This is a little sub 250 gram theyre right around 240, i mine my scale came closer to 250., a little foldable uh brushless gps. Drone has a 4k camera here on the front, but its not stabilized, so it is dampened, so we hopefully can still get some decent video with them. I really think this could be a good photo. Uh picture drone has optical flow as well, so were gon na. Take it up and well fly it around and see how this guy flies im gon na go ahead and open the arm, so you can see it fully folded out. I just want to start out by showing you guys the drone all folded up. Nice and lightweight ought to be a fun little flyer. I think so. What im going to do at this point is im going to um ill, stop the video, and i want to get it all synced up and get it all ready to go. So we can just get it right up in the air before i do. That really quickly is it does take an sd card right here. I had some trouble with that um. They say the max capacity is 32 gigs. So i have a 64 gig in there and it worked fine, but i tried some other cards and it looked like it was functioning when i was testing it out indoors. Just to see like you know its always a good idea to test these sd cards out.

Just to make sure things working before your first flight and i just it would come up empty or, i would say it needed to format it and all different stuff. So finally i got this 64 gig. This is a sand disk um. Let me pop it out here and see its a sand disk extreme 64 gig cards. So we know that works a 32 gig for them ought to work as well, but it just seemed finicky about what sd card you put in it all right, guys, thats enough for the sd card. Lets go ahead and get this thing connected to the wi fi and get it up into the air, so ill be right back, okay guys! So i have everything connected so lets, get it up in the air and see how this guy does. I get a screen? Recording going so, we should be able to see all the app functions and everything. What you want to do is go into the gear and make sure that you can switch to imperial mode, make sure beginner modes off and it looks like you usually have to to increase these like. I want my flight distance and my altitude all the way up. Turn the homes, fine at 49, feet orbit mode, says 16, and then you can see theres some other options. Well, do the compass calibration here in a moment lets go ahead and exit out of that and say confirm that way we send those uh those changes to the drone.

I did that indoors. So it looks like every flight you have to set that all the way up, which is really unfortunate. It doesnt get like it, doesnt save it lets go to the calibration and lets press start um. It says both sticks down to the right. Well, do it as well, but i never had any luck doing that, but the little compass symbol is flashing here. So im gon na set down the controller and what you do is you theres, some flashing, yellow lights here on the front? You just rotate it level and they should go green in a moment. I think theyll go solid, green, another now theyre green. Now you can go face up or nose down and rotate three times and we should be good to go and it looks like we are and youll know that when the compass flashing disappears from the controller, so what were going to do now is lets start recording Some video thats going to be a long press on this upper left bumper here thats your photo youve also got your rates over here. I went over this in table review, but i dont think i mentioned theres a gps altitude hold switch here, but lets go ahead and see. I think this one right here you get a long press and we got a flashing, camera symbol and the app for this recording one of the things you can record in. If you go into the lets, see the camera options here and one less dukes are recording, but you can switch between 4k and 2.

5 k and theres some camera settings in there lets go ahead and lets actually stop the video and i see if i can show You, those real, quick and well stir them back up were at 4k and then theres also some settings here for the camera, which i believe i dont know if thats good for video and photo or not, but under there you got your 2.5 and your 4k 4k Is gon na be a pretty low frame rate, so it may not sync well with this video 2.5 youd think would be a higher frame rate, but i cant say for certain so lets go ahead and hold that down again and now were recording the video again And lets do the unlock and auto take off lets make sure that we dont toilet bowl or anything. There is a pretty good wind at my back thats. Why im facing this direction? So we dont have a ton of wind, uh, mic noise. You see its dancing a little bit because its fighting that wind, but it looks like its doing a pretty good job, now theres a couple of rates and you hold down a long press lets see, and that is the higher rate. But the yall looks like its. The same yeah i just want to do some circles to test so im, going to hold that down and go back to the higher rate because of this wind. The first thing i wanted to actually do, though, is i want to get some photos.

So, even though i have what i started, recording some video lets just take a little video here. While we got it going and then well land it in um, we should probably stop it when the air doesnt have to land it, but get some photos because photos. What i really want to test out, because this is going to wobble, lets rotate the camera down there. We are guys again – this may not be in sync at times because of the low frame rate of 4k. 4K is a lot to process and on these drones at this price point its going to be tough to get a high frame rate. So yeah theres going to be some wobble, so thats what i expected, but it seems to fly great though i figured it would fly pretty good this weight. You know its, not a really heavy drone. Life flies really good. Really, nice really really like the way. It flies its unfortunate that camera is not stabilized. So what i want to do now is im going to stop the video and im going to take some photos off in this direction. Here i dont always get the cemetery over there, its not the most pleasant thing to take photos of so im going to go ahead and do a long press and stop the video and that video may have. You know stopped at some other point again because i feel like its going to not sync up well lets, see because shouldnt have any wobble or anything i mean whatever, that i would say its still but photos they dont tend to have any kind of jello and Then you have to have a whole bunch of movement to make a blur in a drone like this im going to raise the camera up.

Just a little bit lets see if i went the wrong direction. Lets do a short press for a photo. All right lets move off this way and do another one lets rotate all the way around here and look off this direction. I dont think i ever take any photos off this way. You can see theres a lot of wobble, but i expected that but im not necessarily any jello and thats a good thing lets um bring it down here. This lightweight this thing ought to fly pretty long im just going to land it and start the video up again. That way i can uh it makes it easier to sink im gon na do auto landing. This flies really. Really i mean it flies really. Nice close to the pad – i was just you – know, thats a manual landing there, so it wasnt any kind of accuracy, its moving back on the helipad. That way, when we do return to home, we can see how accurate that is. So we still got the screen. Recording going lets go ahead and long press and start that video again and we should be going and we are lets unlock the props. Well, just do a manual take off by uh just giving it some throttle. So i always like to do. Is i like to do a return to home accuracy test, so lets see were just going to fly it up here. Fly it out, we are out, and nice thing is, we are in metric.

Excuse me imperial not metric lets go up up up, dont want to hit those trees. Oh were out uh. I said i had a nice fpv feed here were up about 100 feet and im out says almost 700 feet. I think that seems believable well. This is working im, getting really good, fpv feed. Here we usually, i would expect to drop off by now how over a thousand feet now its starting to break up thats, not bad at 1150. Feet lets do a return to home and i did i pressed it and the symbol came up, so it should turn around that its possible. It may fly fly backwards. It looks like thats what its doing some drones will rotate around and fly back. Others will just fly backwards and thats what it looks like its doing here were up 141 feet, so we should be fine of any obstructions and were coming back and well see it here in a moment again, im doing it off this direction. To get tired of flying over the cemetery and um, it keeps the wind to my back so trying to locate its its its fighting that wind, so its making it a little slower, but it is definitely coming back, were under 400 feet now. Listening for it should be coming into view, and there it is here it comes. It looks like it overshot it. I think, but sometimes thats difficult to tell whenever youre um doing this stuff, it sometimes can be difficult.

It looks like its overshot and its just your perception of looking up. If i tell you older, i get to my lookout, the more dizzy i get so lets see how this does on return. It looks like it shows on the controller that we have still three fourths of battery, so i dont remember the capacity on that battery that was all discussed in the table review so be sure to check back to the table review. If you want to see what all comes with this drone um the capacity of the battery and all that good stuff – oh, that that was really good, thats, a really good! You cant expect these drones to land right on top of it without some sort of vision system on the bottom. That looks for return to home accuracy like a dji or an alto, or i think you know femi and hubsan have those two, but on these drones they dont. Yes, it has an optical flow camera, its low resolution, but it doesnt mean it only uses that to try to hold position if it loses gps, lock all right lets see. We still got video recording lets. Just keep doing that lets see. Can we manually unlock the props, now see how to use the unlock button and lets just go ahead and do the auto takeoff again lets see if i can figure out here, um how to do like a circle mode or a follow me mode or something like That i think its gon na be up here in these modes in the little button here, and there is follow me, its got headless mode, which is pretty useless in orbit.

So lets just press that and lets see, will keep pointing at me. So lets move it around at me here, make sure rotated the camera down some and lets back it up some and lets just slide it and see if itll start following me, it should rotate on this jaw axis right now and it looks like it is, and Then, as i get farther away, it ought to start following me and its supposed to keep the camera facing towards me, because obviously you dont want to drone this facing away while its filming that would be pretty pointless. Obviously, im walking pretty slow here as im trying to keep the wind in my back lets see if it actually starts moving. I think it is yeah its follow me. Im walking backwards, so im not going very quickly but yeah following us. Go this way and see if it continues to yall its moved over see. Is it gon na theres quite a bit of sun glare there guys? So if i start looking up there, youre just gon na see nothing but the sun yeah. That seems to be working. Well, lets go back this way and make sure that it that it yawls well ill see if its going to go over here and turn lets see what it does, because its lost me lets see. If it it turns it. I think it is. I think it got too close to me. Lets see well now, im in view its taking us some time but yeah its correcting yeah follow me works pretty good, as you can see it lost me there for a moment.

It got a bit too close, but its just corrected itself. You know if youre using this, you could always just edit that little bit out, you know it would for a toy ish classroom which this is sort of on the fringe between toy and hobby grade. This one seems to work pretty good on that lets, just press that again to cancel it thats the only way. I know how to do it. You just go back to that mode, press the mode again and thatll cancel it lets see. If circle me mode works or point of interest or whatever they want to im going to take it up a little higher here, whoa i got caught up in the wind. I want it that far away so in those settings up here, you can set that see. If it, let me in oh in flight, you know why its saying that is it still trying to follow me huh. Oh, you cant change the parameters when youre off the ground thats what it means i had set that circle me mode to a certain specific. You know i left it, i think a default or something but lets go to orbit flight itll rotate clockwise as per setting and default, was 16 feet away. So lets just see how this works and just start rotating yeah thats, pretty simple its just going to do a circle starting a circle here from the spot that it starts at so you dont have to do any setting of it.

You dont have to go mark. Your center, some of that stuff, can be kind of confusing yeah thats, a really nice stable circle really nice, and that gives us a good chance to see it not up high. We can really test it here to make sure that it looks like its doing a nice circle. Lets go into that and lets cancel it all right. We got a lot of video recording and i got to tell you what im darn impressed with this thing. Now i cant say im impressed with the camera, but i knew the camera was not going to be anything special, but it flies great. Its lightweight seems to have a long flight time too. I mean weve been flying for quite a while now and it shows its still three fourths of a battery on the controller and thats fighting some wind, but it flies really really good and weve tested all the features on it. I dont think it doesnt mention in here that it has waypoints and thats. Actually fine by me, you dont usually use waypoints on these drones at this price. You want a more expensive drone if youre going to be using waypoints, so circling mode works great following mode works. Really well, not perfect, but pretty darn good return to home was very accurate, very accurate yeah. This is super. I can tell you what, when i review these gps drones, i usually end up running out of time.

I usually end up running out of battery and i maybe get returned to home and circle me or im in the middle of testing out one of the other. Smart features, intelligent flight features and i run out of battery well. This ones still got three fours of a battery and ive tested everything that is super super good news. You just dont, you just dont, see that and thats a combination of the lightweight, a decent battery capacity, and just it flies. I mean its just. This is a winner in terms of flight. I i got ta say the only thing i encountered a problem with was for the sd card and it seemed to be working okay, hopefully crossing fingers. We have plenty of video here, but speaking of which im just going to go ahead and stop recording video. That way, you always want to make sure you stop so theres, no chance of getting corrupted video im just having some fun flying this around. By line of sight, i mean this is a really nice flyer, good power and pitch and speed, and – and i had as you guys saw, i got really good fpv distance on a wi fi drone like this, so its well over a thousand feet, and you know Sometimes these drones is not uncommon for them to greatly exaggerate in the app in the control of the distance, but i i believe that was accurate. I was all the way out past the road, and i mean i was out thats.

You know a fifth of a mile thats, absolutely accurate. That was accurate, thats thats more than you know. Typically youre gon na probably get six seven hundred feet about half that maybe and then lots of times ill start to break up. I was starting to see some break up there. I dont. What was that twelve 1400 feet? I mean it was. It was out there away. I was very impressed so honestly, theres literally nothing about this drone to complain about, except for the lack of stabilization, and we knew that going in thats, not something that you know they said hey. This is gon na. Do this and it doesnt so lets, go ahead and do an auto landing and uh well wrap this up. Theres no reason to keep flying around, but ive still got according to the battery meter. Here, ive got still a 3 4 battery lets make sure it lands. Here and its trying to sense the edge of the helipad yeah thats. This is super guys very, very impressed with this drone yeah. This is definitely a very good lightweight drone you can see. I got three out of four lights. I get this things. Have a ton of flight time, i think they advertised it at 23 minutes like gosh. How long was i flying that i feel like they might exceed that and if that were the case, thats thats unheard of now. Sometimes these batteries will all of a sudden drop and it could be that its half and all of a sudden really quickly youre at one fourth and thats possible, but i honestly have nothing to complain about um.

If you can get this at the right price. I highly would recommend it though youre always better off going with something like the dji mini 2 or even the femi x8 se, and the mini um femi x8 mini the dji mini se is going to still beat this out. Um really only things its gon na. Do its gon na have better fev range still than this, but its got a gimbal, so its gon na have all nice stable video that one runs around 300. I think this ones around 100 bucks cheaper. I believe i have a coupon ill include with it. So, if youre on a tight budget, this isnt a bad one as long as youre, okay, with it being more of a photo drone and youre, not worried. If you dont need stabilized video, if you need stabilized video, you still want to pass on this one. You know i cant recommend this over something by dji, but if youre on a budget, this one might be a good choice for you all right, guys that wraps up the review of the holy stone hs710.