might be a bit dark, but uh at least were away from the wind, so ive actually put the second battery in there because uh. I think that other battery was about to run out ive, not going to use the app now weve already seen a bit of the footage. Okay, so im just going to rebind it to the new charged battery and were gon na. Do another gyro reset okay and lets uh continue im gon na start off in low rate. This time since were under cover its not really getting affected by the wind.

Now, okay, so lets go through some of the features that i tried to do out. There uh weve got the flips which you have to press in the uh pitch. Stick lets try that okay and then you do the direction. Youll have a beep try to get out of the uh shade here, so you can see. Okay, we have this white or cream brick wall as the background all right, so the flips work really good theres another feature here with one of the buttons which will make it spin there. We go this button here, quick press, the quick press to get out of it. Now, if we do a long press of this same button, just here should do circles, hang on press it too quick again lets try that again hold it down and then well do a circle. Okay, little orbits! Okay! Now, to get out of that, you should just be able to just hit either the sticks or the button. I just press the throttle. Stick lets just fly this around so as you can see its flying a lot better indoors. Well, this is semi indoors im out of the the wind out there that was on the field i didnt have much control of it was starting to fly away, even though the winds are really light like if there were a couple of ks worth of wind there Kilometers an hour, it was hardly any wind, but it was affecting this little guy.

So definitely an indoor flyer, or maybe in your back patio in the backyard under cover like this, should be fine, its good that its got a little 720p camera. The camera did look pretty decent, definitely going to show the screen recording there and ill extract the actual recorded file off the app okay, so get some more flips. Unless i demonstrate that throw and go again all right, so just landed in my hand here. Okay and well, throw it up there we go, bring it down. Where is it? Okay, bring it back catching some of the wind out here so um. We should get a warning beep when its lvc were supposed to get some lights that are flashing as well. Okay, there is a headless mode button here, im not even going to bother using it and in the overview where i said its a headless mode button and possibly a light button, its not for the lights at all, its actually for trimming, the quadcopter up. So just sort of correct myself on what i said in the overview it just looked like it was a a light icon: oh not a bad little flyer. The wind is starting to come inside this undercover area now see if i can still do some flips nope. I cannot do flip and it looks like its flashing now, its not flashing, but when i press the flip button, its uh flashing, the light, but i cant do any yeah cant do any more flips ill show you there the light im trying to flick it, and I wont do any flips all right lets see if it does any of the spins.

No it does. A circle fly still bring it back. This is a fun one for the kids and its got an inbuilt camera. Pretty cool dont usually see little micro drones like this, with a camera built in its usually just a headlight thats, pretty cool as well a few little tricks with this one um. What i really do like about this uh holy stone, hs 420 – is that weve got a decent sized remote, usually little uh mini drones like this has got a really tiny little remote with little sticks with hardly any throw in the sticks. Youve got some wind coming through now, as you can see, pushing it back, im full stick forward in high rate mode im waiting, oh didnt, he actually beep at me. So there you go guys it didnt beep, a warning it just uh just landed itself. So anyway, guys that is the review of the holy stone. Hs 420 hope you enjoyed. It were getting the sunshine here a bit. You can pick this one up at guys and ill leave a link in the description below im, pretty sure the link that ive been uh given is just amazon, usa, okay, so what ill do um for international viewers? If you want to pick up one of these im, pretty sure these would be available at the uh official holy stone store on aliexpress ill, put up a link for this one there as well a secondary link, okay, underneath the amazon one.

So thanks very much for watching guys overall, pretty cool little uh mini drone, especially for kids, its good that youve got a little camera on it and it comes with three batteries, so thats a bonus um as you can see. Whatever flight time i got, undercover is pretty much what youre gon na get. I didnt fly to its full extent of the battery out there on the field, just above me here on top of this bank uh, but yeah id cut that short because it was uh starting to get blown around a bit too much, and i didnt really have A good flying experience out there with a little bit of wind that there was facing so anyway guys thats it thats the holy stone. Hs 420 hope you enjoyed the video if youre new to the channel feel free to subscribe. Like comment all that good stuff and ill catch you on the next one, so until next time enjoy the hobby and happy flying bye.