720 g. I did a video on this a couple days ago on the channel. I actually did two videos on unboxing and i of course did a flight review and i really loved the way this drone flew. The gimbal is really really good, but if you guys checked out that video and ill put a card up here to that video, despite the things i did like there were some issues with this drone um, at least that initial drone that i flew its had some Wi fi issues: whenever i would fly it it would. The wi fi would just drop off. It would disappear from my phone and you had to land the drone power cycle it when you powered it back on, then the wi fi would reappear. Sometimes it worked for a while, and sometimes it would just disappear almost immediately and then also this drone uses an sd card and i had a 32 gig sand disk stream in there and it didnt have anything i recorded, except for one five second clip. While it was still on the helipad, so i didnt get any video from the sd card. In that review, i had to use the 720p video that was saved to my cell phone. I was not able to use the 4k at 30 that you want to be able to use because thats one of the nice features about this drum. This has 4k at 30 frames per second coming off this camera on this two axis gimbal, so i reached out to holy stone and told them about this, and of course they were surprised and obviously very concerned because they dont want that to be an issue with This drone at this price, so they were kind enough to send me out a replacement thats.

What i got on my hand, i took it up today and i took it outside to fly it to see you know. Was it just something wrong with my original drone, and i can tell you rather confidently today that, yes, that was the case. I put a 64 gig card in this one today. Just to be, you know certain and i took it out and flew it, and i had no wi fi disconnects. It was perfect and all three four video clips that i recorded all were saved to the sd card. So it appears that the initial drone just was a bit of a defective drone, so were looking over the video on this, it looks really really good um. You know this is very very you know. The gimbal is really really good on this drone. So i overall, i have to recommend this at that 285 dollar price point. I think this might be the best gimbal drone with camera under that 299 price point, so im just happy that it disappeared. It appeared to just be something wrong with my initial drone, so i wanted to make a follow up video to let you guys know so. What were going to do now is lets go and were going to roll that 4k. At 30 footage. I edited to some music, so you guys see how it all works and well come back and ill wrap it up with a few thoughts on this video and then again well have a purchase link down to this guy in the video description and also in the Pinned comments because i think this is a pretty darn good deal and you want to make sure you use the coupon that i have thatll, give you five percent off and that drops it down to 285 youre saying hey: what do you mean its 2.

99 yeah? If you dont use that coupon, then it is 299 299 dollars, so lets go ahead and go outside uh now and get that footage uh from the drawing record earlier today then well come back here to wrap up the video so be right back guys: Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, you, Music, Music. I Music all right guys, so you saw the footage there. I thought it looked really good. The camera looks good. The exposure looks pretty good um. You know its not perfect, but its really overall good. I was viewing it on a 1440p monitor. This is actually true. 4K. So if you have a 4k device, a phone 4k or a monitor tv, its going to look a little better than what my i saw on my 1440p monitor. However, i thought the colors look. Really good now, just a few minor gripes. I can tell you guys about. I did notice some micro jello at times, maybe two three times during the video um, and that was basically when the drone. Of course, ive got the arms folded in here, but when it came to a stop when i left the sticks and it break thats, when i noticed that little micro jello um it was maybe a half second, it was very minute, but it does exist. So i want to let you guys do know that that there is a little bit of jello, but it seemed to only be when you were breaking so that is, you know its very minor and it depends.

You know the slower. You fly the less likely thats going to be to happen in the video and, if youre, looking at this on a cell phone, a really small monitor you may not even have noticed that you need to be up at 1440p or 4k like. I was using that on 1440p and on a rather larger screen and then that that those little bitty imperfections and videos become more noticeable on those high resolution. Larger monitors and the range on this drone is not great. I think it was rated for around a kilometer on the actual, it might have been 500 meters, but it was a decent distance on the control distance on this drone. But the you know the wi fi is going to be rated less than that and i was getting out to about five to eight hundred feet and around eight hundred feet. The wi fi would start to freeze, but around that same distance the uh controller would disconnect at times now it will reconnect and it thankfully, as a drone supposed to the fail safe kicks in the drone, started flying back and then it re uh connected. And then i was able to take over control and didnt have to actually you know, have it come back and land, but the control distance is not the greatest on this drone and i was in a rather unobstructed view across the field from my house. So just keep that in mind.

If you want to fly this drone close to you, which most of us will do its no problems, if youre going to fly it off a little ways, youre not going to get the kind of range of some of the more expensive drones. Another thing to keep in mind is, though this is an mjx controller. I dont know if mjx makes this for holy stone or if they just you know, use the receiver and transmitter and buy these controllers. But these only use two double a batteries in these, and i got mismatching different kind of batteries, but thats not only three volts. So it doesnt have thats, probably one of the biggest reasons. Why is it? Doesnt have a ton of voltage, its not gon na, be the most powerful transmitter in here and thats, probably what limiting a bit on the distance on this drone? But aside from that, the wi fi was just fine for what im used to seeing on a wi fi drone, and it was not really laggy. It was very acceptable in the lag and the distance for the wi. Fi was fine just that the transmitter would tend to drop off around the same distance that the wi fi fpv begins to freeze our stutter. I mean you know and thats common with these drones to keep that in mind. So overall, i definitely do recommend this. If you, you know at the 285 price point, so if youre interested theres a purchase, link down in the video description and depending comment to this drone, if you do choose to buy this, you know make sure you use that coupon to get it for 285 and Your help supporting the channel thats i cant, thank you guys enough every little bit like that, helps to justify the time i put in for these reviews, because you know i always tell you guys whether somethings good or whether somethings bad and avoid it all right guys That wraps up the second look at a replacement model of the 720g hope.

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