Ive already filmed all that and its not going to be any use. This is about this little drone. This is called the holy stone. Uh 175d, its uh, its from a company called holly stone or holy stone and its a little foldable thing, and it comes in at under 250 grams, which is you know. One of the reasons i thought id have a look at it. They contacted me initially um and said. Were you interested in looking at some of our drones, and i do quads like this – occasionally mostly because theres a lot of people always looking for sort of cheaper alternative to dji drone? Is it any good just for sort of casual flying and i saw a couple of them and they had sort of gimbals and stabilization and stuff, but holy stones said theyre really interested in pushing this one um and its less than 250 grams? I thought oh thatd be okay, and this is also the first time ive been approached by a manufacturer directly of these type of drones, normally its like a big chinese warehouse just asking. If i can review something, and invariably what happens is some of the features dont work follow me modes have never worked on any of these toy grade type quads ive used and like theres, no one. I can go back to to ask and when i checked out holy stone, i had a look at some amazon reviews where people were given a bad review.

I often see that holy stone would come in and say we saw youve had this problem well, replace it. I thought oh, this is good. This is a company that looked like they sort of the back up what they talk about. So if something didnt work, i could get back to the company and talk to them and it would be all good. That was the idea. Anyway, but heres the problem, i could not get this thing to fly um, as i said id done, all my normal intro video and looking for it a bit, and you know it. It came with a couple of batteries here, although theres one thing on the uh advertising i dont like where they say. Oh, this flies for 46 minutes. It doesnt fly 46 minutes its just got two batteries. Each battery should fly for 23 minutes according to what they said. Um and you know its got the normal remote, its not got any stabilization, but it has got this camera with, like a one axis movement that you can move manually, its not gimballed or anything. So its not going to look that good at the best of times but yeah. I read these instructions in great detail: ive flown a whole bunch of these types of courses before i think i know what im doing reasonably well but um. No, i couldnt get this to work. Let me show you exactly what happened um first off, i initially had some problems with the the basic gyro calibration and thats, because i was sitting it down on my mat and i was saying calibrated.

It was saying not flat. Turns out, you have to be very specific about putting it just on these tiny pads. I guess so that optical flow sensor had some space or something, but if you did that it would calibrate, and then you go on to the compass calibration. This is the normal twizzle. This way twizzle this way that passed. Then we wait for the gps signal to acquire that works, and then we arm the quad, and this is where it seemed to fall down. I was most of the time unable to arm this, and i dont know if it was the problem with the controller disconnecting and not working, but its like. I pushed the sticks together. Nothing would happen id press the button for one one push take off. Nothing would happen. Is it literally that it was just disconnecting it? It was hard to say: oh, my god, the first take off. I managed which ill show you. As soon as i took off, i didnt have any control the sticks. Didnt do anything. The cord came up, went backwards into a bush and then reported it was trying to do a return to home where thats an odd one. Okay, jesus christ, its actually going. What will happen next? How exciting? Well, Music? We have no control whatsoever Music. You know i spent a long time, redoing all the calibrations. Once again, then i was redoing the the control stuff. I was often going have to restart the controller and reattach it, and eventually i got it to take off.

I turned around i looked at myself. I was like, ah its working, i dont know what did differently, but suddenly it was working. I got up excited to fly, started, moving the sticks and nothing happened, and then it said returning to home came back. I learned again ah for christs sakes now were in power im not having much success with this thing. This is hopeless Music, hello, okay, thats, a bit better. Hey we got movement. Applause! Thats me that is lets start recording. I guess this is video. Oh my god. After some time Music, no, i cant Music. The control does nothing Music again little dude, oh great, youre, nice. This is going home. Applause well its rthc for about one foot away. Well, thats, a very good rth. This controller doesnt seem to work, which is pretty frustrating, but you know i i got this switch together. I edited together a very small video, so i could show the failures explain what i was doing. I sent it back to holy stone and said this is the problem. Am i doing something wrong or have i just got a faulty quad here? Waited nothing happened, sent them another mail, restate the stuff. Did you have a chance to get this yet i i want to get my review done. Nothing happened, waited some more uh. This is like two weeks now and i sent it again. Nothing happened. I didnt get any response from them.

Um now its fair to say that the original person that contacted me from miley cyrus and then left the company and said this persons taking over. You can email her which, which i did, but she didnt reply um now, if id bought it from amazon or something. I could at least get my money back or something said this doesnt work im returning it its crap um, but i didnt i mean you might be saying. Well, why are you whining? You got it for free and im trying to put myself in the position of like im a beginner i havent touched before. This is my very first drone how very frustrating and annoying it would be to get one of these things. You cant fly it and you know you think youre doing stuff right, but youre not sure because youre beginning the idea of these things is to make it as easy as possible to get into the air um. This does not make it easy. So all i can say is is dont touch. Them really could be that im doing something wrong, but ive gone through the manual ive followed. It cover the cover, so if it is its a secret and thats, not a good thing to start with so again, this is this is not being friendly to beginners. The other thing is: this is not particularly cheap in in the uk from amazon. You can put this up for 190 pounds, which is you know its not as expensive as dji, but ive reviewed, like you know, other quads uh in a sort of the toy grade, category ones like the sjrc f11, which was the smoothest one ive actually flown before That was like a lovely, stable image.

Again it had its problems, follow me didnt, work and stuff, but its about the same price and you know worked, and you seem to get a lot more for your money for that sort of thing. Ultimately, if youre wanting a you know a proper chord that does proper video and hd stuff and and looks lovely youre looking at a dji, which is about 400 quid for, like the the mini 2. um, i just i cant at all recommend this one and and One thing about me doing this stuff is my time is quite precious. I have to really pick and choose what i do, and this has wasted a lot of my time. So i could, i could continually try going back and forth and trying to fix things, but im just im fed up so yeah i cant, i cant be bothered anymore. Its like this should be instantly easily flyable and its not so dont bite. The end hope that was helpful and i will catch you next. Video bye for now well youve made it to the end of the video.