Finish to it does look quite you know, professional from it. Its got some details of the various features all on the sides, so lets go ahead and unbox it. How cool is that it comes in its own nice little carry case that actually looks and feels pretty good. Its got its got a bit of support to it like quite a bit of protection. Then, if that comes across, you can hear it like. It feels like you know it could withstand a bit of a bit of bashing around. You know like in your luggage, your backpack, maybe you drop it on the floor and it looks waterproof as well. So weve got the holy stone logo here at the front. At the bottom and weve got two zips which zip it fully open and its sealed, which i guess is also good for the protection of it being waterproof, so lets open it up. This looks good, so lets just have a quick look here in this zip compartment. Ah thats some spare props just put that to the side. Weve got cables, so weve got some cables here, which i assume will be for charging the batteries and also a screwdriver which will be used to put the props on and the actual instruction manual itself, which ill have a look through and do an initial setup. For you so lets just put all those out of the way, so we can just concentrate now on the drone itself.

So weve got this foams of protective padding here at the top so take that off and we are greeted with the drone, the controller and the batteries which looks really cool its all molded in really nicely so it fits in nice and snug and protective. So first thing actually lets have a look at the drone god. This thing is so small whoa, and the good thing is that it does state that this is only 259 grams, so it falls underneath the aaa restrictions on registering the drone. So you dont need to register us in the uk. Oh just take out theres a battery at the back lets just remove that for now. Oh its got that satisfying sound! Listen when you remove the protective film that is extremely glossy. If that comes across on camera, there look at how glossy the finish is on that. So that looks really nice. The blades look extremely thin, but i guess thatll also be to do with keeping the weight down so lets. Just how does this work now? I assume we open those ones first, so that goes out that way. That goes out that way and that one it has like a reassuring snap, if that makes sense that its locked in place gosh that feels extremely light. Theres, the camera there at the front and weve got the battery which was already in there. It looks like it has a little foam just protective sleeve, just while it was in transit, which is nice, so each of it was supposed to have two batteries which i assume yes, theres, a spare one in there.

But the two batteries, both accumulate to a shared time of around 50 minutes, is what it states again. The batteries compared to something like a much bigger, more expensive drone are really heavy. These are nice and light so to actually click it in. You do need to press and hold the little sort of pincers here, but even with that yeah that feels very, very light. So heres the controller, and you know what it actually looks a little bit like you sort of dji looking controllers, so it looks like itd be pretty intuitive. You know if you are used to those, then where the buttons are an actual use and feel kind of size of this is very much like a djis. You got these antennas here at the top, which im not actually sure if theyre just for looks rather than actually functional. I cant sort of tell really just by looking at them, but yeah. The little joysticks have got like a nice grippy feel to them. Weve got a couple of buttons: weve got what looks like a return home button and on this side im guessing it will be the lift off and automatic landing. I can see here at the top. Weve got a camera button and a high and low speed. So im guessing thats to do the actual speed of the drone. So do these come out. So look they do and whats in here. Aha, whoa thats, pretty cool thats, pretty cool, so actually those handles at the bottom, which is where normally, you would put your dji phone theyre just there as like support, as you can see from my hands like it fits really nice a little bit like a playstation Remote control, but its here at the top, where you actually take out and it fully retracts so youve actually got to get used to it.

Its quite stiff, but youve got to really force it fully out and then now, if that looks, if you can see that correctly, its actually sat at a bit of an angle and now it means you can actually there we go, you can put your phone in There it would have been nice to have seen a little bit of sort of foam sort of protection on those areas there, where your phone is actually going to slot in its actually just plastic. It would have been nice if they did put just a little bit of like foam or rubber. If that makes sense, if i can get the camera – and this is just hard plastic here and here – but you know, if youve got a phone case like myself, then you should be okay. Another little satisfying protective film reveal and on the back here, weve got a compartment which is where youre gon na have to put your batteries. These are two a a batteries, so unfortunately, you know its not as as high as standard in regards to. Like a you know, more expensive drone, where you actually charge the controller you do have to put batteries in this right, but without further ado lets solve this drone and lets get it outside fly around and see what the footage is like. Okay, so once youve charged up your battery, which actually, if you look at the end of here, see if i can capture it on the camera press and holding it, you can see the indication there is showing full press and hold to turn it off again.

Okay, so that just inserts into the back of the drone right there now the instructions actually say to unfold the props, and actually it does actually show it here, theres a little first and a second so youre supposed to do. The bottom props face going forwards and then do the top props to the back. One thing to mention is the memory card which ive slotted into this little locator here. So the controller, as i think i showed in the unboxing ill just show you again that the back doesnt come with any batteries, but ive just put two double a batteries into the back. Okay. So now what were going to do is were going to pair the controller to the drone. So what you have to do is press and hold the lock button and switch it on. So you just heard the little b pin and then what weve got here is on the left and right im, not sure how well lets see. If i can get the camera to pick it up. You can see there its like flashing on the left and right. So thats trying to pair so what i need to do now is to turn the drone on Music, which just made like loads of little bells and whistles. If you just heard that so now, if i just show you the actual remote, as you can see, the bars on the left and right have now gone static, and also, if you can see here, it says gps on weve got it on mode.

One theres. A couple of different modes just check the instruction manuals on which way you want to fly. The drone weve got the battery of the drone itself, which is showing full and the remote control is at 75. Bottom left is the position of the drone with its distance and height, and the zero is just to indicate the amount of gps. The amount of satellites that connected to the drone so to turn the gps or to make sure it is on. But sometimes it could be off is, if i do that, you can see gps is showing off if you do the switch again and its showing its on. So one of the other things you want to do to set up before you get off and fly is to do a compass calibration to do this. It says to put both sticks into the bottom right position, and now, if you see here, the drone is flashing. Yellow is supposed to rotate it in an anti clockwise way three times so now, theyre flushing green. So that means now you do it in upright position like this and do it again anti clockwise three times until those leds go a static. Green now i said, static, green. The reason mine is showing as a static yellow is just because its a weak gps signal its just because im doing it quite close to the house in the back garden, but once i get out into a field they should go to green now.

The very last thing before we go out and test flight this drone and see what the footage looks like how the drone flies itself ill. Just show you that this is the app that you want to be getting hold of just so, you can get a live feed to the drone while youre flying it. I cant quite say that, but it looks like it says: ophelia go so make sure you download that thats from holy stone, and that is the app that youre gon na need to use right. Okay, so weve got the drone on the floor, set up its all charged up. Hopefully, you can see this okay, its very sunny, so i am doing a screen recording at the same time, which hopefully will sort of illustrate it better. But i can see ive got 12 satellites both on the controller and also at the top of the screen on the app. So we connected the app via the wi fi, which ive just shown you so now ive got the live, feed which actually looks pretty decent. So im just gon na have a quick look. Weve got settings, so you can change like the brightness. The contrast, saturation and sharpness im just going to leave everything to the factory default, just to sort of keep it as is ill set it to 4k. I know this video is only in hd but itll be interesting to see what the 4k is like and what weve got here fps.

So you can change the frames per second: oh cash frame rate, sorry thats, the cash frame rate format, so thats good. We can format the memory card which im going to do so format it for the drone, so lets just click off that. So weve got the settings here, imperial in feet. Eye working feet more than meters were in beginner mode were not going to have beginner mode orbit im just going to sort of set everything max distance, just set everything to max max altitude, so its actually got the max altitude at just under the legal limit. Return to home, yep six thats, all fine, so lets click off there. If update the data confirm on the left, i can see weve got takeoff and return to home and weve got some follow me. Modes orbit and headless mode were never going to use headless mode. I wouldnt bother with that right. So to get the props started up, we just got to press the lock button and there you go, the props have started and lets do a recording okay. So this is now recording onto the memory card lets. Take it up. That is flying really well straight off. The bat, nice and smooth lets have a look. What the life feeds like its quite hard to see with this very sunny day lets. Take it up to quite a good height lets, go a little bit further out. So the live feed does look a little bit.

Jerky lets just pan the camera down so theres, a little bit of wind, which you can see is picking up on the camera. The actual drone looks like it is shaking quite a bit, but actually in the air. I can see it is pretty stable, so im, just gon na have a little fly around lets go over to this field, its flying really really well. The footage on the live, feed doors look a little bit jerky, but natural drone itself seems to be flying really nicely very smooth. So this isnt one of these, like multi axis gimbal, so as you can see when im turning the actual feed here is angling. The live feed there just had a little bit of a cut out, but i am pretty high so its saying about 282 feet and the signal is still really good, so im very impressed with the live feed im going to pan the camera down. So the actual reactions as pulling the camera down is really good distance im just over 200 feet away. Ive still got visual of the drone, does look a little bit overexposed ive got say the overexposure on that, but you know as a whole for the price point. Its pretty cool so im, basically directly above me now so im gon na hold down now. One thing ive noticed is im trying to come down and descent its taking quite a long time, so its not a fast drone to descend, but thats, probably down to the fact that its very very light so im just a 128 feet.

Now i can see it just in the air. What id like to do is im just going to do like a lets pan the camera up, i think thats as high as it will go im just going to go sort of forward and see how fast it can get there its actually quite fast. That is quite impressive. Im just going to head back towards myself as soon as this drone is so light. It is pretty nimble, so lets see, lets just set it sort of quite nicely out in the open sort of looking down towards myself and ill set it to orbit flight and swipe. So this is now on orbit, which doesnt look like its quite keeping me in the center. But i guess, if you were further away from the subject, youre filming, then it would probably be all right. Lets cancel that now. Im going to do now is lets bring it down closer towards me now. What were gon na do is lets. Try the follow me mode, not sure why why just turn to the side im gon na try that again cancel that. So i want it to be. Looking at me follow me mode: why on earth is it just pointed over there? So what happens if i move? Okay, so thats interesting, so it is following me if that comes across on the point of view its following me, but it seems to be looking over there, which makes no sense if i wanted to run in shot its now tilting away.

Okay, so thats weird. So some reason the drone – it actually does follow me, but its just not following me the way i want it to be so again, if i actually lets come down closer towards myself, so, as you can see, i am in shot. Follow me ill just check onto the from the drone lens will keep pointing at the mobile phone and always stay relative distance swipe and its now turned again im, not too sure whats happening there. That is slightly annoying so and i cannot adjust. As you can see. I cannot adjust, i can adjust the height, but i cant adjust it pointing at me. So if i now want it to look at me nope, it is turning away the whole time, interesting, not too sure whats going on there ill stop the recording, and what i want to do now is basically just fly. The drone myself its really responsive its a really nice drone to fly the quality of the video im not going to be so sure about. Actually it does feel more. You know its not professional this, its probably something you know as a beginner, its good to mess around and start off with, but i wouldnt be thinking to myself im going to make any cinematic videos using this drone. It is good fun and it definitely gets you. You know into how to fly a drone and sort of you know, looking obviously, and using your phone as a point of view um but yeah.

The actual flight of the drone whoa is pretty cool, so lets just see what happens with the return to home. So ive pressed the return to home. It is now ascending, which i remember that was in the settings it was going to go to about 160 feet. Lets see if i can see that yep it stopped at 161 feet. I can see the drone is coming back over towards myself. Oh, it looks like its going further away its doing some strange spiraling, which is probably it looks like it, looks like its actually out of control. What the hell is it doing. That is really really weird and slightly disconcerting. Ive done return to home, and it looks like its going absolutely crazy, its not even descending. That is really strange. It is literally, is this: what its supposed to do is circle. Maybe it is, lets try im going to press it again. Okay, now it seems to have stopped. I have control again, okay, that was really really weird. Okay, so it returned to my location in regards to it was over there and returned to here, but then it was just going crazy, like it felt like about a 50 foot sort of diameter of a circle. It was just flying around so lets, see with the auto takeoff and land will that allow land yep i can see the feet are dropping, but so the return to home. I suppose it does what it says in regards to it was returning from over 100 feet away, and it did basically come the center of the circle that it was doing was above me granted, but it was going extremely fast, so say if you did have tall Trees around yourself, you know that wouldnt sort of feel very safe, but the descent is working.

So you know if you are not happy to manually land. The drone, as you can see it is lets just cancel that now. So, as a little bit of a summary, the actual look and feel of the drone how it is packaged and the sort of flying abilities of the drone is actually really impressive. It felt really nice stable, smooth. It was accurate. It kept its position pretty well. The battery life, just for me, then having a little play around, is actually very good. That is a good positive. Now ive still got 75 there, so the actual battery life – i can see, would last a long time more than you know that i would need normally for making a video, but i dont think the quality of this is going to be up to scratch. To make a cinematic video, i think, its more of a something of a bit of a hobby, a bit of fun sort of like a toy really, it is fun to fly and sort of play with. In that respect – and i guess youve got the benefit of recording taking pictures, but the actual quality of the footage from the drone is just too jerky. For me, its not something i would make cinematic videos of. It is something that i would maybe let someone whos inexperienced to you know have a first drone to sort of understand and experience and fly one now. One of the positives of this drone also makes it a negative is because it is so light you dont have to have this registered via the faa, so you dont have to do anything like that.

You can just buy this and fly it, but the negative with it being so light. Is it isnt as stable in the air with its camera, especially because it doesnt have the support of a multi axis gimbal. So when it is in the air, the actual footage is a little bit jerky and also when youre wanting to descend fast. You dont have the weight of the drone to do that now. The actual controller actually im pretty happy with it, feels nice. The actual function of it was nice. The app was good as well, so with this drone there is positives and negatives. Itd be interesting to see your comments, maybe your experiences with this drone. I would actually like to see if someone has produced a video like a really good video from the footage in like post edit. You know adding effect stabilization. All this kind of thing and itd be interesting to see what sort of content people can create from this. So comment below with any links or videos. That would be fantastic if you do want to get one of these, i will pop a link in the description to where ive got this one from ill leave. The video there thanks all for watching, see you again soon.