It is the case and its really sharp and has a real nice like rubber, like a rubber feel to it and then voila, you open the box or open the case and there that is its got. A little foam uh protector cover there and heres the quadcopter. Here – and i will say it its very beefy – i mean its its very heavy were gon na weigh it up here in a second but its its got some beef to it. Then its got the box of stuff. You know what this stuff is right. The box. Oh stuff, heres. The transmitter lets crack this open up here. Here we have a some spare props, a thing of paperwork heres, a usb c cable. I guess thats to charge it with and then the dreaded silica pack dont eat. That says it right on there throw away do not eat dont eat it and thats all thats. In the case, oh its even have it even has a handle on it. Wow thats, sharp i like that anyway. So lets get all that stuff down here. Im going to toss the silica pack away, heres all this stuff lets take a look at this uh little folder here see whats in here; okay, it just tells you dont charge it in the carrying case and stuff and heres the manual wow thats. Why that thing is so big heres the manual and its in a lot of languages, theres a lot of languages in here its real thick, as you can see right there heres that little cable, usbc, cable, heres, some spare props heres, the transmitter, um theres.

The little peel sticky cover on there the protected cover. Now the transmitter has a wire running into one of these, so this side will be a dummy antenna and this one would most likely be real. So what you want to do with this one is: when you turn it around, you want to face it this way like that, so that will always be pointing up toward the quadcopter. So you just want to turn that one like that and just leave that one there, because that one doesnt do anything so well, just close that there, because thats the phone holder is in there too see so heres the power right here. Heres, your lock and unlock for the motors theres. A return to home here over here is probably a take off land photo video, heres, your high and low speed and on the side, your gps to turn gps on and off. Now, most of the time when i fly these things, i like to fly them the first time i fly them. I like to fly them without the gps, just to see how they did just to see how they act, but you know, were gon na. Try it out, i got two batteries, so well. Try it each way so theres that and then heres the quadcopter and im gon na weigh this up, because this things so dang heavy, i am very curious – is to see how much this thing weighs.

Wow. Oh heres the battery, and it has one of the little battery protectors. You know, pin protectors on it right here so piece of foam. You take that off so youll be able to plug the battery in all the way and the size of the battery is by the way, a 7.4 volt, 2 800 milliamp hour, which is fairly large. To be honest with you, so you want to put that in that way until that clicks in right, like that and then theres a little thing on the bottom, you push that in to pull the battery out and then that clicks in and that locks it from Falling out then, here on the bottom, you got some optical flow and some lights got some led lights right there and i think that might correspond with this button. On the controller, you see that button right there for the lights, so that probably corresponds with that. And then you have your little optical flow sensor on the bottom. Then, on the side here, theres a little slot for a memory card, a micro sd card theres, a little wi fi antenna sticking right out. There see that right, theres a little wi fi antenna, sticking out heres the camera, and there is some kind of dial on here. So maybe that will maybe its motorized well find out here in a couple of minutes im going to peel that little protective cover off the lens okay. So that looks pretty good.

Let me get the scale over here, so we can weigh that sucker up thats 494 grams, so youre gon na have to put your number on there lets look in the box of goodies. Wow theyve got it really wedged in here guys, okay! So this the box. Oh goodies, okay, you got your charger. Another battery. You got the the screwdriver, the cable theres, the usbc, cable and thats, going to go in there with the charger and heres your charger. Heres, your output, 3.7 volts 2 amps, and you can even charge both the batteries at the same time, which is pretty cool and then youve got this uh bag of props, which i dont need to open that up. I havent crashed it yet, so i dont need to put on the props and youre going to need the screwdriver to change the to change the props, so you might want to hold on to that. If you dont have 5 000 of them, laying around like me, lets take a look at the app so were going to view that in the app store the app there is called ophelia go so were going to download that and were going to get. This sucker turned on and take a look at it power on the quadcopter and i think thats with this button here on the head. So thats going to do that. Deal like it sounds just like the bugs starting sequence: okay, so its going into that light deal you see how the lights are flashing forward and backwards like that.

Now its wanting me to do the compass calibration, but before i even start the app i can get that out of the way. So you just want to get that out of the way. First before you even go getting into the app and doing all that stuff. So you just want to spin it a few times until then light start stop flashing, okay and then you want to stand it up or point it down and spin it some more and i think theyll be yellow and red. Yes, they are see theres, the yellow and theres the red, so its the same thing as doing an mjx compass calibration its the same thing as soon as you turn this on. You want to do that and get it out of the way. So you just spin it and then stand it up and then spin it again thats a requirement with these types of quadcopters that you do that. Okay, so i mean thats: they have that set up, so you dont, so you dont not do it, so they have it set up so as soon as you turn it on. You have to do that now. If i have the transmitter here – and i have it turned the gps turned off, i could probably just arm the motors right now, and that would be just by hitting this unlock key right here. You hear that, okay, now to kill that i would just pull down on the stick here.

It is again just unlock. It then pull down on the stick to disarm the motors okay. So now that we got that all set and the compass calibrated lets open up the app the wi fi name right, there is going to be holy, stone, eis and now its not password protected. So you dont have to go through that rigamarole, which is nice its nice for a toy. You dont have to be bothering with that stuff. Okay, so you just had to click on a couple. The screen a couple times to get it to go past. There were just showing you some some of the stuff on the app like heres the settings, and you know all that stuff, so heres the camera itself. The camera looks very clear to be honest with you. You see that color yeah looks good lets. Look at my fridge to see if theres anything to eat theres stuff in there. Look at that theres, a nice pork roast and theres some stuff in the freezer. Okay, so im not gon na starve. So there you go yeah real uh, real, simple its its! Not that its not that bad, you know the gps drones you, you got to go through a few, more steps to get them going, but um you can. You can get through it theyre a little bit more complex, but theyre, not theyre, not that bad okay. So i turned the settings on and you see right here, theres just a few.

You want to change the first one, of course, if youre in the united states to imperial, and then you want to turn off the beginner mode, if youre not a beginner, if youre a beginner, you might want to leave it on and then the rest of it. Just shows uh, it sets your the max distance. Okay, so it says return. Altitude cannot be higher than what the quadcopter is flying at the time you hit it so were just going to scroll that all the way were going to scroll all them to the end. On all of them, the camera is were going to shoot 4k, 30, 16, 9 and then on the movie format. Im going to put a card in there im not doing it right now, but before i fly it, um were gon na. Do that its gon na say start calibration, but i already did that because the lights arent flashing, so i dont need to do that right now. Well, i would have to do it again outside anyway. So if i was gon na take this outside right now and turn it back on, i would have to do it again, like i said these kind of quadcopters that use the mjx system. You have to do the compass calibration when you turn them on or they wont arm. The motors wont arm. If you dont, do it so im just letting you know that right, uh in advance, so thatll stop the questions why it wont start thats.

The reason you have to do the compass calibration before you arm the motors okay, so because it wont let you okay, so thats, really all there is to it. You know theres really not theres, really not a a lot of theres, really not a lot more to it. Okay, so it says the maximum distance 1640 feet thats, supposedly what the range is going to be not so sure about that, but uh theres, what it says and then ‘4 feet is the height so well see. But the camera does uh. Okay, so its saved. It saves my changes: okay, so thats all good. Okay. Let me turn this off real quick, because what happened was i turned off. I timed out the drone, because i let it sit here so long without doing nothing with it. So, but thats okay were done. Okay, so now what were going to do is were going to take it out and fly it so yeah yay, all right guys lets go fly this thing and uh see how it is all right. Everybody were out here with the holy stone there. It is. We got, we got it going. Okay, i put the second speed on. Let me see if those lights are on were drifting around a lot its. How many satellites i got it says 13., but lets bring it back over a little bit. Now you see its toilet bowling and i did the compass calibration already.

It did so its one of those thats gon na dive. Whenever you try to turn it just dives right into the ground, which i dont care for, yeah, okay, so its starting to settle down a little bit. But this this wind is kicking up. So, im not expecting it to be that stable lets see um that this camber gimbal works. Yeah, it does. Okay, it just seems very floaty, like you know what i mean like it, just wanders wanders around so man that thing almost took off on me. I got it up there in the wind and boy it started going like crazy. It was. It was heading off the other way. Believe me, i had to okay, this trains going to pick back up here. It doesnt seem to fly too bad as long as youre not trying to go too fast or anything like that. You see im just cruising it around, but i can tell you dont like the wind one bit, because i mean yeah its a little bit gusty, but its not that much its, not that bad. I dont think im going to get it into any of the flight modes today. I just want to check the battery im just trying to see how it flies. Oh, that train got scrap on it in the cars yeah. It drips like crazy when the wind hits it holy cow, see how it just like loses altitude. It just drops, but i mean its not flying away or anything so thats a plus.

Let me stop it here for a sec and let me check the battery levels. Um, okay, so it looks like i got about 25 down on the battery, so the battery life might be pretty good on this thing just got to work to work the bugs out; okay, so just flying like this okay, just what im doing now just doing this Kind of flying right here it seems fine, i mean its got some powerful motors on there. The brushless motors look strong, you know and they sound strong and it is uh kind of breezy out here. Trust me it is. There comes a big gust im gon na stop here for a second because its uh its pretty hard, so actually its performing pretty well considering this this this breeze, this breeze is pretty stiff. You can see by that uh bush right over there. Okay, you can see that its pretty stiff and you see the quad dancing around so yeah. It seems to be doing pretty good, like i said the next time out. Well, take it over to pioneer park and try out some of the flight modes and all that i just wanted to get over here and fly it some because thats the main thing right. How does it fly it? Doesnt fly good, its no good. I dont care about all these features. You know i dont care about. Follow me. I dont care about circle. I dont care about any of that.

If it doesnt fly good, okay, so thats the main thing return to home and all this other mumbo jumbo means nothing. If it doesnt fly good right, okay, so im just gon na do the landing. Okay, that was great easy hand catch there. It is the holy stone. It flew oh okay, yeah, okay, it was windy, so ill give it that, but it did do a lot of that floating around, which is what a lot of gps drones do. They saw his gps on drones, theyre theyre, not that stable a lot of them. Theyll theyll bob around and dance around, and you know im not really hip on that, but you know it didnt fly away and it didnt crash.