We opened it up just to get uh. This battery out comes with two batteries. We wanted to get one of them charged up so let’s open this up here. I also put batteries in this guy too, so you have the remote we have box here. I believe this was where the up extra propellers here in case, i guess you break one uh here’s the drone itself. I believe the charger was also in there um and then there should be some instructions, a book here yeah so like i said it came with two batteries. I think one’s loaded, oh no here’s the spot where i pop the sucker in here. You click sound, that’s, good i’m, going to guess we fold these out like so oh wrong way. There we go one two Music, all right, so we have to download the app here. The qr code does not work, so we’ll go to appellate, go all right, enter device press remote to unlock cutting while switching the power up this one. There you go there we go there, we go all right. I got ta connect to the ssid connect it let’s return to the app, so it needs to go in calibration mode. So i said to go like this all right, so we’re going to start over here right outside and slide this off turn this off. So we’re going to turn this on turn this on Music. Now they stop blinking. That means it’s connected.

I got blinking red and green lights on the drone. I think that’s normal yeah, now we’re flip flopping back and forth, and we want to start calibrations they’re supposed to go like this. Oh hit that button now saying they do three times one two, three, oh it’s, saying horizontal too, so one two three it’s not doing it. We go ahead now hit the unlock and then this button up here. Does a 5 foot it’s a little windy Music? It is a little breezy out and it is holding it pretty good. Can you see the camera michael? Can i connect it all right, let’s put it down all right, so all i should have to do is hit this button here and it should land by itself which it did awesome all right, so where’s the camera reconnect to the holy stone. One connect it here. Michael Music, here you wan na you wan na. Do you wan na drive it or you want to uh watch the camera. You want to watch the camera. All right, let’s see how it works. Then here let’s see, can you see the camera all right? We got a camera all right, let’s go let’s, go so unlock the motor we’ll. Do a take off and let’s see. If i can just go up that’s crazy, can you see wow? What can you? What are you looking at now, huh what’s? That pointed to, i don’t even know what how do i turn it um? Can you see ryan? Let me see, let me see the video i didn’t put a video it’s, all it’s awesome it’s automatically going it’s automatically.

Let me see: let’s go back up, let’s go somewhere. I don’t like to yeah i’m going up, so i want to tell mommy you: don’t have to go outside that, might be it ready, so we’re powered on right all right so hit the unlock button. Music. All right that started the little motors all right now you can hit the top left button that gets it stuck going all right and then hold on hold on so this this button here, if you push it up, it’ll, go up push it down or go down. Okay, so why don’t you push it up and get it above the house all right? Oh, no! No! What all right now, just slightly just slightly push on see to kind of get an idea how it goes all right, so to kind of just see how to control it i’m, not controlling it. You are controlling it. No i’m, not i’ll, get it away from the chimney you have to be. I can’t it’s too, windy all right hand it over you’re here hold us. I don’t want you hitting anything. You just got ta slightly see how i’m slightly pushing all right just slightly push it. This way, you slightly push it it’s a little windy Music. I don’t know what it’s doing right now, that’s what it did to me. It wasn’t doing any. It was just moving right now see how there you go. Okay, what the problem is: it’s, windy, all right, so it’s trying it.

It can only do so much for the wind. Now, if i press this home, if i press this button here, it should come home. Let’S see if it does not, where does it think home is oh? No, what is it doing Music? I did that. Okay, good i’m, not going to get that right. I can’t find it there. You go he’s trying to land Music, hey! I didn’t do any of that. It did by itself. I moved it away from over the house, but you want to try it again sure yeah Music, if you get into any trouble who fought me now, bring it back all right i’m trying to give you good camera angles here, let’s bring it down. I think it’s too windy yeah let’s, bring it down let’s see if i can bring it down on the table. Oh no! Stop pop up stop. What did you do? I think we’re. Okay, that was a pretty good look too. All right. All right, yeah see it’s it’s. Really, oh jesus Music. Did you take a video? I know he watched the video. This is the video there’s me taking off? Oh, no, no, no! No! No go up go up! Oh all, right! That’S! All we got so far. The uh drone video seems to work pretty good it does. You were just to go straight up and straight down. I think uh. It would handle the wind very well right yeah. Would you say that? But when you start moving around, it tries to do both and it gets a little jittery.

It’S it’s, not super windy here, but it’s. A little windy, uh it’s got a little bit breeze going, so we’ll have to wait for a nicer day, but all in all, we seem to work out all the kinks. I guess, when you’re doing the calibration, when you’re doing a calibration, you want to make sure you spin it three times this way and then three times this way uh we were doing it uh this way like this, but it wants you to go like that. If you understand so uh – and it wants you to do that, every time you fly it, i guess you put it away and bring it back and it wants you to you. Don’T have to do that, but instruction says that you want to do it uh. This does have the return home feature uh, which we haven’t really been able to test that too well, because it’s, a little windy again, uh, auto drop, and it also uh, has some things so that uh you can if it goes out of range or if it Loses contr remote is supposed to return home as well, so uh it is 16 and 16 plus. I think the age range was, which is really so. They just don’t bang around but i’m. You know i’m old and i still crashed it twice. So uh yeah, so that’s gon na be a wrap for today’s video uh. If you liked it give it a thumbs up, we definitely good the was it the holy stone, 700 series 720e to be specific, definitely give it a thumbs up so far, uh it’s.

We just got it. We just started playing with it, so uh take it for what it’s worth, but it looks pretty cool, probably worth the money. I know we have some of those little tiny drones and they’re just too hard to fly they’re too hard to fly. For me, let alone you know little kids, so especially outside um, and it took a couple took a couple. Licks and didn’t really affect it too much so that’s cool too uh yeah.