This is the current of the June 2022. I got it for about 204.. The end is shaking is not. Uh might be a little bit over advertised. I wouldnt fly inside, but you can fly I have flown inside, but because of the limit, it really has limited space, its very easy to crash into something. So, even though its got indoor you cant really fly it around, because it would be very easy to crash, and I, though, its pretty durable, I wouldnt recommend it its okay with the GPS switched off and that its got the 4K transmitters G5 GPS follow me options Ill show in a few while point of view and the way points flying Ill show and the GPS returned to home Ill show. The Drone is 450 million grams and I would say around 23 minutes 20 minutes with General flights before I actually flight time generally. Okay. Next Ups, the showing the different things in the drying items. I have two drones here, because um the one on the left side, it had a problem with it, drifting away in one of the fields. This is wasnt in every field, a place that I was flying in for the most part, it actually flew fine, but in the one of the films uh fields that I did most of my first flying attack attempts and its because its also very close, by only About 15 minutes to walk there, its uh it had a habit of drifting off for not connecting with the uh or not hovering seemed to be a bit difficult to get uh.

It stay in one place with the GPS on. So I customer service um after Ive, send in some video off. They sent me the drone on the right side there, so it basically folds up and okay, just like that easy to carry around goes like that, the controller. So basically, the Aerials like this want the aerial folding like this, so that we can get and the phone would go here fits there and the switch on and off like here so sleep that down for a moment. So now were going to start off the Drone. Its a full battery there and where I turned on the control, you can the little arrow two bars either side of the Aerials, and if you had loss in Signal they would go darker. Obviously, when you switch drone off, they go right off and then youve got the batteries in the controller sign. So you got what its showing a full battery in the controller on the side and thats the level of the drones batteries, and you should get around 20 minutes of good flight time. It should go to Amber about 20 minutes or so and then uh red for the last two or three minutes. But you have a limited flight range of 100 meters when it goes to Amber. So you cant fly further and you cant go higher than 30 meters. When its Amber as well so lets talk about the functions here, got the return to home.

Youve got the. If we turn around the Drone, so its going to show the the little nozzle here that will turn it. You can see the its actually sure lets say having it. If I have it here, Ill move this switch that will move the down that moves to down position that moves to the on position up position. Note that you will see the blades when its fully up all right were going to do the hover test here. It should cover quite comfortably indoors, so we press the arm button and then we press the button to rise up. Oh, I have to switch the forgot to say that I have this GPS switch off here um, so I switch it off there. It goes because, if you press with the GPS on the it, however, its up many times because it has a zero GPS, it wont be able to take off. You need seven satellites to take off so lets turn the GPS off again, Music and now on and there its Music um a little bit higher Music Music, okay, Im gon na press, the thumb down switch, oh yeah, so it can have a indoors. But I wouldnt recommend doing much flying car youre likely to hit some fingers space and, although its actually quite durable, you dont run to risk damaging and damaging anything or hurting anyone inside. So I recommend dont fly indoors, but you can obviously hover with the GPS off.

Obviously, you cant use the GPS indoors because its got zero satellites and you wouldnt be able to do that. So just switch the GPS switch off and now it wouldnt be able to take off even if its armed, okay, so next is to show normally when you, if the Drone needs calibrating. Normally, all you have to do is twist it around like this, like that or you can do it, I dont think it matters for sure orientation. So long as you do two ways of it sort of calibrate it, it will only be necessary if its calibrating uh doing a calibration of the Drone. The battery here that will go like so and then goes in here and then it you got the power folding up is easy. Okay, that front ones go in fold it up like this. Then you just put it forward in the Box, its quite comfortably. The controller goes in there part you can put batteries there. This is just an empty box where these things went in and then the back box lets go without that and then youre free to carry it around or go in a rack set quite easily and its quite sure it gives quite good protection to the Drone. So a good way light to carry and easy to get around from place to place. So you have two starter guides here. This is the main booklet and the quick start, its just basically the simplest, all the simple things when hello and follow me and basically how to do all their functions, and I also recommend the the 4K app, which is Ill run through shortly.

Im. Just going to show some of the apps the app for the holy Stone Music, the main one I the first one that I used was the 4K and then the second one was the MRC Pro, which is, I tend to use more its more. I think beginner friendly as well to be honest, so lets connect up with the Drone and show how it works Music. So we get some options with this. Um show the a little diff. The holy Stone thing is a little different here, uh with one of the other apps. I have get the cameras you get the Guide tutorial data information flight records. If we go in its basically have the options on the top choice of cool care. 2.5 k get the metrics are slightly different from the, although the RC Pro that Ive its got 15 to 500 meters thing here, you can have it at beginners mode when you have it set up just if good for beginners again, you can set the camera on Taking pictures calibration option video option there takes you to the videos. Also, if you click here, you have to follow me for orbits headless, I dont use headlines, has gives you a bit of a more again its introduction worth of beginners there, and this gives you all the list of functions, the main difference with the RC Pros. It also goes you, the HS information speed. Basically, if we click on carry on and then back to the screen, you get the same options.

Follow me orbit there you get the camera options, things get the format and information transferred to the phone got. The Shane is slightly different here, calibration and calibration Encompass and it like logs info its very brief. The flight lock just tell you, and then you get the map at the bottom way are in such and such so those are the apps that come with the Holy Stone. As this is a new drone, it actually comes with one of the new classification, the caas symbol here, for what you, where you can fly it in Aerospace. This is a sort of weight relative to the weight of the uh drone. So this is a C1 categorization because its 460 grams. So if you look up on the ca, it will explain that Ill go through it in a bit websites: okay, under the uh Cas drone and model aircraft code, you can find the information on that symbol. So basically, youve got all these up to class symbol, for which I think something like 20 kilograms Im, not sure its have to look up the weight there. So my drone is the class one which is between its about 450 15 kilograms that your drone is. So you can see here: zero is kind of toy or toy with a camera and obviously you need flyer ID or with an operate ID if youve got a camera. If your drone is a zero mines. Obviously I need both a flyer license and the operation license.

You have to print that, put it on your drone or you can send out a you, can get it from Amazon as well. Uh copy from theres plenty of people who sell um car cards that you can get so a drone flyer ID and the printed code, which you can easily makes it easier to stick on your drone, so its just the information of the categories. Okay. So this is a bit more information of what you can do with what that um symbol allows you to do in your drawing so small drones model aircraft below 250 grams, c0 or C1 draws on minimize in the distance between people is a difference when flying small Drones and model aircraft below 250 grams or c0 or C1. So if you drone is lighter than 200 or c0, you can fly close to the 50 meters and you can fly over them, but I dont recommend flying over people with, even if your drone is below. I mean below 250 grams uh, so if youre flying a drone or model aircraft between 250 grams or 500 grams is a Class one, you can fly closer to people down 50 meters, but you must not fly intentionally over them, but I think and try to avoid Flying with a 250 gram anyway, its just kind of better sort of more sensible thing to do really: okay, we have a bit of a problem with the drones in the some of the early days and uh.

In this type particular day when I was trying to fly Im, not sure exactly what the problem was its, I had good satellite lock on my phone and good satellite knock with the controller, but for some reason the Drone that seems to be drifting off by itself. It just doesnt want to hover. As you can see, every time I tried to move it, it seems to drift away or sideways or just does it want to stay and it I cant seem to control it, and then it starts to drift almost into those people, because I just didnt see them Were so in trenching trying to control the Drone, its just quite uh problematic, so I thought maybe it was a compass or in the OR magnetic compass. So I tried doing the um calibration for that to try it. You just spin it and make circles till the reset the compass and hope that that worked Im doing here and it crashes. You know it bounces as well, and I went off little bounce and upside down so that didnt work very well, and so I eventually tried several times eventually went with like turning off my GPS on the switch on the side of my controller and Ive managed to Figure out how to turn do it by doing that, how to stop myself from crashing, but the whole time I was doing this. I just couldnt get it to hover in one spot with the GPS switched on, so I caught a contacted customer service, hoping that they could give some clarified did um.

They asked me to send some footage and then they sent a replacement drone for me, but I did try the day after this in a different field. Well, not far away up in the hill and it flew. Okay, didnt seemed to hovered, and I didnt have the problem I had on this particular day and seems to be just this field. It seems to be the problem really. If I marry the other and in many real problems, the replacement drone seems to be working. Fine Music, so I switched, I think the GPS was here, so I could actually maintain control Music, though its a little bit: Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music. So its performing better with the GPS switched off at this point, but next day I did try and the GPS did seem to work for some reason. It just didnt want to stay. I dont know if theres something else, and maybe the magnetic KP Music levels were far out very quiet.