But before we start this video, a short disclaimer, yes holy stone did get in contact with me to see. If i wanted to do a review of this drone, which i obviously said yes to hence its in my hand – but this is not a paid video, its not a sponsored video or anything like that, they dont even get to see this video before it goes live. So this video is my true and unbiased opinion about this drone, but if you are actually interested in picking one of these drones up yourself, i have put an amazon affiliate link in the description down below, so you can click that go over and pick one of These up yourself, if you are interested but anyway back to the actual video and, if youre, watching this video youre, probably a beginner or someone whos thinking about getting into drones or flying drones, drones with cameras and this hs20e could be the one for you. Its super lightweight its pretty cheap, its small and its pretty easy to use as well. Okay, so lets start off by doing an unboxing of this drone and personally, i think the design of the actual box, the the look of the box looks quite good. It doesnt look too cheap and too kind of beginnery, even though this is kind of designed for beginners in mind, so lets open it up and take a look inside and, as we can see here, it comes with this nice carry case, which is quite soft.

To touch the actual material is really nice and soft, but at the same time it feels like its pretty pretty hard wearing and it should protect the drone and the accessories which are inside of here. The actual zip feels nice and high quality doesnt feel like too much of a cheap zip. So then, if we open up inside in this top section here, we have some actual sort of paperwork. We have um cautions and warnings and stuff about the batteries, and also we have the instructions which well probably want to read but ill. Just put that to one side at the moment, and then the next thing we see is this box here and inside of this box. We have a few accessories, and in here we actually have four spare propellers, which is really nice to have, because you know, if we actually crash the drone, we can just replace these propellers and we should be all good to go so theres, four of those and Then also we have a little bag of teeny tiny screws as well, which will kind of screw the propellers to the actual drone itself. Next up, we actually have a spare battery and i actually really like the fact that it comes with a spare battery, because when youre flying a drone, you always actually want to be able to fly it for longer than they actually last. For so a spare battery is a really nice thing to have, and then next we have the actual charger as well, which comes with a usb to usbc which plugs into this little charging brick.

And then we can open these two up here, and this is where our batteries will go: theres, one battery which is in the drone and then that spare battery as well, these click together and then this would just plug into the wall. And then, finally, in here we have a small little phillips head screwdriver, which is used to take these propellers on and off, and those tiny screws for the propellers. This screwdriver can be used for that. And finally, if we take this piece of foam off, we can see the controller and the drone itself as well, which is folded up at the moment and personally, i think its a really nice thing that it comes with this carry case and those accessories which i Just spoke about can all fit into this carry case as well, and that means that nothings going to get lost, so we can keep it all together. Okay, so lets take a closer look at the actual drone itself. It does feel quite solid in the hand, but it is made from plastic pretty much entirely its kind of got that cheap sort of plasticky sound, which is obviously used to keep the prices down and stuff. But if we look on the bottom of the actual drone, we have a sensor which helps with the drones positioning when were flying, and it also has two leds which we can turn on and off when were flying as well. Both of these have a protective film over the front of them, which we will actually want to remove these, to make sure that when were flying it its not going to kind of cause any issues or anything when were actually flying it and the camera on the Front also has a protective film as well, which we will obviously want to remove before were using the actual drone, and, as you can see here, there is a fair bit of play with the camera, which should help take out some of the wobbles when were actually Flying the actual drone, now what makes this drone stand out from the other holy stone drones is this actually has electronic image stabilization or e? I s, and that is why there is an e in the name of the actual drone, so hs 720 e basically means the e is for the electronic image stabilization.

Now this electronic image stabilization is definitely something that holy stone are really pushing with this drone. What makes this one stand out compared to their other drones now, if youre wondering electronic image, stabilization or eis for short, basically means that it has software built into the drone which will electronically stabilize the image from the actual camera. So when youre flying it around, if theres any kind of shakes and wobbles in the actual drone, then it will automatically uh stabilize that footage so make it look a lot smoother now thats kind of a good thing, because it makes it stand out and a lot Better than some of the real cheap drones, but its not going to be as good as a more expensive drone that has a gimbal to help stabilize it as well, and because this drone only has electronic image stabilization. It means that the camera is basically fixed to the actual drone itself, so if the drone tilts the camera, also tills as well so the horizon of the footage of the camera is constantly going to be tilting when were flying. This drone around, where more expensive drones, like i just said, have a gimbal on the bottom, so the camera is also is basically independent from the actual drones or more expensive ones. If the drone tilts, the camera, will stay at the same position and keep the horizon line of our footage level and square, but this camera can shoot 4k at 30 frames.

A second or 1080p at 60 frames a second and it has a 130 degree field of view, which is fairly wide and just what you want with a drone camera and it can also tilt from 90 degrees. So it can basically tilt directly down or forward as well and when the arms of the drone are packed away as they are now. The size is 10 centimeters, wide 18 centimeters long and six centimeters tall and on the side of the drone. You will see here that there is some instructions of how to actually open the drones arms with first and second and all that basically means is we open the back arms first, followed by the front arms of the drone, and then we can actually see that weve Got the brushless motors on the end of each of the arms and also the four propellers which are already attached, but, like i said just now, you also have four extra propellers, which we can change these if we ever need to and when the arms and propellers Are fully extended, as they are now its 36 centimeters wide by 32 centimeters tall and with the arms open we can see where the micro sd card will be inserted and it states that it should be a class 10 or above and up to 128 gigabytes. But this is not included in the box and you will have to make sure that you buy one separately and the battery is located on the back of the drone and, as you can see its not actually locked in position because theres this piece of foam, which Is in the way now, this piece of foam is only on there for the actual transportation of the drone.

So you want to make sure that you remove this. So then the actual battery can click in properly and then to remove it. We just press this little button down here and that takes the battery in and out. Each battery is rated for 23 minutes and again you have a spare one. So you actually have 46 minutes of flight time, but this would change, depending on the conditions of how youre actually going to fly it. So 23 minutes per battery is going to be best case scenario and, if youre interested its 7.4 volts at 2800 milliamps and we can use the included charger with that usb to usbc cable to charge both of the drone batteries. And one good thing is that we can actually plug both the batteries in at the same time, so we dont have to swap them, but even though both these batteries are plugged in it will only charge one battery at a time, and each battery will take about Five hours to charge, which is a total of 10 hours to charge both those batteries now lets actually take a look at the actual controller of this drone and again this does feel a little bit plasticky as well, but it doesnt feel too cheap or too flimsy. The joysticks seem to have a nice bit of movement and theyve got a nice bit of kind of friction or tension in them, which is quite nice, the antenna unclip from the back of the actual controller, and then they can swivel as well.

So we can get them in the desired position. We actually want them and then also we can pull this section out here and this is where our phone will go and it basically fits in just like that and, as you can see, theres still quite a lot of space. So if you have a bigger phone or a phone with the case on, then it still should fit in here quite nicely. And if youre wondering why your phone attaches to the controller, we actually use the phone or the app on the phone to actually see what the camera sees on the actual drone, because the screen on the actual controller doesnt actually show you what the camera sees from. The drone the screen on the front just gives you a little bit of information about the flying, but if you want to see what the camera sees, then you have to attach your phone to it as well, and one thing i actually really like on the bottom Of this controller, is it actually unfolds as well now these dont actually do anything theyre just there for comfort, as it helps to kind of balance the controller in your hand when the phone is attached and it stops it being kind of too top heavy. So your kind of fingers can grab this bit of the controller as well, and i feel like it just gives that control a little bit of a better ergonomic design, and there are also a few buttons on the controller as well.

The one on the top left is for takeoff and landing the one on the top right is the flyback home feature button. The one on the bottom left is to lock and unlock the drones motors and the slider on the controller here. That is to turn the controller on and off, and there is also a slider on the right hand, side as well, and this is used to turn the gps on and off of the actual drone. And we also have a few more buttons on the back of the controller as well. If we press this one here that will turn on and off the leds on the bottom of the drone, a long press will turn on sport mode or fast fly mode, and another long press will put it into kind of slow mode or beginner mode. And this here we actually use to change the position of the camera. Like i said it changes 90 degrees, so we can pull this to go 90 degrees, one way or 90 degrees, the other and then, on the left hand side here we can use this to take a picture, but this will this actually doesnt do anything – and this Is just a dummy one now overall, i do actually think the controller feels pretty decent in the hand. Yes, it is kind of plasticky, but it doesnt feel that cheap and, as you can see, im kind of like forcefully moving the controller around right now, it doesnt feel like its gon na break or snap, but one thing i really dont like about this controller – is The fact that it takes double a batteries now thats one thing i think, is kind of shows that its for beginners and shows that its a little bit kind of cheap because its taking double a batteries.

I just wish they put a built in battery in here as well, so when were actually charging the drone batteries, if we could then plug that into the controller as well, so we knew that when we got up in the morning, we wanted to go fly. The drone that we knew that we had 100 battery in all of the batteries, including the controller as well, but being double as means that we have to take spare double a batteries with us or also, if were going to be taking it traveling or something that We would then have to take a double a battery charger as well, which just adds weight, and it just adds kind of extra bits which could go wrong where, if this had a built in battery, we could charge it all. At the same time, i think that would have made it a lot better and there we have it.